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With a cherry on top of COURSE!

Hi guys, long time no see. I've been away for a long time due to moving to another state. But here I am now with the internets weehee!

So as the subject line says, I need some helpful advice to point me in the right direction. I want to do something with my art, whether it be freelance and/or start something completely for myself, like say a comic strip/cartoon show.

Not only have I wanted to do something with illustrating/cartooning my entire life and it's finally time to actually DO something about it, I also NEED to do something about it now - the sooner the better, I just don't know where to start. Money has always been a huge issue, but now it's even worse, but anyway, I won't bore you with backstory.

What I have for ideas so far include creating an ETSY page and selling artwork on there. ETSY seems pretty limitless when it comes to the possibilities of what you can sell, and there's a ton of other people also selling artsy-fartsy stuff and illustrations so that's a great sign. I have also found a site (well actually my wife found it) where I can have an online portfolio. Seems like a pretty good idea for freelancing some artwork.

Now what I REALLY REALLY want to do is create a cartoon show. I already have a bunch of characters (characters I've had for YEARS and an addition of a few new characters), the storyline, tons of ideas/jokes, I can do all the voices myself, I can animate it myself and I can also do the music myself. Of course that's a lot for one guy to do himself, but that's all I am right now. Originally I was planning on doing this all in AGS, only because I know how to use it. It would be simple to do. But now I am wondering.

I have looked for animation programs, I've looked in to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and neither I know how to use. What would be the best program to animate a cartoon? Is there anything you use yourself? I'm looking to do more along the lines of traditional animation, but I'm not 100% opposed to vector... even though in most cases I can't stand it.

Another possibility for work has always been illustrating for children's books, or books in general that call for a cartoony-style. I don't do any serious type work, like say what MARVEL characters look like. But again, I don't know where to start looking for this type of thing.

I can also do backgrounds for cartoony adventure games too, but I guess that would be another post in the help wanted thread.

Sorry for the long post! Any help with giving me some ideas and fingers pointed in the right direction would be most appreciated! I just don't know where to start looking.

Thank you!

I don't know if I clicked something by accident, but all of a sudden everything here on the forums is centered. It doesn't matter what forum I'm on, but everything here on AGS is center lined.

Is this happening to anyone else? Is it something I've done? :embarrassed:

General Discussion / Fish Tank Trouble! Need advice!
« on: 18 May 2014, 21:34 »

We have been having some trouble with our fish tank filter's intake. Over the past 5 years or so we have lost 3 fish due to them being stuck to the intake.

So I had an idea today while shopping and picked up one of those elastic light balls, I guess is what they're called, and had the idea to cut holes in it and put it around the intake so the fish can't get sucked in.

Is it safe to put one of these in my tank? I think it may be okay, but I'm worried there might be a chance of it releasing toxins? I pulled out the light ball inside and cut holes all through it to allow water to flow through in to the intake.

I have found what they call, "Pre-filters" that do the same thing that I have in mind with the ball, but they are pricey (also they didn't have any at the store I was at today) and figured, if this won't harm the fish, why the heck not?

Thanks a lot to you all :)

Here's a picture of what I bought:

AGS Band: Pixel Hunt
Hey folks we have amazing news! After what seems like 15 years we have released another song! Without further ado: We present In the Line of Fire! What a title! I know.

We’d love to know what you guys and girls think about it!

As you can see it's not much of a video yet. We could seriously use some help of this community: Do you have ideas? Then you are obligated to make a video for us! There’s just no way around it! Get started!

Well, here's our 2nd original, In the Line of Fire. We hope you like it :D
Written by: Dualnames
Acoustic Guitar: Dualnames and ShiverMeSideways
Electric Guitar : Snake and ShiverMeSideways
(solo 1, Snake - solo 2 and rhythm, ShiverMeSideways)
Drums: ShiverMeSideways
Synths, Bass and mixing: Wyz
Vocals: Noa Vana
Being awesome: dkh

She was the best dog in the world. I've had her since she was a puppy. She was 13. She was a yellow Labrador retriever.

She was well mannered, she was super smart and lots of fun to play with and also lots of fun to TEASE! She had such a personality. She would knock at the door when she was ready to come back in the house, which I was FINALLY able to catch her doing AND record last week.

SO many things I can talk about but too little words I have at the moment to say... I figured I would post this and if someone else would like to get the ball rolling with great animal stories that would be awesome :)

Amy was a big part of me and my family. I love her so much and she will be missed greatly.

