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With some forums, your title depends on the number of posts you've made, or on how long you've been a member.  At the AGS forums, to gain a title you have to come and meet us in person!

Mittens is an annual AGS meeting, which started in 2002.  So far we've been to the UK, Sweden, Greece, USA, Spain, Canada,  France, Italy and Ireland.  The Mittens titles reflect people who have attended one or more of our meet-ups:
  • Mittens Serf (1)
  • Mittens Vassal (2)
  • Mittens Knight (3)
  • Mittens Baronet (4)
  • Mittens Baron (5)
  • Mittens Viscount (6)
  • Mittens Earl (7)
  • Mittens Marquess (8)
  • Mittens Duke (9)
  • Mittens Lord (10)
  • Mittens Monarch (12)
  • Mittens Deity (all)

m0ds also has the Mittens Founder title, as he hosted the first Mittens event.

To find out more about Mittens, see the Mittens page on the AGS Wiki.