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AGS Archives / HELP FIND MISSING GAMES!!!1111!1!
« on: 14 Jun 2015, 02:52 »
Hey everyone!

I've spent the last week and part of the weekend to download AGS games missing on AGSA, and mapping games missing downloads on both AGS and AGSA.
I've generated a list: and would love any help I can get to find these missing games!

Please either prepend the agsId to the file name or when you link me the files in here write the agsId before the url like this:
305: [download url]
1030: [download url]

I'll be updating the list as games are found! If you find that any of these entries are NOT a game or is a COMMERCIAL game please notify me about this so I can remove them from the list.
I've already filtered some of those out but there might be more!

AGS Archives / service "shutdown"
« on: 07 Jun 2015, 14:19 »
As of today I'm announcing that I will no longer be providing the service to new users.
Everyone already using it won't be affected by this, however the plans of moving the service to it's own VPS are now on hold.

I might consider opening this service up again to everyone in the near future.

If anyone is interested in having an subdomain though, feel free to PM me or contact me on IRC ( #clubgalen).

Best regards,
Peder Johnsen.

So.. I want to add AGS syntax highlighting support to AGSA (especially for addons where it might be useful to add sample scripts in the description section).
I'm currently using prism.js ( and was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping create the language file for it? (They look like this:, some more info:

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Modules & Plugins Archive
« on: 27 Dec 2014, 18:50 »
So, I was wondering if anyone is interested in helping out gathering AGS modules & plugin files each with some info (Name, Description, Author and Release date) for adding them to the AGSA database?
I'd imagine it would be a much faster process if done in a group than by myself alone.

Anyone interested in helping out please join this channel on #addons (or join in your browser:

The AGSA/AGS server will experience some downtime tomorrow sometime between 8pm UTC/GMT and midnight.
So don't be alarmed if you can't access the AGSA or AGS site/forums :).

Affected services:
AGS site/forums/wiki
AGSA site/irc sites

General Discussion / Slow couple of months, need a loan
« on: 17 Apr 2014, 13:56 »
Hey AGSers, I'm not normally the person to go and ask people for something, but this time I'm really in need.
The last couple of months have been really slow for me and I haven't generated enough money and now I'm without a car (unable to renew my car insurance and road tax needs renewing soon) and unable to pay some of my utility bills.
I've already applied for several benefits but obviously my claims take 14+ days to be reviewed and I might not even get anything or not much.
I'd be very thankful if some of you would be able to loan me some money to most importantly pay my bills, and maybe get my car back on the road or at least to pay a half year road tax (as I haven't got any private property to park it on).
I'm hoping to get my finances back on track by the end of summer so hopefully I'll be able to start returning any money given to me then.

« on: 17 Apr 2014, 13:12 » users, I'm working on trying to get a new solution set up (VPS) which will hopefully provide some new more advanced features for all of you!
However, the hosting account all your websites currently reside on expires on the 8th next month, and I'm not sure we'll get this new solution up and running in time for that.

So this means I'll either have to move all the sites to the AGSA server or to one of my other hosting accounts (that doesn't run out until August).
All this means is that there might be some short downtime during the switch, and you'll have to get new ftp/db/email user/password details.

This also means if you only use the webmail service that you'll have to download any important emails you want to keep.

I'll probably start preparing the move on the 1st of May.
I will try my best to contact you all with your new details 24 hours before I perform the switch, so that you can change db details in your scripts etc.

Hints & Tips / The Samaritan Paradox
« on: 17 Apr 2014, 01:27 »
So I'm stuck at the dragon part

Spoiler: ShowHide
I thought the solution was to drink the water from one of the wells I can actually reach before I get the bowl of water from the dragon with water from the third well, but there doesn't seem to be any way I can do this.. Any hints?

Hey, a friend of mine asked me if there are any MYST-like games made with AGS, and since I don't know (not being a big fan of MYST-like games :O) I thought I'd ask all of you! :).

Hey guys/gals, I'm currently working hard on getting a working build of AGSA ready for launch and finally have come up with a design I'm pretty happy with, but I'm currently using some pieces of art which is taken from a game that no longer is made in AGS, and also a commercial game so I'd rather not use them when I finally launch. You can see an example of those images here:

So I thought I'd ask all of you if anyone got any "high-res" art that can be blurred and used on the site, or if anyone would be interested in making some!
I've found that the painted kinda style art works best for this, so that would be best :).

I need a minimum of 4 pieces in total, but I could really do with another 2 so 6 in total.
I sadly cannot pay any of you, but you will be handsomely credited and frankly be a star to me!