I don't think I've ever been so annoyed. I like to tinker with things and set them where I think they look best.

What is the deal with AGS snapping to the top of each control? I am trying to move some labels around pixel by pixel to get them where I want...but this is impossible. Please tell me I can shut this off some where :~(

I've looked in the General settings but unless I've missed it I didn't see anything about it. I skimmed the manual, but, pfft, how the hell am I supposed to find it there?

Please excuse me, I'm just a little frustrated. I've been working on something all day and NOW, with something as simple as clicking and dragging a GUI label around, I am forced to write this. I don't remember this being this way. I remember being able to move things on the GUI at will.

I am using ver 3.2.1

Hi guys,

I'm sorry if this is already being discussed somewhere, I did a quick look-around and didn't see anything.

My wife has been trying to find a way to see the Olympics. Apparently if you do not have a cable provider NBC won't let you watch it via Live Stream. This is stupid IMHO since NBC was always free over-the-air. Unfortunately all we get over-the-air without some kind of antennae is CBS and PBS.

Anyway, two things:
1. Is there a way that any of you are viewing the Olympics live without the requirements above?
2. She doesn't care if she can't see it live, so seeing it a day later is perfectly fine. Any place I can get her hooked up? (I haven't checked Hulu yet but I will in just a moment, we have a subscription with them...)

What a great surprise I got last night whilst playing "Indiana Jones and the Staff if Kings". On the main menu there is an "Extras" option. Here you can find movie trailers and other stuff. I saw something called, "Extra Modes". There are a couple online modes (that I am curious to see what they are, but I do not have enough "Glory Points" (no, not "Glory Holes", you perverted bastards) to unlock them) and at the bottom of the list I see, "Fate of Atlantis".


"Can it be??", I say.

I click with my mind racing, "No way! Could this be the adventure game!!?", "It's probably something stupid, like pictures or something to read telling of the past adventure games with Indy...", "But wouldn't that be fuckin' awesome if it was the GAME??!!"

Holy shit.


It is, in fact, "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis", right here, on my Wii. @_@


I have unfortunately never had the pleasure of playing that game and now I can. I'm not sure if there were talkie and non-talkie versions, but this one is the talkie version.

So I enjoyed a little FoA last night and plan to play again in a little while. What a great surprise! I finally get to play one of the best adventures :D

I must say that I am impressed with the amount of animations and quality of music, sound effects and art. Great game so far and I'm only at the beginning. I'm an asshole for expecting LESS from LucasArts. What was I thinking?! Honestly, I'm really not sure WHAT I was expecting, I guess.

I thought I'd share this!

(any discussions?)

Sad to hear about LucasArts, btw. When I came to post this, I found the thread :(
What a shame... all though I can't say I'm sad to see a slow-down in Star Wars titles :P
Bring back the good shit, please ;)


I forgot to express how well it plays on the Wii with the Wiimote. I always thought the Wii would be a perfect console for adventure games, and I still believe so. Now it gets me to wonder if there are any other Adventure Games available on the Wii. Do any of you know of any?
I know I could install the Homebrew channel and install DosBox or SCUMM or some shit to play some of them, but I'm too scared to brick my Wii.

General Discussion / Pixel Hunt is seeking new members!
« on: 11 Jul 2012, 22:07 »
No really, go HERE

The Rumpus Room / Hello, from Kindle Fire!
« on: 14 Jun 2012, 18:49 »
Just wanted to say our Kindle Fire has arrived!
Pretty neat-o so far. Typing is a frustrating experience I'm finding out... my Back is killing me!

Mission 1 was the fforums. Now when can I play AGS games??!

General Discussion / What in god's name is this song?!
« on: 21 Oct 2011, 17:11 »
This has been solved, but if anyone else has a song that they are having trouble finding out what it is, feel free to post it here. If it's alright with the m0ds of course.

Hello, guys. I've had this song in my head all morning and I've figured out how to play it (at least this one riff) on my own, but I can't for the life of me remember what band it is that played it...

Here's the link to the song

I hate this because I know who they are,  but now that I've finally learned this, I can't remember!

Here, I've re-recorded the song with a basic drum beat to help illustrate. I was thinking that maybe the beat of what I was playing was a bit lost since there were no drums. What I'm playing on the guitar is how the song starts and is the main riff throughout the song.


Hello guys,

I'm going to cut to the chase:

I am finally done repairing my septic tank pipes and I am now trying to make sure I get the right grade for it to flow correctly into the tank. Then I can FINALLY bury this godforsaken thing and be done with it.

