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So you are an artist, but you can't afford Photoshop and Gimp is too crappy for you (which it really is!). You should try the open source GFX editing software Krita!
Get it here

Krita 4.0 release notes:

I have a very good friend, we had lots of beers and fun together. We would hang out on the weekends and sometimes on weekdays, but over the last couple of months his alcohol habit became really drastic thing. He only eats broth anymore or little bites (and I'm a good chef), the rest is liquid with alcohol in it. when he gets drunker and drunker he knows everything better and rarely is injurous, rather he commands around for little things right in front of his nose. When I explain him, hey, this thing, gamecontroller, lighter, spoon, whatever, is right in front of him he gets louder and wants to get it handed, dunno if he is king in his head or just unable to move because drunk. normally I throw him out then. I know he did meth a lot some time ago and stopped, but lately this also became a more often and then he complains about his nose bleeds. lately he had his nosebleeds again and drnak too much and puked blood, I hope from his nose and not a damaged stomach or liver or WTF! And no, he doesn't go to a doctor when adviced. He went to rehab for alc once (that I know of), I even visited him there, damned, what a desolate place, I can imagine it only get worse there, he made it through there for a week, then the docs thought, hmmm, what are we doing, let's check his urine and found traces of meth and wanted him to go to closed up treatment where you get fed all kinds of funny little pills and there he ran away. And lately he announced he wants to drink himsef to death. I have a lot of empathy and feel sorry for him but this drains on my strenght and he just doesn't listen. What do the positive people of the ags forums think, What can I do? what should I do? and also HOW?

the funny weird and sad thing is, he is away to visit family for a week or so now, he probably drinks there a lot too and meets old drinking buddies. Then I forget how annoying he is in the meantime and after a week or some other random timeframe he reappears and is sober and nice and then I fall for it and talk with him until it gets worse and worse.
At least he started making music, so I though maybe we can make a game together to give him some purpose, but that music is no gamemusic sadly. What do when he reappears and is sober and nice?

General Discussion / the blender 3D thread
« on: 24 Sep 2017, 12:37 »

with the release of blender 2.79 this free piece of software is getting better and better and there is no better time to start getting into blender than now (great, this line always works, I just have to update the blender version number :D). More and more AGSers are using blender, myself included, so think of this thread as a place to share your blender artworks aside from the critiques longe, a place to ask questions about blender, no matter if for your game backgrounds, lighting, or just some animation you do beside gamemaking and as a place to share and read about interesting tricks and shortcut for using blender.

Buckethead wrote a blender plugin to automate exporting gfx for AGS games:

The new denoising feature for the cycles render engine is absolutely awesome. As the name hints at it denoises the resulting rendered image a lot.

jump to #1:30 in the video to see the comparison!

blender is getting better at aniating 2d as well with v2.79, just look at this video demonstrating the many uses of the grease pencil and cool distortion maps over images and smooth interpolation of these.


So I longplay AGS games a lot recently. For the newer games I just post in the according game thread, for older games I won't dig up the thread for the game but to showcase some of these games and longplays and give you and idea of what to play next I will update this thread every now and then, so if you don't even feel a tiny bit considering subscribing to my youtube channel, just log into this thread. Feel free to add your own AGS longplays :D

check out the youtube channel, watch the longplays, like, subscribe, leave some comments, play some games.

by Matt Frith

Unannounced on the AGS Forums by now iD tells the story of a cyborg just waking up or rather being booted the first time and getting the order to restart a run down facility to produce even more cyborg robots.
Some tricky and some easy puzzles set in the beautiful sideview pixel art backgrounds make the game a real pleasure to play. fluid and nice to look at animations and an easy but too short soundtrack give the final touches to the game you should instatly play and not watch here!

by 304

^_^ is a funny game taking place in only once screen with way more to do than you think. Funny and weirdo characters you meet along the way to bring back the witch's hair. Varied puzzles and a 5 track soundtrack for one screen make this game a very amusing and relaxing experience in the wonderfully whacky wonderland of Ben Chandler, known from Technobabylon, Shardlight, the later Blackwell games and also ! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWCgh901nMU )

Fridge Follies
by Baron and Ponch

Fridge Follies is a funny little comedy game about the left over food in the fridge wanting some attention. Of course they decide they have to gain the attention of the family outside the fridge by stinking. This could also be the backbone story of a blockbuster movie, you know!
The writing and also the voice acting is spot on funny (especially considering the voice acting was all done by one person (Baron)). The lovely painted backgrounds and little animations here and there add a lot to the smelly atmosphere of the almost rotten foodsies. The puzzles are not demanding at all, just have fun playing this game and reading and hearing the weird lines from the funny characters. Playtime really is less than 10 minutes, I just did let all the voiceacting lines run, you could have clicked them away when you read faster when you play yourself. Go do it!

to be continued...

