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Hi guys,

I justed wanted to let you know we are currently on Kickstarter with our Sci Fi Adventure K'NOSSOS. The campaign is still running until 22nd November. You can still get the digital game in early access for half of the normal.

I've seen some of you already backed it and/or shared or retweeted it, thank you so much.

For all others, if you have a moment we would be happy if you check it out.

Thanks a lot!
Michael and the K'NOSSOS team

Hi fellow adventurers,

I just wanted to let you know that our team from Adventure-Treff is doing our big Adventure game party on gamescom again this year. We have a lot of confirmations from the adventure gaming industry, there will be announcements of new games, lots of interesting people, some veterans you probably always wanted to meet and of course cool drinks, sand, great food and lots of fun. Everybody is invited to come.

Save the date, it's Friday 7th August 5 pm at the Poller Strandbar in Cologne. It's open for everyone and you can find all information on our Facebook event page:

We would love to see you there!

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / gamescom Cologne
« on: 07 Jul 2013, 23:57 »
The official flyer to our party:

Share, come, celebrate, you're all welcome.

For those who visit the gamescom fair in Cologne next month:

As maybe some of you have already noticed, I've set up a  freeware adventure game news blog in german language last year.

Now for the german speaking people around here, I just want to let you know, that I've also set up a forum now, where freeware adventure games can be discussed in german language. I have no english section there, because I think that there are enough english forums around. However, if there is enough interest, I will add it too.

I know that there is nobody registered yet and if it stays so, I will take that as a proof that there is no interest in such a forum and cancel it after a while. But I want to try it, at least to learn how the forum software works.

Hints & Tips / Good Morning, Mister Gingerbread
« on: 01 Sep 2008, 16:42 »

... but did it. Sorry, Mods, can be deleted or used for other's questions.

Hints & Tips / Cosmos Quest III Demo
« on: 11 Aug 2008, 09:40 »
I started playing the demo, but I'm not able to change the course. I always get blown away from the other ships. What's the trick?

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