[FEATURE REQUEST] - Having characters to stop on any of the Walking frames

Started by Gal Shemesh, Wed 15/05/2024 22:07:27

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Gal Shemesh

Hi guys,

Was trying to make an old AGI/SCI style game and found that there is no option to have the characters to stop on any of the Walking loops frames - when they stop, they loop back to the very first frame (ID 0), and in some scenarios such as on occassional bumps into obstacles, the walking animation looks a little funny when it keeps jumping to the first frame of the cycle.

In AGI/SCI games, when you stopped the character from moving or if you bumped into an obstacle, the character would have stopped at the very frame they were at, making the walking cycle to look more continues and not jumping to the first frame on every stop.

Thought that it may be nice to have a feature that we could toggle between having characters to loop back to the first frame of the cycle, or to have them stop at the frame they're at.

Gal Shemesh,

Crimson Wizard

I suppose this may be solved by adding a per-character property. Then engine would test that property whenever character is stopping after movement, and either reset or not reset frame to 0.

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