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General Discussion / Re: Does anyone here write?
« on: 21 Aug 2007, 23:31 »
You sound like me... I have ideas but don't want to waste them with poor quality writing... best thing to do is practice as much as you can and keep your big project in your mind the whole time... one day you'll be ready to write it.  and good luck to you when you do.

I know a useful patch for Linux.

Linux Patch V.1

It doesn't have to be as complicated as that.  Of course your gonna have to make it sync, and that's gonna be a trial and error process, that could take a lot of patience, but if and when it works it will be so rewarding.

5 notes is more than enough to make the game addictive and fun... hell, the guitar game on PSP only has 4 or 5 and that's brilliant.  You can make it more exciting by having the birds appear increasingly more frequently and songs getting faster and faster.

Even if you only had 5-6 songs, the addictiveness would come from trying to get a perfect score and then brag about it on the AGS boards.

And heres an idea.... Each song has a prize, an easter egg, for gaining 100% score.

song...... prize
2.............artwork and sketches
3.............a signed photo of Kinoko
4.............a date with kinoko
5.............kinoko's hand in marriage
6..............A preview of the sequel.

I love Philip Pullman and would love to be involved... if only I could write music... Damn.
Have you/will you get to meet Mr. P himself?  That would be awesome.

Good luck with the docco, and don't forget to mention AGS in the credits... ;)

to allow for the fact that most players wont have a 100% sense of rhythm you'd have to programme in some kind of sytem where say if the user gets it dead on the note they gets a "perfect", then if they are slightly off the get "good" if they are reasonably close they get a "nice try" and if they are way off they get a "fuck off", or something similar...

you could then have some kind of scoring system where:
Perfect = 5
Good = 3
Nice try = 1
Fuck off = -1

or something to that effect.

General Discussion / Re: Cheap flights.
« on: 21 Aug 2007, 06:27 »
Hmmm that sounds interesting... so its possible to get a cheaper return ticket, and just not return.... I'll have a look into it... thanks for your suggestions/comments guys, keep m coming if you think of anything else.

General Discussion / Cheap flights.
« on: 20 Aug 2007, 12:32 »
What do you guys know about cheap air travel?
I've dug myself into a bit of a hole.
I've decided to come home to England from Japan at the end of September, but I can't seem to find a flight I can afford.

the flight here cost me 360 pounds, but that was booked well in advance, so I gave myself a budget of 500.... this was a gross misjudgment. The cheapest I found was about 700 but most were in the thousands.... this is too expensive for me.

Does anybody know any little known cheap-air websites or tips or secrets that could help me shave the pounds off the cost of my flight back?   And don't say "yeh, book earlier".  I'm in deep shit if I can't find a cheap flight.

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.

General Discussion / Re: My on/off hobbies
« on: 20 Aug 2007, 09:07 »
The best thing to do is have a couple of beers or a drop of brandy (actually brandy and milk is supposed to be good for sleeping but I've never tried it so don't quote me on that).  And also laying in bed in a quiet room is not always the best thing.  Even if you've got sleeping sounds going...  When I'm having sleeping difficulties I find I drop off more easily if the light is on and the TV is on.

Try this, have a couple of units of alcohol, go for a 10-15 minute walk, come home, sit in the living room, keep the light on, keep the telly on and sit in an armchair or on the sofa and tilt your head back and close your eyes.  Its worked for me a few times when laying in bed in a quiet room hasn't helped.

It might not work for you but theres no harm in trying.  Let me know how it goes.

General Discussion / Re: My on/off hobbies
« on: 20 Aug 2007, 07:10 »
I go through phases.  Before I started working on my WiP (A Window Cleaner's Apprentice - check it out) I had been trying to work on a novel.  But as I've mentioned elsewhere I have a tendency to lose the enthusiasm.  Ive also tried my hand at magic tricks a few times, but never keep it up long enough to fully master any of them.

Unlike pretty much everyone else here, I cant draw so I rarely do sketches, except for when I laid out the rooms for my WiP, but that was literaly 'bed goes here - door goes there', there was no artistry involved.

I also like to practise the guitar once in a while, but again, I never keep at it long enough to master it.... Ive got about 10 chords under my belt and I've been playing for over 3 years... pretty poor ratio.