I'm best reachable via the channel #ags on, but if you rather reply in this thread or PM me that's fine too!

Best regards,
Peder Johnsen.


The Story:
"The story is about a man who wakes up in a white technological medicalized room. Sounds familiar? But this man is not anyone…
Based on a true story and hypothetical future."


The Team:
Game design, art, coding and SFX: Atavismus
Coding, lead tester: Peder Johnsen
Music: Jonas Thiem
Proof reading, testing: Bicilotti

Other  testers: Construed, Dualnames and Galen

This game was designed to run using a 2x nearest-neighbour filter, if you are unable to run the game using this filter we advise you to play the game in full-screen mode!

Site & Forum Reports / Downtime
« on: 04 Jan 2014, 12:34 »
Hey guys, sorry for the downtime today! According to my host provider they had a power failure, I'll post more details once the provider releases it (if anyone is interested, I am!).

If you notice anything not working as it should, please notify me on the AGSA irc:

Quote from:
Current: Network Issue
Issue opened: Saturday 4th January 2014 at 14:12
Earlier this morning, we experienced a brief interruption of primary power to our sites due to an external infrastructure issue. Our datacentres switched over to UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) power whilst our backup generators started up for prolonged backup power. Mains power to the site returned after a few moments, however although power was quickly fully restored to both datacentres we experienced a network issue that occurred as a result of this interruption to service.

This affected all Fasthosts services. Including our communication systems and status page.

Our engineers have already restored many of our services, however some services are still offline and investigation is ongoing. We will continue to update this status page as further information becomes available, and a full root cause analysis will be carried out.

We would like to take the opportunity to sincerely apologise for the disruption this has caused, and to thank you for your patience.

Most recent update on Saturday 4th January 2014 at 17:27:
Issues for those on Exchange 2010 mailboxes have been resolved for most users, however a small number of users will still be unable to access their mailboxes. This is still being investigated, and we will update you once this has been resolved.

Our shared web platform is back online, however some sites that use MySQL will still appear to be down, this will most likely be a problem with the database server, and not the webserver. Any customers having problems with static sites on our shared platform should contact support by phone or email.

Our engineers have powered on all dedicated servers reported to be offline. A small number of servers however will have no network connectivity, which our engineers are aware of and are working urgently to resolve. Again, we will update this page once this has been resolved.

We thank you once again for your patience, and apologise for any disruption caused.

Update on Saturday 4th January 2014 at 15:43:
We are still experiencing some problems with email services and FTP directories. Our engineers are aware of this and have started investigating these problems. Further updates will be provided when available.

We appreciate your continued patience.


We are in need of some beta testers to test our MAGS game, we don't have a build ready for testing right now, but I thought it's better to have some testers ready to test once the build is ready rather than to wait until it is and then start looking!

We hope to have a build ready for testing this weekend, though further notice will be given to those willing to test.
Either just PM me or post in here if you're interested in testing!

What the title says!

General Discussion / GTA V
« on: 14 Sep 2013, 01:36 »
Anyone else getting GTA V? :).

If yes and you're getting it for the PS3 please add me on PSN: Arnjeir and let's have some fun in GTA Online once it's released on 1st of October! :).

Editor Development / Translation files
« on: 26 Aug 2013, 22:28 »
Hi, I was wondering if someone could provide me with some information about the translation files AGS creates.
For example, have they changed much since AGS 2.6.1? (Both how they work and the comments section at the very top).
And if they have changed in any AGS version since 2.6.1 if it would be possible for someone to provide me examples of each different one and for what AGS versions they work with.

Also what the difference is when the game has speech or not would be valuable information for me.

I need this information for a feature on AGS Archives.

I'm currently in the process of doing the last touches on the latest design of AGS Archives and could really need an illustrator/web designer to help create the best end result.
I can't draw even if my life depended on it, but I'd like certain pages to have illustrations on them and I'm also in need of some custom tailored web icons for the design.

Anyone interested please PM me, shout at me on irc ( #ags) or send me an email at me[at]

General Discussion / AGSfield (Battlefield 3 server)
« on: 07 Jul 2013, 03:28 »
Hey guys/gals, to anyone that plays Battlefield 3 I've rented a 16 slot (currently configured to 10) server.
You can join it here 24/7:

If you have any map/gametype requests let me know here or whenever I'm in the game (Arnjeir).

Site & Forum Reports / Unable to register on forums
« on: 10 May 2013, 20:44 »
There seem to be people having issues registering on the forums, all they get is a page with "An Error Has Occurred!" written on it. I can't seem to find anything wrong in the error logs so I got no idea what could be wrong..

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