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This competition's theme this time is "Mad Scientist". Make up your own dialogue and say a line or two if what your interpretation of a mad scientist would say. No real restrictions so use your imagination!

Examples of lines:

"Bwahahaha, I've done it! I finally completed my shrink ray! Now I can reenact scenes from "Honey I Shrunk The Kids", my life long dream is fulfilled!"

Trophies provided by KConan (thanks!)
1st Place - Gold Mic

2nd Place - Silver Mic

3rd Place - Old wooden bullhorn

Please, when voting, don't judge on microphone quality.

Hi Guys, I was wondering if any of the awesome developers here at AGS have ever thought about holding a contest and then as an Award, the winner gets a cameo in-game! It could be in the form of a shout out, a poster in the background or maybe even a hand drawn (or pixelated) version of them in the game? Sorry I don't have any games in development right now or I would offer it myself, but I think that would be a really cool and fun way to get people excited about: A) Your game being released and B) Posting more often in the forums! I for one would love to be remembered in digital form in one of your fine pieces of interactive art.

Thoughts or am I just an over-excited n00b?  8-)

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / No Kings Quest IV Remake?
« on: 10 May 2012, 17:58 »
Hey guys...I am fairly new here but a life long Adventure Game fan. I've been playing through a lot of classic AG's recently and I just started the Kings Quest series again. There are a lot of remakes and fan games out there however I have struggled to find a remake for KQIV: The Perils of Rosella. I'm sure this is all known well by you guys but I'm bored and looking for a good conversation anyway so, are there any existing projects that anyone knows of as far as remaking this game or have they all been scrapped? Thanks!  :-D

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