I've got my friend's level which is two-feet long. He used to be a carpenter, which may or may not be relevant.

Now, I'm not an idiot (so much for cutting to the chase), I know how to read a level. The little bubble tells you which end is higher so you can adjust your work to make it level.

But anyway, I am COMPLETELY CONFUSED here because, no matter which way I place the level, the bubble goes in the opposite direction! How is this possible?

This level has three sections in it. One section in the middle and one section at each end. Each of these sections have two glass tubes. One is florescent yellow and the other is not. As far as research goes, I learned that each bubble has to be in the center to be level (in this case I do not, I want the furthest end to be the high).

But in any case, please tell me what I'm missing here, because this makes absolute no sense to me at all.

Here are two pictures to better illustrate what I am talking about:

In this picture you can see that the bubble is closest to me (I am on the right) and that is not the end that I need the highest point.

In this picture I've turned the level around (NOT upside down, just simply turned it around) and the bubble is on the OTHER side!

Now, no matter which way the level is pointing, shouldn't the bubble always go towards the highest end?? Is there some sort of gravity defying phenomenon in the trench I've dug leading to the shit tank??


It's yard sale day. Yay.

Gonna cut to the chase since time is of the essence. How much can we sell our computer for:

Purchased back in '04 I think...
Dell Dimension 2400 series
Intel Celeron 2.40GHz
512mb of RAM
NVIDIA GeFORCE 8400 video card (purchased a couple years ago)

The keyboard and mouse are still operable, but the monitor has a defect. Here are a couple pictures:

I am now installing Ubuntu Linux on it since I can't find my Win98 cd and the WinXP installation that I installed on it last night I am unsure whether or not it's going to be able to be registered after the 30 days - wouldn't want that to happen :P

We're not expecting big bucks or anything, but a reasonable price would be nice (please ignore the unintentional rhyme).

Hello, there.

Even though it's been a while since I last posted for help here, my problems are still just as elementary.

In an attempt to keep myself busy, I am playing with an idea I've had for a project I've been planning.

Instead of using a module I am instead "emulating" platform movement by simply moving the character left/right and animating the jumping.

All is surprisingly going well, except for one little problem that is bugging me:

While walking, the player will animate in the opposite direction if the new directional key is pressed before the previous directional key is released.

Example: Holding left arrow, press and hold right arrow whilst still holding left arrow. Let go of left arrow whilst still holding right arrow and the player is still animating in the left direction.

Here's my code:
-- Please take note that this is one of the many variations of code that I've tried that have had the same result --
-- Also, never mind the jumping section. It's been incomplete since this problem arose --

Thanks for any help

If you would like me to comment the code a little better for you, just ask and I will do so...
Code: [Select]
// main global script file

int facing=1;
//Which direction P1
//is facing:
//1= LEFT, 2= RIGHT
int running=0;
//Is P1 running?
//0= No, 1= Yes
int jumping=0;
//Is P1 jumping?
//0= No, 1= Yes
int duck=0;
//Is P1 ducking?
//0= No, 1= Yes

// called when the game starts, before the first room is loaded
function game_start()
  player.FaceLocation(0, player.y, eNoBlock);

// put anything you want to happen every game cycle in here
function repeatedly_execute()

if (running==0)
  if (facing==1){
  else if (facing==2){

if (IsKeyPressed(eKeyLeftArrow))
  if ((jumping==1)||(running!=0)){}
  else {
    player.Animate(12, 3, eRepeat, eNoBlock, eForwards);

if (IsKeyPressed(eKeyRightArrow))
  if ((jumping==1)||(running!=0)){}
  else {
    player.Animate(13, 3, eRepeat, eNoBlock, eForwards);

if (IsKeyPressed(eKeyUpArrow))
  if (facing==1){
    if (jumping==1){}
    else if (jumping==0){
      player.Animate(10, 2, eOnce, eNoBlock, eForwards);
  else if (facing==2){
    if (jumping==1){}
    else if (jumping==0){
      player.Animate(11, 2, eOnce, eNoBlock, eForwards);

if ((((IsKeyPressed(eKeyLeftArrow)==false)&&(IsKeyPressed(eKeyRightArrow)==false)&&(IsKeyPressed(eKeyUpArrow)==false)&&(IsKeyPressed(eKeyDownArrow)==false))))
  if (facing==1){
  else if (facing==2){

// put here anything you want to happen every game cycle, even when the game is blocked
function repeatedly_execute_always()


