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Completed Game Announcements / Pandor
« on: 29 Sep 2017, 14:16 »
UPDATE: This is the latest and probably last version I will be uploading since there is little feedback.

Welcome to the town of Pandor. A remote mountain town that the king decided to repopulate. Choose nine Pandorians and start... watching. Wait, what?! That's right! Pandor is a simulation game that you watch and let it run itself. Pandorians are talking to each other, liking or disliking each other, giving blessing, buying and selling, working, stealing, building their homes, inspiring each other and much more. Will your town endure Viking hordes, plague, famine or storms? How long can Pandor survive for? See for yourself how it all plays out...

The game features a great soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod ( and can be downloaded on the game page in AGS:

PS: If you like the game, you can donate to my PayPal account and include your ideas for sentences that will be spoken by the characters in later versions of the game. I will also try to improve the game and add more stuff if there are some good ideas from the "players".

So this thing seems simple. When I try to test my game, either with the button or F5 shortcut, it runs fine, the first time, than I get this:

Unexpected error: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

Than it might run fine the third time or give me this:

Unexpected error: Access to the path 'C:\Users\MyName\Desktop\Game\_Debug\Game.exe' is denied.

And than it runs fine again. Any idea what is causing this?


so I've noticed a strange thing today. I had a walkable area looking like this:

The original walkable area I had was the blue one. What I have now is the straight grey line underneath it. I have a code checking, whether player char is colliding with another character. If he isn't, the game will move him to the character's X and Y. Now, when I had the original walkable area (the blue arc), the code just decided to skip the part where the player character moves. All the rest of the code ran fine. I had this problem before, but it was because my walkable areas were too thin. Now I made sure that the original walkable area was wide enough. However it did not help this time and I had to draw a straight line to the character. It works now and I'm okay with it. It is just a bit weird. Do you have any idea why is AGS doing this?

PS: Yes, I made sure that player was ON walkable area before moving him.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Ghost GUI? [SOLVED]
« on: 29 Dec 2016, 12:57 »
Hello, yesterday I've encountered something with my game. Don't know exactly what is going on. Simply put, my game has a function, that can only run when you click buttons on a certain GUI. This GUI only shows when a player clicks a button on another GUI. However, I try to click a character that is in the game and this function runs like the GUI is visible. But it isn't! It is like a ghost GUI. When I click the edge of the character, the game runs fine. It is like the GUI is there but it is invisible. I checked the script and there is no way I made this GUI appear or run this function from elsewhere. Any suggestions? Thanks!


I have various dungeons that player can explore and find loot in them. For example, he ventures deep into the dungeon, opens a door and finds a treasure chest. When he clicks the treasure chest an inventory window shows up with a single item, that was added to the inventory when he opened the door or clicked on the chest. I have this code for this:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. if (eventPlace1.IndexOf("gold")==-1) {
  2. place1.AddInventory(iGold);
  3. eventPlace1 = eventPlace1.Append ("gold");
  4. }

This is to ensure the item will only be added once. And it is working, but the problem is, my script is getting pretty heavy. I was thinking if I could use a function that would fit these lines into one. I don't know if you can make a function that would refer to a String already in the game like you do with characters or inventory items. I tried but the game said "Invalid use of pointer".

Thanks for any help.

Hello, I have s simple problem with character movement. I have this code in a function:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. Character *WhichOne = Character.GetAtScreenXY (mouse.x, mouse.y);
  2. if (((player.x < WhichOne.x)||(player.x > WhichOne.x))||((player.y < WhichOne.y)||(player.y > WhichOne.y))) {
  3.     if (TravelTo.IndexOf("%s" Destination)>=0) {
  4.       player.Move (WhichOne.x, WhichOne.y, eBlock, eWalkableAreas);
  5.       TravelTo = String.Format ("%s", WhichOne.GetTextProperty("TravelChoice"));
  6.     }
  7.     else Display ("This location is too far");
  8.   }
  9.   if ((player.x == WhichOne.x)&&(player.y == WhichOne.y)) {

This second part of the code that should run when players x and y is the same as WhichOnes doesnt run. It was running fine when set to eAnywhere before. But when I decided to move the character only on walkable areas, what happens now is that the character moves to the WhichOne x and y, but not exactly to its x and y. It is always a bit off (255, 111 vs 262, 106). And yes, there is enough walkable area around. Interestingly enough, one location works fine, but three more just do not. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Beginners' Technical Questions / String problem
« on: 03 Dec 2016, 17:31 »
OK, so I've simply declared a String in my game start global like so:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function game_start()
  2. {
  3.   String Active;
  4.   export Active;
  5. }

and than in header like so:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. import String Active;

It gives me the: "Local variable cannot have the same name as an import" error. These are literally the only occurences of the "Active" String as this is a brand new game and only have few lines of code. Can anyone help?


