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Well yesterday I just got my very first digital camera - a Canon Power Shot SD790 SI Digital ELPH. Pretty pricey but for $250 more or less I got it with a 3 year warranty. I also bought a 8GB SD card (add another $30) so I won't have to rely on that 32MB that came with the camera. I'm quite impressed by it and have been snapping a lot of photos. Here are a couple of me updated since my other post quite a while ago in this same thread which was too dark. Also, I got some pics of some of my cats and a mutt:

Shaved, but within a few hours already growing stach.  :(

Day before shaved.


Chewy once again on his side.

Chewy upside down. I mistakenly shrunk pic. Shame because if it were bigger it would probably scare you. EDIT:MAXIMIZED! For a better effect!  ;D


Pretty fighting with another cat (I haven't named that cat!)

Another unamed cat... well... kitten who is being lazy. I should call her Dozy!

That is Mr. Raggles!

I just noticed that this year alone, I have spent over $2500 in electronic stuff! Quite possibly more. Aside from my camera, I recently bought a 1080p 40 inch HDTV, a Xbox 360 Pro and probably over 10 games. This year has been expensive!  :o

Sorry to bump such an old post, but is fovmester still working on it. Been such a long time.  :(

General Discussion / Re: Holy shit, I won something!
« on: 07 Jul 2008, 22:25 »
I wish I had a stalker stalking me. Has to be very exciting being stalked. Anyone care to stalk me? Please. :'(

General Discussion / Re: Holy shit, I won something!
« on: 07 Jul 2008, 21:56 »
A gorgeous red head like Erin deserves this. Good job! Well deserved.  8)

Eh yea....  passive.. er...aggressive. um. With that name its...  red flag.. sirens woo woo woo. Dateline.

more as this creepily develops...

Dateline? Wat?  :-\

Looks like a HUGE webcam above your head :)

Heh. I just noticed.  :)

General Discussion / Re: Holy shit, I won something!
« on: 05 Jul 2008, 00:14 »
Yeah, brown haired men like me never deserve anything, we're scum! It's her genetic structure that won the prize, good job! (Are we applauding her parents then??)

Didn't mean to say it was her genetic structure that won it. I just dig red heads. Anyhow, Erin deserves this because she is one of the few AGS games creators that goes above and beyond most AGS creators out there. She is definitely on my top 5 fav AGS creators.

General Discussion / Re: Holy shit, I won something!
« on: 04 Jul 2008, 23:53 »
A gorgeous red head like Erin deserves this. Good job! Well deserved.  8)


That is handsome old me which was taken not too long ago. ;D

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Nanobots
« on: 28 Jun 2008, 22:25 »
WOW! Finally, Ivy! I've been waiting for your next game!

I played a few minutes as a taste and so far it's quite impressive! I will have to play and beat this once I get done with a few Xbox 360 games I am currently playing.  ;D

GT: Psychonauticus

Games I usually play LIVE: Halo 3 (I have GTA 4 but won't touch the online portion till I beat single player)

Gamescpre 1,505

General Discussion / Re: Do you pay to download music?
« on: 07 May 2008, 19:16 »
I usually do download for free. Why by the cow when the milk is free I say. The only CD albums I do buy are Iron Maiden or anything related to them. Also Helloween I sometimes buy if it's really good - which reminds me that I need to buy Gambling With The Devil  (best Helloween album since Keeper Part 1 &2).

General Discussion / Re: Coolest game intros ever!
« on: 23 Apr 2008, 17:50 »
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. Just fantastic!  :o

General Discussion / Re: The X-Files: Trailer Leaked
« on: 22 Apr 2008, 15:20 »
John Doggett was cool.  I love Robert Patrick... he was also the voice of Boston Low in 'The Dig'.

He was also the one who played as the T2 in Terminator 2. Man... I cannot wait for this flick. Believe it or not, Fight The Future was the last movie I paid full price to see when it released the first day. Looks like I'll be heading back again! ;D

The Rumpus Room / Re: Post an awesome video clip
« on: 19 Apr 2008, 18:47 »

Don't know if this has been posted. ENJOY! ;D

General Discussion / Re: Grand Theft Auto IV
« on: 13 Apr 2008, 13:25 »
2-16 Player Online

15 Game modes (as follows & all accessed through your cellphone)

Hangmans NOOSE
Car Jack City
Bomb da Base
Bomb da Base II
Mafia Work
Team Mafia Work
Team Deathmatch
Turf War
Cops N Crooks
GTA Race
Deal Breaker
Free Roam <--- 16 player Free Roam w00000t!

Customizable Characters, you will be able to change everything about your character

skin color

The host of the game makes the rules, in "Race" and GTA Race" he decides the vehicles and laps, in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch he decides the number of peds, the flow of traffic, the intervention of police and the weapons. We tried a match, all of us armed with rocket launchers, half of city lighting up. (or something like that)

Mafia and Team Mafia work, you will play as one of Kenny Petrovics mafia henchmen, competing to complete hits ordered by the boss over your phone before your rivals. In "cops n crooks" A group of players will play as police, other as criminal, the police must make sure they don't escape alive, they can also see the criminals location ont heir GPS while criminals have no clue as where the police are.

Also in the single player mission "hangmans Noose" there will be co-op, the mission you and your friends will be able to escort a mafia man, while ambushed by the SWAT

But there is one thing Im slightly peeved about and that is They removed PLANES there is still choppers but no planes. They took them out because its NYC and they were afraid of offending people due to 9/11. If that isnt the biggest load of bollocks Ive ever heard I dont know what is!

^ I copied this from some guy on a forum.... I was to lazy to explain the online portion.  :P

General Discussion / Re: Grand Theft Auto IV
« on: 13 Apr 2008, 13:01 »
Screw that rule on this forum about needing to contribute to an AGS game in order to post. I can't help it. I'll just post in topixs created by other people and not create them. Mod me or not mods, I don't care...  ;D

In response to this topic, Those that do get it early, I suggest you don't log into LIVE because if you do, you might get banned for getting online with GTA:IV before the release date. Just sign out before playing.

Besides, there won't be much people playing online before release date. Stick with the single player and beat it. After all, playing the single player is the most important part of this game. Multi is like desert.

I too will be getting this game on my 360. My Gamertag is: Psychonauticus for those who want to play with me.  :D

Alright, I'll check Bobby's shoes and balls. Heh. Balls.  ;)

EDIT: Just as I was typing this up, my virus scanner was scanning Bobby's Balls. XD

There is also a rule about not being allowed to post in the GF unless you have at least one full game in your repertoire... but seeing as I've been doing it for over a year and nobody has picked me up on it I don't suppose it's much of a problem.

Well, i'll be damned, I had no idea about that rule. That's a stupid rule, but I'll obey the rule from now on. No more posting in this board ever.  :P

This new DSL internet and Xbox LIVE have been keeping me a busy bee.

EDIT: Ok, I changed my topic to make it better.  :P What's a good AGS to keep me hooked for a long time. I've played:

Da New Guys
Both Apprentices
Every Yatzhee game except the non adventure ones
All Ben Jordans except the new one
Reactor 09
Mind's Eye
Emily Enough
Nelly Cootalot
Duty & Beyond
The Mystery of Haunted Hollow

Basically, I need an adventure with solid puzzles, graphics and more importantly story. After am done playing System Shock 2, I will replace it with an AGS game, but I need some recomendations to renew my love for these games.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Resonance
« on: 04 Apr 2008, 16:31 »
 :o That looks amazing!

General Discussion / Re: Bye-bye Intarweb :(
« on: 04 Apr 2008, 09:38 »
You need to kick your step father's ass.

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