// called when a key is pressed. keycode holds the key's ASCII code
function on_key_press(eKeyCode keycode)
  if (IsGamePaused()) keycode = 0; // game paused, so don't react to keypresses
  if (keycode == eKeyCtrlQ) QuitGame(1); // Ctrl-Q
  if (keycode == eKeyF9) RestartGame(); // F9
  if (keycode == eKeyF12) SaveScreenShot("scrnshot.pcx");  // F12
  if (keycode == eKeyCtrlS) Debug(0,0); // Ctrl-S, give all inventory
  if (keycode == eKeyCtrlV) Debug(1,0); // Ctrl-V, version
  if (keycode == eKeyCtrlA) Debug(2,0); // Ctrl-A, show walkable areas
  if (keycode == eKeyCtrlX) Debug(3,0); // Ctrl-X, teleport to room

function on_mouse_click(MouseButton button) // called when a mouse button is clicked. button is either LEFT or RIGHT

function dialog_request(int param) {

General Discussion / My Stepfather has passed away
« on: 21 Mar 2011, 01:53 »
After nearly four years of dealing with cancer, my stepfather passed away yesterday.

We were lucky to have him around as long as he was, since, we were told he only had a year at the most.

Seeing him last summer I was sure he wouldn't make it to Thanksgiving, but luckily we had him for not only Thanksgiving, but Christmas as well.

I am going to miss him :'(

General Discussion / Ignore me.
« on: 29 Jan 2011, 17:38 »
You know, I was think.

Please, somebody lock this.

I got disconnected while trying to post in another thread and apparently when I tried again, it created it's own thread... :-\

I'm such a newcomer starting two topics in less than 24 hours.

So after starting the thread about Without A Trace last night, I did some searching for any chance to watch this show episode by episode online. I was fortunate to find something called Megavideo. It's got every single episode of the entire series available to watch. So being in the state we our, my wife and I, not being able to get this series through Netflix, we can certainly put up with watching it online with lag, loading, annoying pop-ups and the obvious reduction in audiovisual quality.

After finding the first episode of season 3 a few pop ups came on. Being completely UNLIKE my cautious self (not that it is an excuse, but it was late and there was excitement and beer involved in my decision making) I clicked YES on 3 or so pop-ups asking me to run software or whatever. I blindly thought it had to do strictly with watching the video online, maybe some sort of plug-in required - I didn't even read them! GAH! I NEVER DO THAT!!1!).

After that the show was almost immediately and repeatedly interrupted by pop-ups saying that the computer is infected and asking if I wanted to start my anti-virus software... Ah, eh? It's already on, you stupid assholes! So I immediately knew it was a virus of some sort, have it be malware or spyware. Before the episode is finished we already started getting pop-ups for viagra and PORNO.COM, lol.

Before the video started, however, Avast did detect a malicious site and immediately blocked it from loading up, but it never detected everything else that was happening afterwards (because I chose to install/allow access  beforehand maybe?).

The show ends, the wife goes to bed and I decide to stay up and find a solution. Soon it blocks internet access completely.
After that, or vise-versa, it wouldn't let me open anything on the computer - not even notepad. I noticed this when I went to check the control panel and a pop-up messege alerts me that it has been infected. I was scared to restart thinking that our new computer that isn't even paid off yet is fucked in the chocolate eye. To no avail, after scanning the computer with Avast on both quick and full scans finding nothing, I decide to restart into safe-mode and run Avast in there as well. Again, both quick and full finished with nothing found. I almost shit. This ALWAYS works.

To make it worse, I was certain doing a boot scan would find the little buggers, but Avast is unable to do boot-scanning on computers that are 64-bit! What the hell is this shit??

I went to bed.

This morning I booted up in safe-mode again and opened up msconfig. I deselected anything that was fishy and restarted normally. Success! No pop-ups, every thing is peachy-keen... except I am still not allowed online.

I get an idea! I load up Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on VIRTUALBOX! HAHA! You lose! I win! I have access to the internet you goddamn nerds that have nothing better to do than jerk off and fuck shit up!

I google around looking to see why I can't access the internet and hopefully find somebody who's had the same virus. I do! It didn't hit me until I saw the solution. Every time I tried to access a site it gave me a messege about not being able to access the proxy server and access is denied. What? Proxy? Why didn't it hit me before? I don't use a proxy! I don't even know what the fuck a proxy IS!

So I go into Internet Options in Control Panel and uncheck the proxy balogna. I restart and VOILA!  I've got access.

Okay, since I made a short story long, I'll cut to the chase.