As for what I do when AGS is running... anything but scripting is my answer.

<cfif date LT '4 weeks ago'>
     <cfset sinsin = "dumb">
     <cfset sinsin = "smart">

This means Sinsin was a dumb child.
You need to include when Sinsin began smoking 9 years ago.

I dont know the code but Ill guess it goes something like:
<cfif date LT '4 weeks ago', MT '9 years ago'>
etc etc

I just logged out of facebook then came here and saw your wondrous new thread and though ooohh 'I'll click on that'.

Man you guys have messy desktops.
Heres mine:

I took that picture myself... good eh?

By the way if anyone is interested in seeing all my Japan photos click on this link...

And the expense aswell.  Everytime someone buys a packet of cigarettes (in England at least) they moan about the price (i know,  i worked in a newsagents for 5 years).  One of my reasons for not smoking is because I would resent paying those sort of prices.  Although everywhere else smoking is cheaper so maybe if i'd been brought up in a different country I might have become part of the Black Lung Brigade.

Stupot.    Most college women Ive met smoke.    They don't stand around and discuss why they started but supposedly many girls smoke because its an appetite suppressant.   
Ahh yeh this is true... and it's easy to understand why they wouldn't admit to that being the reason.  But what about men and large girls who smoke... I wonder what their reasons were for starting.

Yeh, good to hear it SinSin.  I hope you can keep it up.  I'm a non-smoker and I must be honest, I have little sympathy for people who start smoking and then say "Oh, I really want to give up!!"   SinSin is living proof that you can give up.  These people are just lying to themselves.

Back to what Spaceboy said about the best way to quit is not to start, okay grammatically and logically that statemeny doesn't make sense but I think its absolutely spot on.  If you never started in the first place you have no need to worry about having to give it up.

I often wonder why people start smoking in the first place.... ask any smoker "why did you start smoking?"... they usually say "Because I enjoy it" which doesnt answer the question why they started.

If you ask "was it peer pressure?" they deny it.
If you ask "did you think it was cool?" they deny it.
If you ask "was it to fit in?" they deny it...
"why the hell was it then?"
"because I enjoy it....."

But I dont preach to smokers I just think its strange that someone will start something knowing that it's addictive, it's expensive and it's ultimately going to be the cause of your death.... and it even tells you on the packet.

I love apples...  But if I saw one with a sticker on it saying "This apple is poisonous and will kill you, harm others around you, steal your wife, give you cancer and rob your underwear drawer".... I probably wouldn't eat it..... but that's just me.

General Discussion / Re: What is this thing?
« on: 19 Aug 2007, 04:35 »
It's an NND.

Nosy Neighbour Deterrent...

...Its obviously broken.

A good mystery always throws up more questions as one is answered.
The new question I wanna know the answer to is this.... where the hell did you get the X from?

General Discussion / Re: Does anyone here write?
« on: 18 Aug 2007, 21:05 »
I'm up for joining the writer's club.  I think good honest criticism from your peers can be very helpful.  Who wants to set the first theme?

General Discussion / Re: Does anyone here write?
« on: 18 Aug 2007, 15:02 »
Rui mentioned Stephen Kings On Writing.  I read that about a year ago when I was feeling a bit like I am at the moment.  And it inspired me to really get cracking for a few months, then I lost the enthusiasm again.   Maybe the secret (for me at least) is to just read that book every few months.

Or maybe the lack of enthusiasm is just a sign that I actually don't enjoy writing as much as I would like to think I do, and that I should stop fooling myself and buy some colouring books.

General Discussion / Re: Does anyone here write?
« on: 17 Aug 2007, 19:32 »
Sounds like an interesting selection.
I particularly like the Cigarette themed book of stories.

I might give the coffee shop thing a go.  I've never tried going to a coffee shop to write.  I used to go up the rec to write, and once came up with a fairly funny zombie story which played on the fact that zombies are actually far too slow and easy to kill.... about a month later i saw the trailer for Shaun of the Dead and thought the bastards had stolen my idea.

Does anybody have any of their writing online?  Share it with the rest of us, I wouldn't mind having a butchers.

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