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The Rumpus Room / Re: The Big Blue Cup Gallery
« on: Yesterday at 20:26 »
Trails and Traces - The Tomb of Thomas Tew

I decided to have this character drink from a mug, so the choice of colour was a no brainer.

This mug drinking character is voiced by none other than our Captain D.



I just thought I should let everyone know that Limbo the Adventure Game is now known as Heaven, Hell and the Neitherworld. For a short while it has been unavailable but now it is on itch. It's still free to download, unless you're feeling generous. :)

I have updated it's game page to the new title and changed the download link.

The backgrounds in this game are rather crude by my own standards now, but the characters are still charming, and after playing it recently, I'd forgotten many of the jokes and found myself laughing several times. Yes, yes, laughing at my own jokes. I think I can be forgiven, it's almost like they're not my own jokes if I can't remember them!

One day I might do a budget priced deluxe version with spruced up graphics, plus other improvements. But for now, it remains as it is.

The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« on: 18 Jan 2019, 16:09 »
Could be Sam Neil on the right. Or not.

But erm.. Backtrack?

I've played it, but... nope, sorry!

I can't really remember it was that long ago, but I think it was something to do with my personality back then.

Advanced Technical Forum / Re: Error When Game Is Run
« on: 17 Jan 2019, 13:10 »
I'm curious, what did you save the image as that you imported as your background?

For instance, PNG.

Hi, I think you would be better off making a simple one room game to get into the swing of things. Don't have any npcs doing any complex movements or animations. Just keep it basic as possible. Get into the swing of making a simple room where you can have a simple puzzle. My first starting project didn't require me to use eNoBlock and so on, it was that basic with no animation apart from the main character walking and talking. Small steps!

If you want to see what AGS is capable of, look up a trailer for the forthcoming Guard Duty and you'll see how AGS is quite easily coping with multiple animations and events.

Yeah the right hand one definitely.


..there's no way to do that other than manually syncing a Wait() with the clip length, AFAIK.

Its like we came full circle to my first post! :)

Yeah, I like that feature. In my current game I have a character behind a locked door and I didn't need to hide him behind the door to have him say something and have his text appear in the right spot.

Me and Crimson have talked elsewhere, and we established that I had assigned Ctrl+m to print screenshot, which in ASCII is the same as pressing Enter, so my game was taking a ton of screenshots by holding down enter. Doh!

The what? Oh my, I did not know that existed! Thanks! Seeing as my save button acts the same as if you are pressing enter, I just copied the code over for that. :) Thanks!

Problem one of two solved!

If I understand that correctly, use the Wait(); command to block all actions after playing the sound. You might need a bit of trial and error to get the right timing when entering the number in the brackets. That's what I have been doing anyway, so I don't know if there is a better way. Sometimes I needed a character to animate and have him making say, a picking up sound, so I wouldn't use a blocking animation, instead I'd have the animation start as eNoBlock, then Wait, then play the sound, then Wait again, using the correct time I need to have the animation fully play out.

That's weird, I'm making my game on a laptop, and it's set to OpenGL and plays fine, however my game's resolution is 640 x 400.

I haven't played Unavowed or Lamplight city, but I have played most of WE's games with no issues, and A Golden Wake.
(I've stopped playing games on my laptop whilst I'm working on it most of the day)

So I am both curious and concerned if this will occur to users with my game, maybe it's the age of my laptop. (Windows 8)

Not bad really! The biggest thing that sticks out to me, is the line going from the door to the floor. It looks like you drew a line over your background. Either remove the line from the floor, or try having it get bigger as it gets closer to the foreground, maybe that will fix it? As the line is the same scale from the foreground to the background.

Touch Detective/Mystery Detective, yes! I had to import the sequel from America as the UK only got the first one.
Miles Edgeworth's solo game felt very point and click, given the shift to a third person perspective.
Ghost Trick was good too. And Time Hollow. And Hotel Dusk thingy.

I noticed all the new buttons!
But I don't have any spaces inbetween my lines for some reason.
Is there code I now have to enter?

I recently realised if I hold down the enter key while testing the game, the framerate stutters terribly. Upon looking for the cause, I realised in the ASCII quick converter, every number was unique EXCEPT for return and Ctrl+M. I haven't touched this, it's how it was to begin with in the (buggy) verb coin template.
By disabling the Ctrl+M line of code, the stutter is no longer a problem. But as I don't understand what the ASCII thing is, will that affect my game? Should I assign a new number to Ctrl+m?? Doesn't that save screenshots? I recall I couldn't get that to work in the first place..

I have a second problem! In my custom save gui, in the text box. If I type a save name, when I hit Enter, nothing happens. I thought this was my tinkering, but it isn't. You can click the save button, but I think having Enter save it is essential.

As for Day of the Tentacle. It was one of my first adventure games, along with Curse of Monkey Island, and Broken Sword 2. So I can't explain that one, since the rose-tinted glasses are welded onto my face.

Being older than you, those three games are far from my first adventure game experiences, and when DoTT and Curse weren't released on the Amiga it killed me, but i simply couldn't afford a pc at the time.

So I played BS 1 and 2 on ps1, and loved them. (I still have them, even though I have the pc versions now too.)

eventually I got a pc and was able to play Dott and Curse, and they were worth the wait.

I was constantly looking up solutions for the dig, they really aren't the sort of puzzles I like.

Loom, I loved it back in the Amiga days. I played it recently, but it was the steam version which was the cdrom version i believe, and I couldn't work out what I was supposed to do after getting the flute stick thing. Then I found the instrument playing tedious as hell, so being stuck and hating the instrument, I didn't continue.
MI, yeah I love pirates, but I also love its humour. its right down my alley. Not the monkey wrench joke though, that's like the worst puzzle and joke in the whole two games, geeze! :P

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