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Beginners' Technical Questions / Following Character
« on: 09 Sep 2003, 14:03 »
I had a problem when trying to implement the following:
I have a room like inside the castle in Last Crusade. It is like an overhead map. I have set some regions, so that if the player walks onto them, a guard is called. The guard reaches the player character, and a dialog is run "Follow me sir" and then I use MoveCharacter blocking to move the player back to a start point. I use FollowCharacter to make the guard follow the player to the point, and when the player gets there, I use another MoveCharacterBlocking to move the guard back to his original position.
I thought it would be simple enough, but I run into alot of problems. Sometimes the guard starts following the character, then moves in another direction (I tried using FollowCharacterEx with eagerness 0 but that did not work either). Sometimes the guard moves to slow, and the player gets to the start point much before the guard, who then turns around and starts going back to his original position.
Any help will be appreciated

Beginners' Technical Questions / Disabling Inventory
« on: 04 Sep 2003, 18:33 »
There is this part in my game where the character is driving around in a car. I want to disable everything except look and walk icons. Is there a way to disable the inventory icon for that screen and enable it again after the player leaves the screen?

Beginners' Technical Questions / using scripts in dialogs
« on: 01 Sep 2003, 13:16 »
I used run-script 2 in one of my dialogs. In the script I called another dialog with Run-dialog 11. I got an error when I tested the game saying that I was already in one dialog and could not call another, so I put StopDialog in the script before using Rundialog, but I still get the message that I am already in one dialog and cannot call another. I know I am reaally bad at scripting so it is probably something stupid I did, but I need help to get it right

Beginners' Technical Questions / Parser for Password
« on: 29 Aug 2003, 11:33 »
How can I use a parser in a point and click game? There is a part in my game where the character is asked for the password to enter somewhere, but I don't want to put it in the dialog option, cause that will make it too easy (the player could just choose each option until the right one is guessed). So my question is how can I script a parser for that one point in the game, that will accept only the password and not any other words?

General Discussion / Name of the Game
« on: 23 Aug 2003, 12:37 »
This is probably a very stupid reason to start a thread, but I wanted to get this game I got when I was really small. I think it was an adventure game but it had an action sequence in a tank and some sort of fight on the top of a train (sword-fight??).I had it around 91-94??? Anybody know what I am talking about?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Stopping Idle Animations
« on: 22 Aug 2003, 08:28 »
I had a problem when my character moved to a new room (the road) and I  changed the view to that of a car. The problem is that if I do nothing for 20 seconds, the idle animation is activated, and my old character view pops up out of the car and winks at the screen. Since that will look really freaky while driving, I wanted to know if there was anyway to disable the idle animations in some screens, but allow it in others. Thansk

Beginners' Technical Questions / Flic Animations
« on: 17 Aug 2003, 16:39 »
Ok, this is probably a very stupid question, but what are flic animations, and how can I make them? AGS says that it can use flic animations, but I have no idea what a flic animation is.....

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Background Tutorials
« on: 08 Aug 2003, 13:06 »
Ok, I wasn't sure where to put this, but I wanted to know where I can get some tutorials for drawing backgrounds for AGS. I tried one by some guy called "Bubba" but it is kind of Basic. I am not thaaat bad with my art, but I am not used to the idea of drawing backgrounds for my screens.

Ok (I seem to start all my posts like that), since I already had this thread here, I thought I would use it instead of making a new one in the Critics Lounge. Thanks for all the links. I checked the thread in the Critics Lounge, they were really helpful. Now I wanted to ask if you had any beginner tutorials for photoshop like the ones in that  kafka site. I emphasise "beginner" cause I saw lots of photoshop tutorials that were waay to advanced for me to get...thanks again

Beginners' Technical Questions / Running Dialogs
« on: 08 Aug 2003, 12:29 »
I already have another problem now. See, I wanted it that when one of my NPCs say something, after that they would disappear (like a spell that causes invisiblity). I chose run dialog in the interactions menu of the NPC, and after that I added a script to move NPC to a different room. The problem is that when the player talks to the NPC, the NPC disappears and THEN the dialog is run. I read the manual and it said that dialogs are run at the end of the script, so maybe thats the problem. How do I fix it so that the player finishes the dialog AND THEN the NPC disappears?
Thanks again

Beginners' Technical Questions / Death Scene
« on: 05 Aug 2003, 10:04 »
Ok, I wanted to know how to make a death scene thing like in the kings quest 5, where they give you some message about how you died along with the restore restart quit options. I want one where I can have different messages if the guy dies in different ways. If it is possible (without TOO much scripting) could I also have it with a WHOLE new room for death, like it was done in King's Quest 6. Could you tell me how to make it? Thanks

Ok I there was this part I wanted to put in the game that a message would be displayed and if the player had an inventory item, another message after that. If the player did not have it, a different message would show. I did the part if the player had the item (using a condition if player had inventory item), but I didn't know how to do the part to show the message if he did not have it. I know my question is kind of confusing, but I newly got ags 2.55 and I needed help

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