I have a string defined in global script header called "Interacting With". However, when I try to run the IndexOf function, it says null pointer referenced. It is just one line of code, but I have no idea, what is wrong.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.   if (InteractingWith.IndexOf("panel_r1")>=0) {}

Hello everyone! I have a simple question. I have an inventory window and three buttons on a GUI. I would like to change the graphic of the buttons when player clicks on an inventory item, so that the button looks the same as the inventory item itself (to have the same sprite). Can anyone suggest the best way to do this, so my script won't become a mess? Thank you!

Hello everyone!

I was testing my game, resolution 320x240, testing in a window. All was good. Than, I've built the exe file, tested it again, no problem. Than I ran the game setup and since than the game window when testing is too small. It now is matching my desktop resolution, but it was much larger before. Is there a way to restore the original size of the window? Btw. the game is also too small when running fullscreen. Thanks!

Hello there? Is there a way to move a GUI on top of a character or an object? By default if you use Move (char.x, char.y), it will be moved to its "feet". Is there a way to move it above its "head"? All my objects and characters are of different size so I cannot move guis like (char.x - 10).


Beginners' Technical Questions / Function question
« on: 27 Jul 2013, 14:05 »
Basically what I'm trying to do is to have a function that checks if a player has an inventory item, if not, than gives the player that item and than displays that item text property on a label. How can I do this?


Completed Game Announcements / N.orth E.ast W.est S.outh
« on: 30 Aug 2011, 11:55 »
N.orth E.ast. W.est S.outh

That is a new rpg adventure game brouht to you by Gepard. After a very long time (the game developer himself can't remember how long) it is finally here.

What the game offers:
- RPG system set in post-apocalyptic world
- turn-based combat

- trading system
- randomly generated environment rooms

- weight based inventory system
- biological threats

- day & night environment
- 70 playable rooms

- 130 NPC
- 120 inventory items

- 44 quests
- 12 enemy types (human, animal, machine or mutant)
- and much more...


Hope you will enjoy the game and find a time to rate it (it's free after all :f).


Hi there!

I'm having a slight problem with my sliders. I set the min values to 0 and max to 100, but when I use the slider to reduce the music to 0 it just lowers down the volume but does not turn off the music completely (mute). You can still hear the music in the background. Also when I play windowed, the brightness slider is not working... Help please?


AGS Games in Production / N.orth E.ast W.est S.outh
« on: 27 Jul 2011, 10:53 »


Let me introduce you to a new game that will soon see the light of the day. The name of the game is: "N.orth E.ast W.est S.outh"

What the game offers:
- RPG system set in post-apocalyptic world
- turn-based combat
- trading system
- randomly generated environment rooms
- weight based inventory system
- biological threats
- day & night environment
- 70 playable rooms
- 130 NPC
- 116 inventory items
- 44 quests
- 12 enemy types (human, animal, machine or mutant)

graphics: 100%
scripting: 100%
music: 100%

PS: I still need beta-testers.

Once someone made a really good simulator of a life on a space station. It looked a lot like Yahtzee but I cant be really sure. You first chose whether you are male or female, soldier, engineer or scientist and than you went to the station. You could work, talk to NPCs and stuff like that. Does anyone knows what was its name? Thanks!

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Sleepy Island
« on: 04 Jun 2011, 20:29 »
Hello everyone!

Once upon a time I created a short game called Sleepy Island. It was one of my first games, but as I changed computers over time, I somehow lost the game and of course file hosting doesnt last forever...  :'( And so I lost my game and I dont know how to get it back. There is however a faint ray of hope that one of you AGS members might have it.

Thank you!

Is it possible to check whether a string contains another string?

Formula " haystack.Contains ("s%", needle) " failed so I guess it is not possible to use reference to a string in another string. Is there any other way?

Just so you have clear idea what I am talking about. On one place in the game I decide that: String needle = "one"; and on another place I decide that: String haystack = "one two three five". Now I need to check whether there is a needle in a haystack. Can you help me please?


PS: Did search the forum.

Yes, I searched the forums. Basically when a player enters a room, I need the script to check a certain listbox for an item and IF there is no such item in that listbox, I want to add that item into that listbox. Is there any easy way of doing this? Thank you very much for helping me.

Hi there!

In my game I have a time system. This is why I need to calculate a distance between two points on a Gui map. I have buttons on my map that represent a certain points. Lets say we have points A and B. Player is currently in point B which is located at 100 x and 50 y. He wants to travel to point A which is located at 50 x and 100 y. I can not sum x and y for each place and than do A-B = time cuz I will get 0. I tried almost everything but still have no clue what to do. How to count a distance between two points on a 2D map???


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