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I don't know if this is the right forum for this, but i'm streaming all of the ROTN games and I can't fix one game in particular. I figured posting here might get someone to know who wouldn't otherwise browse the subforums over there.


I'm running windows 10 64-bit and changing any settings in winsetup causes the game to crash on load.

The problem is that when talking to any character inside Scid's bar, the dialogue choices come up empty and the game freezes. But others have said that it works for them. I've tried this on 2 different laptops. Any suggestions? I can talk to the homeless weirdo but not the characters in Scid's bar.

Reality-on-the-Norm / NSFW
« on: 27 Aug 2017, 04:41 »
Might I suggest some sort of NSFW tag on Davy Jones C'est Mort or a warning? I am worried about keeping my full stream on twitch because of a certain scene there which may violate Twitch's guidelines, a bit of a warning about that kind of a scene that it isn't kid-friendly or SFW might be nice to have.

Reality-on-the-Norm / What is a featured character?
« on: 26 Aug 2017, 08:27 »
As I was playing/streaming the first 9 games I noticed some characters appearing in game that weren't listed on the game description pages. Should all characters that appear be listed as "Featured Characters"? And if so would it be helpful if I listed them? If so I can make a list as I come across them.

Reality-on-the-Norm / List of unplayable/buggy games
« on: 19 Aug 2017, 13:24 »
I have downloaded all of the RotN games and would like to play them in order as they appear on the games page. I downloaded them all and tested them, and have come up with a list of all games that don't function or are missing or that require special setups to use in modern OS (Windows 10, 64 bit.) I thought it might be useful to see which games are not working and if anyone has fixes for them or can locate the missing files.

Working in DOSBox

Game 3- The Soviet Union Strikes Back
Game 19- Scoop Da Poop (Press control-z after inputting game name according to the readme file)
Game 20- Punk Allen Trilogy (Press control-z after inputting game name according to the readme file)
Game 21- Strange Days (Press control-z after inputting game name according to the readme file)
Game 10- Nightwatch

If you get a DPMI error with these games:
Download this https://sourceforge.net/projects/ucon64/files/ucon64misc/ucon64misc/csdpmi5b.zip/download?use_mirror=netix&download=
And put CWSDPMI.EXE in the game folder

Fix for modern system issues

This fix is for if you have a game such as the one I had in Game 29- Invasion of the Space Aliens, where certain dialogue was appearing blank and causing game freezes.
Might work for other issues too, but that particular one had me stumped because it was ONLY affecting my 2 gaming laptops and worked for everyone else.

Right click the game executable, details, version, and look at the version. This is the version of the DOS engine you'll need. Get a working engine with that version or maybe the version above if that doesn't work from AGS archives or AGS Wiki, copy over acdos.exe to the game folder.

Finally make a .bat file with the text
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. acdos.exe gamename.exe
replacing gamename.exe with the name of the executable and it should then run.

Working only in Win95 VirtualBox

ROTN Quiz 1

Weird error/fix

If you get the following error with any game:

It means that your folder/path name is too long, shorten it and it should solve your problem.

Other Problematic Games

Game 63- Zombie Hill gives the following message, and won't run anywhere, just crashes:

Game 39- ROTN Quiz Game 2

This game was missing a dll on my computer, I had to download it from Microsoft: https://support.microsoft.com/EN-US/help/180071
Then the dll that it came with, Gif89.dll, I couldn't manage to register.

Hints & Tips / Sea Monster X
« on: 15 Jun 2017, 10:10 »
Spoiler: ShowHide
I'm stuck with this maze. Yellow flower says, LRLDURR. Or is it RLLDURR? Left right left and right left left should end up in the same place, unless perspective of the character at each turn is taken into account, which doesn't make sense either. Purple flower is facing downward so from his perspective it is left right right. It doesn't make sense because you cannot go down up from the screen left of the purple flower, unless that's a hint to examine the tree. I did get the magnifying glass and burn the bush but it just takes me back to the beginning.

I don't know if this is really the right place for this but the threads from the original games were from 2005 and everyone seemed to make their own thread back then, so rather than necrobumping I'll just start my own thread.

Does anyone know how to get these games working on windows 10? No matter what settings I go with, I don't get an error message, all that loads is 32-bit AGS runtime engine minimized, and it doesn't load.

The games are found at, for example 5 days at http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/5days/ and the regular and SE are doing the same things.

I'm running 64 bit windows 10

Hints & Tips / Psychopomp
« on: 01 Dec 2016, 13:10 »
I just got past the starting area, and explored around a bit, but I have no idea what to do first. I have the
Spoiler: ShowHide
torch w/ straw on the table
but what now?

I've talked to everyone I could possibly talk to, I think, and I still haven't gotten my first inventory item. Help please?

Hints & Tips / The Decorator
« on: 27 Feb 2015, 06:46 »
So, I've wandered the mansion A/Z spamming to discover the following:

Spoiler: ShowHide
  • I don't have any paint.
  • I can't use anything.
  • The back door is locked.
  • I don't need a shovel/key yet.
  • Math is confusing.

