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AGS Games in Production / Re: Neofeud
« on: 21 Mar 2017, 00:42 »
Congrats on the release date! Just listening to the soundtrack now, it's awesome :)

@Stupot+ Thanks for playing man, appreciate it!

@Mandle Thanks for the kind words mate. Let me know what you think if you manage to give it a go :)

@selmiak Yeah, we bit off a bit more than we could chew in the 10 days (I never learn!). Had plans for a few more loops and a few puzzles that we had to cut but will revisit it someday for a full version I'm sure as it was really fun to put together.

Hey all, I recently took part in #ResistJam and created Unloop.



It is said time is a flat circle - and we perceive time like a needle on a record, that everything that can happen has happened already.

Two scientists hope they have found a way to lift the needle, and light the way in these dark, dark times...


Unloop is a short, narrative, point and click adventure game about time travel.

It's made in Unity with Adventure Creator (sorry AGS, I still love you most ofc <3).

I can't say too much about the story as it's so short but you play as Alby who has time travelled.
You interact mostly with your assistant Ben, who you need to try to convince that you are not JUST time travelling.

It was done in about 10 days by a team of 3 - a programmer, an artist and a writer/musician.

If you give it a go, let me know what you think!

(It plays about 10 to 30 mins depending on how much you like to look at stuff :D)

Here's something I've been working on recently: A basic rope tether system using AGS's dynamic sprite and draw functions. I don't normally code this complex stuff (Andy does) so It's a bit rough.

That is awesome mate!

AGS Games in Production / Re: Point Of No Return
« on: 10 Dec 2016, 19:03 »
Hey everyone, we've just released a Single/Teaser and website (http://point-of-no-return.com) for Point Of No Return and would love some feedback. It's only a very small portion of the game and is lite on gameplay but it does show off some of the visuals and music of course.

Here are a couple of more colourful screenshots as well to show that it won't all be black, white and green ;)

Download Point Of No Return Single/Teaser from GameJolt
Download Point Of No Return Single/Teaser from Mirror1

We've also set up a Tumblr and a Twitter account for the ship's computer PAL, which we will use as the primary place to post updates. I'll still put all the major updates on here though of course!

Critics' Lounge / Re: Background/character resolutions
« on: 01 Oct 2016, 01:37 »
I've been using Adventure Creator/Unity a lot recently and it really kills me having to use different pixel resolutions as I'm working in 3D with voxels and a low-res UI. But, I'm slowly coming round to it not being the worst thing in the world and your higher res backgrounds do work very well with the sprites even though they are scaled slightly differently. I barely noticed the issue in the first image, but when I looked at the feet next to the lamp post, it was slightly jarring.

It would be very unlikely I personally would be put off buying the game, or rate it lower based on the differing resolutions but that being said I do really like what Snarky did with the nearest neighbour down-scale. Being totally honest, if I had an in-game option to use the original scaling in your first image or Snarky's version, I would switch to Snarky's as it retains quite a lot of detail and removes any possible issues with conflicting resolutions.

On a side note: the trouble with asking people on AGS is that we are primarily devs and we'd be more likely to be bothered by things like conflicting pixel resolutions. A lot of players won't even know what conflicting pixel resolutions mean, let alone care. If the game plays well and is fun/engrossing etc, I can't see it making a huge difference. I've seen much, MUCH worse examples of conflicting resolutions! :D

Critics' Lounge / Re: Background art
« on: 16 Sep 2016, 03:50 »
I like them both to be honest but the second one seemed very in-your-face with the entire walls and floor in the same style, so, I'd go in-between the two!

Horribly rough, but, voila! Objects and chars in the second style, more backgroundy elements in the first style.

One of the most important things I think we all have to learn at some point in life is that it's not always a bad thing to look out for number one.

You have given so much to this community / AGS as an engine in general and that's a huge achievement and one that I (and many others as you can see) are very, very grateful for.

