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"Tales from Tetris Hell" (working title)

The idea of this project is to produce a game with a bunch of small overlapping stories about life in a housing complex that looks something like Habitat 67 in Montreal:

I'm looking for some people who like the sound of this idea and would be interested in writing/developing ensemble characters and relatively mundane, modular storylines (involving visitors, pets, social events, minor mysteries, etc.) I'm not intending for this to be purely realistic - otherwise the characters would probably never speak to each other - just sort of grounded and un-cartoonish. If you can draw on real personal experiences of places and people for suggestions, that would be great (but it isn't required!)

Also, I'm interested in making the housing complex environment (which is where the whole game will be set, more or less) a particularly lively, dynamic place where things feel like they are going on all around you - NPCs might move around and do stuff rather than standing on the spot waiting for you to talk to them, and so on. I would love to get suggestions for achieving this, particularly stuff you haven't seen done much in adventure games before.

I don't have a time-scale in mind for this project. It's likely to go through several phases, and things will probably change a lot once ideas start to solidify - I really don't have any overarching plot or theme in mind yet, but that doesn't mean there won't be one by the end.

This is an unpaid project. If you're interested, I do not mind whether you reply here, by PM or email:


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