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Started by KingGraham, Wed 06/02/2008 00:15:05

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Apologies if the blame is on me, but I haven't managed to find a link to the DOS version of AGS. Even though DOS is an outdated OS, I wish to run the DOS version within DOSBOX in order to play KQ1 VGA remake from my mac :). I would be thankful if somebody could provide a link for the DOS version(s) of the engine!

Thank you all in advance


I wouldn't think that you'd need any version of AGS just to play the game - you only need it to make/edit games.  Isn't the KQ1 download a self-installing exe?  I don't know what you do with those on a Mac, but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with AGS itself.


Earlier versions of AGS could compile a "DOS version"- the KQ remake however is indeed a self-installing exe, and AGS is not needed to run it; the game itself doesnt have DOS support at all.

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Actually, it IS possible! ;D

Download AGS 2.62 from here:

Unzip it, and place ACDOS.EXE in the same folder as KQVGA.EXE




EDIT - Accourse, if the game IS a self-installing exe, then you need to install it first. If this is problematic in a MAC, you'll have to hunt for a RAR file, or something.

EDIT2 - But then again, I know that you can open self-installing-EXE files with WinRAR. If there's a MAC program that does the same, then you're all set.
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... the game has no *obvious* DOS Support, then.  :=



Thank you all for your responses!

The game can be played in DOS/SOSBOX, see

I just can't get the game to run under Windows... is there another way?
This is from the Adventure Game Studio Knowledge Base: "AGS-DOS 2.13 now includes the ability to specify a AGS-Win EXE file on the command line, and it will play the enclosed game. For example, if you have downloaded 'KQVGA.EXE' you can type: 'ACDOS KQVGA.EXE' (without the quotes) and it will run the game."

you can even install Windows programs with WINE/Crossover (and even run some of them, but KQVGA doesn't run for me through WINE)  or even Parallels/VMWare Fusion (there KQVGA works, but a Windows licence is required ). Also .rar files work fine with UnrarX.

Soon a product similar to Cedega for Linux will be released by Codeweavers and therefore 90% of windows games will be running on a mac as well :)))))))))))))

Again thank you all, now I can play KQVGA on my macbook!!!

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