But take some time to look out for number one, go do something that _you_ want to do, or go do nothing at all, sometimes that's just as good :)

Love the character designs :)

Looking forward to hopefully making it this year but will definitely be backing you on Kickstarter either way!

Critics' Lounge / Re: Trip on this. A moving thread.
« on: 22 Aug 2016, 19:00 »
So, moving thread, we meet again. Perhaps we should bring up the much discussed AGS re-design - I'm thinking we move to a new green cup, what do you think? :-X

AGS Games in Production / Re: Whispers of a Machine
« on: 09 Aug 2016, 13:45 »
This is looking fantastic mate, I really enjoyed TSM and Kathy Rain so I will definitely be picking this up. Name change was a good choice as well!

AGS Games in Production / Re: Neofeud
« on: 06 Aug 2016, 23:55 »
This is looking really good mate :) I can tell by watching the trailer that a TON of work has gone into it.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Point Of No Return
« on: 06 Aug 2016, 17:57 »
Thanks everybody, it's been a long time in the works so it's nice to finally get some stuff out there :)

@selmiak We had much more artistic licence with the poster and we wanted it to be eye-catching, so since it's more promotional than in-game that's pretty much why it's like that. It's unfortunately tough to show some of the more colourful in-game screens without posting spoilers but the game certainly will feature more colour and colourful scenes. That being said, the style will match the story so the almost bleak-looking black/white/green theme will make more sense when playing through the story.

@AnasAbdin Thanks man, ditto for your stuff. I'm looking forward to Tardigrades as The Dig has to be in my top 5 favourites from back in the day!

@ThreeOhFour And you shall have hopefully soon my good Sir!

@Danvzare Well spotted! I've been intentionally skipping past that as I'm still working on the background and the black hole animation. I'll try to show it off in all it's glory soon I hope!

@Mandle I was indeed always here, I can always find time to check the forums even if I can't participate :)

@Dualnames Thanks man, will do!

@CaptainD I've only had a few tracks sent over for the demo so far but what alxalxalx is putting together is sounding fantastic! I'll be doing a video soon so everyone can hear the music along with the visuals.

@SilverSpook Thanks dude!

AGS Games in Production / Re: Point Of No Return
« on: 05 Aug 2016, 01:49 »
@Stupot Thanks dude! :) The display will be configurable in regards to colour and we're also most likely going to be using (or at least offer) a newer font I've designed that is not all caps. Hopefully that should be enough for most people as we know the low res aesthetic isn't for everyone.

Myself and alxalxalx are proud to announce what I believe is both our first foray into the world of full-length games.

Point Of No Return is an interactive LP - imagine you wrote an album and thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if someone could not only play my album and listen to it, but if they could also 'play' it literally". Well, that's pretty much what when through the mind of alxalxalx and I took up the challenge to create the 'play' part.


You play as the captain of the Calico Reverie. You are on a mission to complete the construction of an AB gate in the Emrud system. Once completed, the gate you construct will connect to another gate near earth and allow fast travel between the two locations.


Music and story by alxalxalx
Graphics and programming by xil
Promotional poster by Hugo Passarinho (onedarkbird.com)


Download Point Of No Return Single/Teaser from GameJolt
Download Point Of No Return Single/Teaser from Mirror1

EP/Demo coming 2017


The entire game will take place for the length of the album (once completing a play-through you will however be able to unlock an unlimited mode).
The game will be played from a first-person perspective.
You can interact with the ship's systems and on-board computer by loading your Retinal Console Device (RCD).
Progressing the story will require accessing and querying a database of information (similar to Her Story) as well as manipulating systems available from the RCD.


Music Sample: Click here

A quick look at part of the intro.

Interacting with the on-board computer PaL.

Some alpha footage of interacting with the Cpanel.

Waking up after stasis requires some tests.

Remember, no answers are considered wrong.

The database might provide some useful information, you just need to know what to search for.


I vaguely promised an updated version of this and over a year later, I'm following through!