Avast didn't find the problem. I remembered you guys talking about Malwarebytes in a thread recently and I figured I'd give it a shot. I downloaded it, ran a full scan and it finds 21 infected objects. This is where I get the butterflies. I think to myself, yeah right, now I'll click "Remove" and it'll tell me that it's not available unless I buy it. To my surprise, it removed all infected objects and everything is back to normal (or so I am believing).

I have been a firm believer in AVAST! for years now. It is all I trust and it has done wonders for our computers. I suggest it to everybody and have installed it on computers for various people. They say they haven't had a problem since which is great. We have not had any virus' on any of our computers with Avast until last night.

Can somebody explain to me why Avast didn't find or prevent these 21 objects?

Where is your frosty pint, you ask? Here you go:

But I didn't say it was free! BWAHAHAHA!!!
*infects your computer*
*jerks off to pr0n*

General Discussion / Without A Trace (TV Series)
« on: 03 Dec 2010, 02:34 »
This is more of a vent than anything, I suppose.

So the wife and I are a little upset after finding out that seasons 3 through 7 do not exist in the US on DVD. We finished season 2 last night and returned it to Netflix this morning only to find out that the rest of the damned show isn't available to finish! ARGH!

We started watching it again through Netflix because we missed almost the entire series when it was on. We used to watch episodes of it on TNT back in the day, but they were re-runs at the time and never caught them in time to see them as they were first broadcast.

I was just reading about it on Wikipedia and it seems that every season* except 7 (the last) is available outside the US.

So who wants to buy us this for Christmas?

I'm also hoping that I will some day see a season 1 DVD release of Journeyman... I loved that show :'(

*Season 6 depends on the region

HI everyone, I hijacked Snake's name since he always says you are all the smartest  people he knows.  I have a bunch of stuff that I'd like to sell on ebay, but after reading the first few pages of selling tips, I needed a drink and it's barely afternoon.  I just thought I took some pics, posted them with a description and had to mail it to the person who paid me.  I don't understand insertion fees and final price fees, and actually how or where to post where I can get the most for a product... Any help that you could provide would be appreciated!  Thanks a lot!  Snakette

I recently played Bicilotti's hour game, The Firebird Island. I suggest you download and play it if you haven't. He says it's crap, but it's actually quite fun!
It is in the style of a CYOA book, which appealed instantly to me since I love those books and any game that plays like them. I was amazed that, even though there were a few spelling mistakes, one bug (which I found anyway) and one nit-picky thing of mine (Display command being used when I felt all text should have been on the "page" like everything else), he still managed to get a little story and multiple branches all done in an hour.
Like I told him on IRC, it would take me the entire hour just to think of and decide on what I was going to make. Which is why I never join such events.

But anyway...

See? I can never just ask a question. I told him over an hour ago, when I asked for permission to link to his game's download, that I was posting a thread in a few minutes. Gah.

This game of his inspired me to make a small CYOA style game out of a little CYOA book I made when I was a kid!
So I found the book and read it through. I figured, it needs a little fixing up but I've got a pretty good visual of what this game would look like and play like.

This was the first time I sat down and figured out how many of "this and that" I will need. What I've done in the past was make the graphics and animations as I need them and go back later on to add more. But it felt pretty good to get it all down on paper and see it.

So here are the statistics as they are at the moment:
14 BGs
23 Sprites
37 Animations
* I haven't thought of how I will handle branches yet, so I'll hold off on GUIs/hotspots/objects for now.
Also, these numbers aren't concrete at the moment since I may add a little more or decide I don't need something after all.
Come to think about it I forgot to count up how many sounds I will need. SFX will undoubtedly be one of the last things I do anyway.

The game will be in 320x240 resolution. All graphics (with the exception of sprites) will be scanned and then finished in MS Paint. The style of the graphics are somewhat cartoony, but not silly. There will also be a small bit of shading involved as well. 

I'm going to pretty much keep the branches the same, but it is in need of a fix here and there. So instead of doing a complete copy of the pages, it'll take me a little extra time to think of what I want to put in place of the actions/branches I take out.

It's a simple game. There will be no items, inventory, puzzles or dialogue.
Only branches made by the choices you make and animations to go with what you are reading.
And of course, basic scripting.

So with the given statistics and above info, how long would such a game take you to create into a fairly polished product ready for play?

With distractions? (kids, work, etc...)
Without distractions?

With or without distractions is completely up to you, being that everyone's home environment is different.

Also, how many of you plan the statistics out beforehand?

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