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General Discussion / Gesundheit for Playstation 3?!
« on: 06 Dec 2008, 21:28 »
Do you guys remember Gesundheit?
( or
The ill pig that sneeze and the monsters that eat his snot?

Wouldent it be cool to play the game (when it gets finished) on Playstation 3?

Sign the petition now!

And discuss!

My girlfriend is currently under care and her parents are her guardians.

(She suffer from depression, anxiety and has bad nerves and such).
Anyway, I am now gonna move back to Norway (moved over to the UK July in 2007 and have tried to sort our lives out since then, though without any special edjucation and such I can only manage to get minimum wage jobs. And its just not working!) and I have been offered an office for free through my business partner (I started my own company in the beginning of 2008) so I will be going full time with my company. And she offcourse wants to come with me!

But her parents (for some reason) dont want her to go, and telling her she can never go because she aint well enough, that she cant get the medication over in Norway (She can! ive talked to some people I know that work in hospitals and know these things and she could get the medication. besides its not like this is a "sickness" only people in the UK have.) and that if she gets in her state what will she do? (I can help her, my family can, and there is people over there that could help her anyway!). And they are just coming up with alot of excuses and also saying that if she did go they would all ignore her (her parents AND her brother and sisters..) and that she cant speak Norwegian (so? english is a part of edjucation in school in Norway that EVERYONE has to do! and besides I will be there to translate! and she will probably learn it anyway in the end!)

I am moving to Norway because I know I not gonna be able to make a life over here, but I know I got a chance to in Norway, and I dont want to give that up because her parents are telling her she cant do this and cant do that.
I CAN and WILL give her a good life over in Norway, but over here I cant! And why would I want to stay over here working many hours a day and not even get enough paid to live? When I can go to Norway (where I got many people supporting me) run my company 100% and make something out of me while doing something I love?

So to my question, can her parents really stop her?
I mean, they cant expect us to stay unmarried the rest of our lives or her living with them the rest of her life...
Its just so annoying that when you have the chance to get a good life, someone is there trying to stop it all!

I find it really sad, because family is supposed to support eachother and make eachother happy! Not stop speaking to eachother and making eachother worse!

They are supposed to make her feel good and happy, but all they are doing is making her worse.


Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Nocturnal Illusion (18+)
« on: 26 Sep 2008, 21:04 »
Hey all..

As ive seen some more games here with sexual content I thought of making a fan game of a game called Nocturnal Illusion.

The original game is a first person game without point & click but, I would like to make a fan game that is more of a point & click game. (As the interface and such in the original is quite annoying..)
I was also thinking that maybe making it less sexual than it originally is (though if the crowd wants it I would definatly think of keeping it as sexual as the original).
I like how the backstory goes which is the reason I even thought of making a fan game.
Besides it seems most of you guys are some dirty pigs and like sexual games ;) :P.

Anyways here is some info of the game etc if you havent heard of it before:

And the reason for me to look it up again some music: (I love the music).

Give your opinion!
Is it worthy a fan game?
Is it something you guys (even girls) would like to see made?
Or even just discuss the(these) game(s)!


I am watching this program on the telly called "Rory and paddys great britain sports" or something.
And they are traveling around "joining in" on local "sport events".

And I had an idea about making a website about local "sports" like this.
As it is interesting and funny to hear/read about things like this.

I just wanted to know what you guys think about such an idea (even though it might not even interest any of you).


General Discussion / Bringing GREEN into computer games?
« on: 12 Feb 2008, 23:47 »

I been thinking about one thing lately, does any company that produce CDs/DVDs, booklets and covers use recycled material?
Because me and the rest in Sons of Gaia try to be as GREEN as possible when it comes to what we do.
And if we was to do a retail version of one of our games using recycled material would offcourse be GREENER and it would be an option we would want to choose.

What is your opinions on this?
Do you who make and release games on CD/DVD ever think about this?
Would you also use a GREEN solution? even if it cost more?

Give me a GREEN discussion!

Peder Johnsen.
Sons of Gaia,

General Discussion / External screen trouble...
« on: 26 Jan 2008, 23:57 »

A month ago or so the screen on my laptop "cracked" and as only a third of the screen is now visible I started using an external screen with it.

But now I am getting some troubles with it.
Since yesterday, the external screen keeps going dark, VERY dark, and I cant do ANYTHING about the darkness, I can still see a "shadow" of the screen so its not that it goes to standby or anything like that.
It just goes dark, and this happens alot, and only way to get it back working is to turn it off and then back on or to remove and reconnect the cables.
But then it will happen again within 5 minutes or less..

Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this problem and how to solve it?

Peder Johnsen.

Critics' Lounge / Webdesign - Sons of Gaia (update 1)
« on: 14 Jan 2008, 00:55 »
Hi all,

I redesigned not long ago and Id like to know what you all think!