I've updated some of the speech/story, added a brand new ending, created a hopefully more readable font and udpated the AGS version to get rid of the fullscreen mouse issues. It's not a massive update so if you've played it before don't expect to be blown away by the differences but they are there. :)

I've also uploaded it to GameJolt for those of you who like to play/download from there!

Download link is updated in the main post or here are the links for your convinience: Download Aractaur (GameJolt) - Download Aractaur (mirror)


Thought I'd update this post to answer Mandle as it's slightly off-topic :)

@Mandle I have been very quiet unfortunately, but I always check the forums and try to play all the games :) However, saying that, you will be seeing a GiP thread from me very soon for a full game project I'm working on with an extremely talented musician. The demo has been in the works for the past year or so and it's veeeeerrrry close!

I'm also currently going through my back log of games that need some love (hence this update!) and hopefully I'll get to do another MAGS soon :)

General Discussion / Re: Brexitmageddon
« on: 25 Jun 2016, 22:42 »
To an extent I agree but essentially your simply saying that democracy does not work.
Not at all. One of the points of democracy is that you elect expert politicians to govern the country since it is a given that your neighbor Bob can't do it. Running a country is not a series of straightforward yes/no questions.

I do agree with you I'm just playing a bit of Devil's advocate to be honest, but that said, one of the other points of a democracy is where the expert politicians DO give your neighbour Bob a chance to run the country - by giving them a yes/no question. So we can't go kicking up a fuss when democracy does exactly what it can do. Whether it should have done that, I agree with you - very debatable to say the least!

General Discussion / Re: Brexitmageddon
« on: 25 Jun 2016, 18:09 »
Edit 1 - reading some of the previous posts I agree that a decision such as this should never have been put in the hands of the electorate - but if there was no choice - then the wording and terms of the referendum should have been much more robust. This was just reckless... but then the majority has spoken

I tend to agree with this, it's a sort of, we don't quite trust democracy-ish type of view. Maybe for such a major change it should just have to be a higher majority to win, like 60% needed to actually leave.

General Discussion / Re: Brexitmageddon
« on: 25 Jun 2016, 16:10 »
What it really boils down to is that this is just typical politics - 50% win and 50% lose - you literally can't please everyone.
The goal of a government is not to please everyone, but to do what is good for the country. Here's where those facts come in handy, and this is why successful businesses and universities (and countries!) are run by experts and not by popular vote.

To an extent I agree but essentially your simply saying that democracy does not work.

The government unfortunately does try to please everyone as that's the only way they can stay in power. Imagine if the government only tried to do what was good for the country, what a lovely place to live that would be!

General Discussion / Re: Brexitmageddon
« on: 25 Jun 2016, 14:12 »
To start, I've got no horse in this race.  But I find it interesting that my normal source of the pulse of global political sentiment (i.e. the AGS forums) has nothing to say on the matter.  Is this a sign of a collective shrug?  What about the inherent democratic deficit of the European Union?  What about the racist tinge of the Leave campaign?  What does it mean to be European?  What do the Scots have to say on the matter?

I think that's a really tough set of questions to be honest. I think the low response pretty much comes from what Myinah said e.g. people who lost are upset and don't really feel up to talking yet and the leavers aren't exactly going to start a 'hooray we left' thread as they'll just get called stupid and racist by everyone else.

What it really boils down to is that this is just typical politics - 50% win and 50% lose - you literally can't please everyone.

I'm not going to comment on whether i think it's good or bad as I simply just don't know and I think deep down most people don't know know either - I hear a lot of 'facts' but data can always be interpreted in many different ways. I will say that I think it's probably not the decision I thought it was going to be, but that's how a democracy works at the end of the day. I think the meaning of 'democracy' and probably more importantly words like 'bigot' got lost during this period and I thought the campaigns of both sides got well and truly dragged into the gutter.

In reference to Scotland and London etc - just bare in mind that 40% of those people wanted to leave, that's millions of people - so if Scotland do leave the UK and join the EU, surprise surprise, you'll have a bunch of unhappy people there as well - again, typical politics, can't please everyone!

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