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The Rumpus Room / Re: Photoshop Fridays
« on: 06 Dec 2018, 21:49 »
Sounds fun. Been a while since I played around with the ‘shop.

@Durinde - That might explain why no one laughs at my puns. They’re just not paying attention. Sorry about that. I’ve changed the necessary bits.

The contest is over.
Seven entries is a great turnout.
Thanks to everyone who entered.

Voting is now underway. Please vote using the poll at the top of the page.

Scarecrow and his Quest to Find a Brain by Slasher
Black Friday by Danvzare
Blooded Fields by Nr. 2698
The Strawman Augment by Durinde
Sniper and spotter climbing a tower by Blondbraid
The Wicked Witch of the West by Cleanic

Voting is over and we have a winner.

Congratulations, Cat. And thanks for bringing Cornelius back.

Santa and the Orphanage by Slasher
The Goat Crone by The Outer Zone
Cornelius Cat in: How the Cat Saved Christmas by Cat

Topic: 'Christmas'
set by Slasher and Mikeg.

....Maybe to make it more interesting:  There are three choices of how to make your game:
1) Saving Christmas,  2) Avoiding Christmas,  3) Stealing Christmas.

We have to keep the festive season alive (laugh)

Deadline December 31st

More people are having trouble.

I tried the quiz and it was fine, so anyone getting errors at that point is clearly entering the wrong answers. However, some people do get past the quiz but the registration form fails. I tried this myself and it’s true. I could[n’t] make a new account. My guess is that it’s a bug in either the captcha or human checker below it.

Seems like a good selection of games this month. Thanks for all the entries so far and for any more that might be coming. I’m likely to be quite busy over the weekend so I’ll be setting up the voting on Monday. You can still make a start playing the games and thinking about who to vote for. If anyone needs the weekend for extra bug-fixing etc then go for it.

ting is over and the winner is Dr. Chuckles' Miniature World of Madness by Slasher and Mikeg

Congratulations, gents. You will be contacted soon about choosing a topic for December.

Thanks to all voters and participants.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Metaphobia
« on: 12 Nov 2018, 23:04 »
Looks great fun. Intriguing trailer.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: 11 Nov 2018, 07:40 »
The website has gone tits up as well. At least for the mobile version.

Thanks for the votes and comments so far. One week left.
Don’t forget to rate them on the database if they’re on there.

The third Doctor was a scarecrow.

Bumping this now as it got neglected last year.
It would be nice if some AGSers at the event would post here occasionally. Pics, updates, fun news. Anything to make the rest of us feel included. Thanks.

Live stream is here:

(The page above says that the livestream will be live on 11th and 12th. I’m guessing that’s a hangover from last year. It would say 10th and 11th.)


I was sure that Haunted by the occult is Blondbraid's! :-D
Me too. Blondbraid is our resident European history expert.

Well done Snarky and Durinde. An emphatic draw, if you can have such a thing. I voted for Snarky’s. This is such a cool idea for a game.

General Discussion / Re: Site of optical illusions
« on: 06 Nov 2018, 08:53 »
Oh this one’s cool. I like these ones that you have to do a little mind flip to see it differently.

General Discussion / Re: Site of optical illusions
« on: 06 Nov 2018, 05:52 »
Of course they didn't move. But to me it looked like they did.
That&s what I mean. They don't even look like they're moving to me. Not in the slightest. I just tried watching it on full screen on my laptop as opposed to on my phone, and still I can't see the effect... :-/

General Discussion / Re: Site of optical illusions
« on: 06 Nov 2018, 04:10 »
@TheFrighther. Am I missing something. I didn’t see the letters moving at all.

@Blondbraid, I think that is a  more than acceptable interpretation of the theme.

For me, the choice was easy.
I need this game.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: 03 Nov 2018, 15:06 »
@Dan. What’s the title of the Joke book you mentioned?
I had one from the 70s that I found in my attic when I was 12. It must’ve belonged to my father. Only good thing I ever inherited from him.

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