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Started by WGWhite, Sun 29/01/2023 09:14:21

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Hi guys, I put this question here because I'm trying to play an older AGS game on a higher display resolution. If this is not the correct place, please move it. Even at fullscreen, the game display does not fit all corners of the screen. There was a file I could drop into the game folder and rename that file to the game's name and launch it from there. The game would then optimize to the full screen. I'm trying to locate a file like that. It's probably similar to a setup file but the one in the game folder is old. Does anyone have such a file? Kinda like a high-res patch. My screen is 4k 16 by 9. There are black borders around the edges. I want to fit the display to the corners, remove the borders, and basically scale the picture to run the game.

Thanks in advance.


What OS you have and what game are you trying to run?

There should be a file called acsetup which you can modify it to set how the scaling works. If you are on Windows you can invoke a GUI to modify the settings more easily, if the game comes with it's Winsetup executable you can use that or just run the executable passing a "--setup" parameter in the command line. The settings will be saved and run from possibly the Saved Games directory, depending on the version of the engine the game used.

You can run an older game with a newer engine, if it's on Windows you can just place a copy of a new acwin.exe in the same directory as the game and double click it to run. Using "--setup" parameter on Windows will invoke the setup gui where you can set the scaling or you can edit a new acsetup.cfg if you are on Linux, it's the game_scale_fs under [graphics], and you would set it to stretch so the graphics stretch. More details for the current acsetup.cfg here.

Finally, current ScummVm versions are also compatible with old AGS games, so you can probably run the game with ScummVm and benefit from ScummVm options.

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