Is the layout/design ok?
Is there anything that could/should be changed? (Layout/design wise etc)

(I am not asking for critics on the content)

Peder Johnsen

General Discussion / Worried about friend on the forum!
« on: 23 Dec 2007, 00:24 »
Hey all,
I havent heard from one of my friends on the AGS forum for a VERY LONG TIME and I am starting to get very worried.
Because of this I decided to start this thread to try and find out as much as possible about why I havent heard from her in so long time.

So to anyone that shared words with her, knew her etc let me know all you know about her, last thing you heard from her etc.

The member I am on about is Petra:;u=5677

She havent been on MSN nor the AGS forum for ages and she havent replied to any of the emails I sent her.

I hope someone can help!

Peder Johnsen.

General Discussion / Online shop systems.
« on: 06 Nov 2007, 21:47 »
I am looking for either a good secure FREE online shop system where you also without alot of hassle can change the design of it.

Or if there is no good ones that are FREE I am looking for one where you dont have to pay a monthly fee for etc.

Peder Johnsen.

General Discussion / What to do?
« on: 27 Sep 2007, 23:21 »
I flew to UK on the 7th of July 2007 hoping and beliving that I could find a job and a place with my girlfriend.

Now almost 3 months later I am starting to loose hope and also running out of time.
I am currently living with my girlfriends sister and her husband, but got told today that me and my girlfriend has to get somewhere else to stay on the 5th of October, as her husbands kids (with another woman) for some reason has to live with them.
For my girlfriend it doesnt matter as she got somewhere to live (her parents) but I am desperatly in need of a place to live, and a place to work.

To me it really feels like something is stopping me from getting a job.
I have applied to hundreds of jobs online and in the shops directly, but Ive only been called in for 2 interviews so far (wich led to no jobs) and a third interview where the boss never met me (wich happend like loads of times, I kept being told he would be there soon, and got told to come back later and in the end I never met him at all..)

And going back to Norway is the last thing I wants to do...

I got a car, wich I could live in, though I would not be able to look good for interviews I might get etc...
I been looking for flats, but then again its no reason as I dont have enough money to rent for more than 2 months and besides nobody will let me rent without having a job.

I asked for help in any places I know of, the Job Centre Plus wont help me unless I claim for benefits, but one of the restrictions of me living in the UK is that I cannot recieve any benefits from this country.

I really need to get a job and a place, but to me it feels like I wont in time.

I dont know what to do no more, I been applying for loads of jobs EVERY day, Ive been going to Cardiff, Penarth etc almost EVERY day going into shops asking for jobs etc.

But no luck....

I really dont know what to do no more..


I am a part of a team that are currently working on a game inspired by a Norwegian "tv series".
And in the team there is also a blind person working on the story and that person contacted me today asking me this question:

I been thinking about the game and I know alot of other blind Brødrene Dal fans (the "tv series" the game is based on) and it is difficult for us playing these kind of games. Is there a way to make it so we could play it aswell?

I remember seeing a post about someone making a game where you only have to use one key.
So I was thinking when she asked me that, there just have to be somehow to make the game so blind people also can play it.

Do any of you have any ideas of how to make a game playable for blind people and still keep the point & click system for seeing people?

Peder Johnsen.

Critics' Lounge / Mixing music
« on: 08 Jun 2007, 20:53 »
I am trying to mix my album at the moment but I feel there is something I doing wrong :(.

Here is one of the songs:

I would appreciate any suggestions (MIXING).

Peder Johnsen.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Fonts in AGS with æøå
« on: 04 Jun 2007, 21:45 »

I am currently working on a game that will be in Norwegian (will be translated to English for everyone on here that dont understand Norwegian).
And as many might know we have these letters: ÆØÅ

So my question would be, is there a simple way of getting those characters into the game?
One idea would be to replace the different symbols like # etc with the letters but then when we gonna get the dialogs and such translated it will get a bit confusing.
Also it will be extra work when writing all the Norwegian dialogs etc in AGS.

It is possible to write AE, OE and AA instead of those letters but it would be best with those letters.

Any type of help with this is appreciated alot!

Peder Johnsen
Project Leader,
Sons of Gaia


Play as:

Guas Dal             Brumund Dal               Roms Dal

in an adventure about the legend of Atlant-is.

Some screens:

Expected release date:
1st of April 2008.

Story: 100%
Graphics: 30%
Scripting: 10%
Music & Sound: 20%

Critics' Lounge / Webdesign
« on: 11 Mar 2007, 20:03 »
Hey all!

We have made a website for our Team and I would like to know what can be done different etc with it.

What I am looking for is something that works with the name "Sons of Gaia".

So any ideas on how to improve it?

Peder Johnsen.


In my game when the mouse is over a certain hotspot the mouse function should change and then it will animate once.

I been looking in the manual, but havent found a way to animate a mouse cursors.
So I just wanted to ask if there is an easy way of animating a mouse cursor?

Also if anyone out there have made a script to make the mouse change function and such when it is over a certain object I would love to get some help with that to.


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