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Dang this is a good theme!

Does Arrabela really walk that slowly, though, or was my computer just having trouble processing all the beautiful parallax scrolling?

Oh jeez I should say I had AWFUL framerate issues running this game on my cruddy laptop. They thankfully abated after the first room and everything became much smoother so I got over it, no idea why that room in particular was an issue.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Freak Chic [MAGS]
« on: 02 Dec 2015, 18:45 »
I'm having trouble finding all the stuff I need to eave the first room and it's bumming me out because everything in the trailer looks SO GOOD!

Lovely atmosphere and great art! Really loved it!

Let's not get all political about this. That's just gunna ruin the fun and community spirit.

Yo french guys! You go ahead and vote with your hearts, I trust you!

Cat's Don't Dance is maybe the only movie I would buy on Blu-Ray no question.
Just watch it it DVD-quality guuy, that's the only way I've seen it. AND with the edges cropped too. It's okay though, the quality of the work involved will shine through!!

EDIT: Read the bug report. That was less brutal than I thought it would be. Sad to hear that you got the same invisible bird bug as Krazy though, I thought I'd figured that one out D:

I was going to say if you watched Cats Don't Dance I'd fix them both but then I remembered how many times I've let you down before :|

I'd love to see your bug report list! I forgot to mention that Krazy was a giant help to me in the last few hours before the deadline playing the game and pointing out stuff I coukd fix over skype. Without him it would be even more broken oh maaaan!

EDIT: Oh cool the bug list is right there! It didn't show up on my phone. Awesome, thanks!

EDIT2: Go watch Cats Don't Dance oh my God dude, it's so great!

It works like the CMI verb coin, you click and hold on the item you're using your inventory on then release over the item you want to use.

MARION!! I didn't now you were still around. Great now I gotta play all these entries AND the games you've done in the past couple of years that I didn't know about.

Emont: Urrrrrgh, those crashes have been the bane of my existence all month. Next time I'm writing my own replacement Animate() command that can accommodate my horrible organisation skills. The game's also SUPPOSED to autosave in every room but I have to confess I never actually tested that :X
Both issues should be fixed in a bit

Mandle: I don't know what you're talking about I've never seen an October in my life :|

Stupot: Done! Now to play me some entries

Hey guys?!! What do you do if you've got a promising but woefully unpolished game under your belt?
A) Fix that shit up

Presenting THIS DANG GAME!! It's a sequel to THIS DANG GAME! And this time you get to play as Aergia who it's much more in character to write dumb Lookat jokes for!

Scylla and Charybdis: A Grecian Ship From Olympus U has many fine features including

Over 900 frames of character animation Woah, slow down! That's a whole 75 seconds worth of cartoon goodness stretched over, what, 20 minutes of gameplay. What a treat!

JOKES! I wrote a really good joke about pole-dancing and a really good joke about a fig tree and some other jokes that aren't as good! Jokes!

Coding???????? Or something that very much resembles it but don't look too closely! Haha! Your brain will die! Goodbye, brain!

Basically one puzzle! It's kind of a bullshit puzzle! It's kind of exactly the kind of vague puzzle I always hated in 90s Adventure Games. It's also I realized today, basically unsolvable if you're red-green colourblind. Last year I released a game unplayable by deaf people. What minority group am I going to screw over next? Maybe I'll do something that gives seizures to epileptic people?? Who knows???

Really good title art! It's by my friend Eliot, he put it on his blog here. Here you go, you don't have to download this game now.

I'm tired I wrote 'a really good joke about pole dancing' as 'a really joke and pole' and could very easily have not caught that. Boy I should not have been making last minute, untested code changes with this tired brain let me tell you!

Bye guys??!!?

I think I've pushed this loophole as far as I can.
Here it is! It's pretty rushed, you can tell it's rushed. I started late. Proud of what I did for the most part though

Scylla and Charybdis: A Grecian Ship From Olympus U

I won't have time to play your game until I'm finished and I deserve the best damn it, Chicky.
do it. Dooooooo iiiiit!!

I can't get through a playthrough
Without the damn thing crashing :(
Stu said 'a day' at 6AM
This loophole I will cash-in

I'm still writing vital dialogue
There will be no bug-fixin'
I hope that all these errors
Don't lead to my crucifixion

And lo on day 30
Did I finally add some rhymes
It should have been done weeks ago
But I'm pretty bad with time

My brain is a puddle on the floor
My game has a tonne to be done and then more
Worried competitors need not stress
My entry will be a goldang mess

"Six days left?!" I wail and sob
"But this week's when I start my job
I doubt I'll have the weekend free
Oh low am I oh woe is me!"
Just one puzzle's implemented
My code's a mess and quite demented
The anim. work is far behind
And hell, the thing's just half-designed
But what really gets to me
With time such a commodity
Is while I could be drawing sprites
I'm on here writing this old shite D:

Titlescreen by Eliot
I sure like it hella lots!

Don't fully know where this is going
Hopefully it keeps on growing
Much time from my day it robs
(Although it beats applying for jobs)

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