Any tips on where to start with this game?

Hints & Tips / Absent
« on: 08 Jan 2015, 13:45 »
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Just gave the girl the "chat-up line", also I have the knife, can't see a way up to che shelf or anything to do with the crack in the ground. Hint on what's next?

edit: nevermind, this was answered in the other thread, which I didn't realize existed.

Hints & Tips / Goat Herd and the Gods
« on: 09 Dec 2014, 09:17 »
How do you..
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grind the coffee?

It seems like I've tried everything..

Never mind, I found the item I needed.

Hints & Tips / Minifeg:The Search
« on: 01 Oct 2014, 12:54 »
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 Okay, so I met the prince, and met the wizard...and found out the wizard wanted future food. I potentially made the mistake of returning the sword. Then I used the ticket to get back home. All I have is the ticket to get back home, the sword and the wood plank. Did I ruin my game save or is there a way to get back to the wizard? Anyways, what should I have done if I did mess up? Thanks..

Reality-on-the-Norm / Alternate Town Square
« on: 05 Sep 2014, 10:51 »
A game I've been thinking of making would deal a lot with exploring a "mirror world" of RON. Without going into too many plot details (and, it's mostly in my head at this point), here's a quick edit of the town square that I did using paint. Not sure if I will change the color scheme or leave it but I might leave it. What do you guys think?

Also, I don't know what "Cloudy Days" is, so not sure what I would rename it. If anyone could give some insight that would be cool.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Some RON questions
« on: 04 Sep 2014, 02:24 »
The list of locations mentions a university. Are there any games where the university is featured? If so, which ones?

How complete is this: http://www.realityonthenorm.info/downloads/resources/pdf-dj-sbook-041023.pdf

Also, a long time ago I remember there being a sample game where you could walk around and explore the entirety of RON. Is that still a thing somewhere? Just wanting to know how to connect all of the backgrounds with each other and stuff.

Also if I create a RON game do I have to post it somewhere for approval before officially releasing it?

Critics' Lounge / Advice on background
« on: 24 Jul 2013, 05:58 »
I'm pretty bad with graphics. Anyways, I was wondering how feasible it would be to draw backgrounds using colored pencil and convert/pixelize them using GIMP or something. Here was my first attempt. It's meant to be a dog cage from a dog's height and perspective (I drew it based on one in my house).

Original colored pencil drawing:

Then my attempts to make it more pixely/computer gamey:

I really drew this based off of a real dog cage inside my home. If I were to use this in a game, I would add pillows and stuff to the inside. (which I could draw later and put in separately). Anyways, is a graphic style like this bad? FYI: the colored pencils I am using to draw are the prismacolor premier set.

Another thing I drew was an apple but because I drew it so big it looks pretty decent when scaled down. I can't really count this as my own work, because I watched a guy on youtube do it and copied him, but I'd like to be to match around this level just drawing based on sight or what I want to draw.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Alt+tab
« on: 03 Jul 2013, 02:27 »
I don't know where to post problems with playing AGS games, or suggestions... If this in the wrong section please feel free to move it.

When playing full screen AGS-games, alt+tabbing out of the game and then returning will distort the color. Is there any workaround to this besides playing in windowed mode?

Hints & Tips / RON - The Phantom Inheritance
« on: 11 May 2010, 11:41 »
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I have all 3 items, but how do I get the bottle from the drunkard?

edit- never mind, what a stupid puzzle..

Reality-on-the-Norm / Question about Davy Jones
« on: 11 May 2010, 04:03 »
Has Davy Jones ever actually managed to revive the dead? (as in no-zombification, etc). I'm playing all the canon games now but the idea I have for a game kinda revolves around the answer.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Unable to run some games..
« on: 10 May 2010, 13:25 »
Is there a way to get some of these older games (Like I Spy and Return of Die Vie Ess) working on my computer? It's unable to run in graphics mode 320 x 200, and the setup files do nothing.

I use 64-bit windows 7.

[edit] eh i just realized i asked this a long time ago...some of the games i used to play though arent working now and I'd like them to.

The setup doesn't work with me but I can run Die Vie Ess in full screen mode (640x480). I had to adjust the resolution manually though.  Here's my acsetup.cfg:




Plays perfectly past the intro and on...
Let me know if this works for you.  I'm checking on Lost Treasure.

This isn't working for me, do I just create a fine and copy the text? Please help.

Hints & Tips / Stuck in "The Dig".. (lucasarts game)
« on: 13 Apr 2010, 11:05 »
I know it's not an AGS game but I don't really know where else to ask. I'm reading tutorials and where the tomb was I rubbed off the dirt, and the light is on, and i dug up the loose tile with the shovel and propped it with the rod. When I pushed away the dirt and came back the guard dog was there, and when I touched him he turned to dust. Now when I try to click on the "crypt" all he says is "This is a pretty elaborate setup for a burial crypt. Something about this old relic must have been important."

I'm supposed to take the stupid crypt down, but I can't figure out how....help?

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