Hints & Tips / Earthling Priorities
« on: 11 Aug 2017, 18:03 »
I'm in front of the factory and the worker always complain but I can't talk to them or run them over with the dumpster. what do?

General Discussion / Equalizer function under Windows 7
« on: 05 Aug 2017, 08:52 »
I was wondering if there is any way to manipulate the sound under windows 7. I have to normal volume slider but some more control over the frequencies and their volumes would be nice.
I have that in VLC but when listening to music on youtube or soundcloud or any other service I access via the browser I need the equalizer either inside the browser (?) or on the operating system. seems like win 7 doesn't offer much for that. is there any browser with an equalizer?
I have a NVIDIA soundcard (speccy tells me) but I wouldn't know how to access the equalizer on that if there is any.

if anything else fails, are there any great equalizer proggys for win7? But I want to acess it onboard first somehow before installing another program :P

General Discussion / PICO-8
« on: 02 Jun 2017, 10:52 »

PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs.
When you turn it on, the machine greets you with a shell for typing in Lua commands and provides simple built-in tools for creating your own cartridges.

You can make some funny games with this virtual devkit. Did anybody around here already use this? Show some stuff! ;-D

Critics' Lounge / 3D Bunker
« on: 22 May 2017, 05:41 »
Since you all like work in progress art and I could need some feedback on my current blender project here we go.  To get more used to texturing and modeling I decided on a bunker as there are a lot of 90° angles which make it easier to texture and slowly I'm getting into it me thinks. What do you think, what would you improve?

a very basic bunker. Is it too generic?

more details, less samples while rendering to get it out of the 3D software faster but this leads to these distortions effect.

More about what this is about here:
(New GFX set for AGS default Template (based on Sierra games))

In this thread we jam on and around on the
gIconbar icons
for the
New AGS default Template

at the moment it looks like this:

the icons are:
* Walk to
* Look at
* Interact
* Talk to
* Inventory
* Active Inventoryitem
* Save
* Load
* Quit
* About

Size of every single icon
width: 32 pixel
height: 27 pixel


8 colors + transparency
either use the palette consisting of 8 colors from dawnbringer's db32 palette.

or use the AGS Palette:

or use whatever 8 colors you like, the winning entry defines the rest of the colorscheme of the template.

center the icon vertically and horizontally

You don't have to use the borders like in the palette example image (made by CaesarCup, thx) within the 32x27 icon. Be creative, come up with your own border style and keep it consistend across all your icons, we will vote on the borderstyle too.
Maximum border size: 3px. But rather keep it at 2px, this highlights the icon better and makes it easier on the eyes.
3px border leaves room for the icon @ 26x21 pixel, 2px border leaves 28x23 px.
you can play around with transparency for cool borders and corners, but of course only 100% transparency, no semitransparency.

in case you need a lightsource, keep it top left.

There is a lot to skin in the template and interest is there, get cracking, I'll start a new contest in ~2 weeks on 5th of may (or may the forth?) and this ends on the 7th of may. ish.
There will be a voting on the best set of icons.
just...because you have a vote and you have a say. so push your pixels gud!

this is for the 320x200 template, if you are feeling very ambitious, scale it up and pixel the same icons for a 640x400 game.

you want more?
What about making a mouse cursor for all the mousemodes already. The mouse curser dimensions are 16px x 16px for the 320x200 template and additionally after talk to there is also Pick up, Pointer, Wait and UseInv, though UseInv is the active inventory(?) and they are not in very active use in the template

anything I forgot?

Pixelparty like it's 2022! 8-) :-D

Current Combined Community Crafting Contest:
Template Background
http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=54956.0 (CLOSED!)

I like reading about the plans for a new demogame for AGS here:

this made me think one small step would be create a new set for the sierra control icons that are default to AGS. I personally like Lucas Arts controls better than clicking through mouse modes, but sierra controls are AGS default atm, but they were made many many moons ago and probably are programmer art and personally I think they are ugly. And we have a lot of talented artists here, why not make a new icon set for the sierra style controls in AGS. most if not all noobies to AGS use sierra style as it is the default and there are tutorials for it (on ags page and youtube and some) and these look ugly all the time. I don't want noobs to make ugly games and I don't want ags to have ugly standard icons.

So my intention with this thread is to create a new sprite icon set that will be the default for AGS. But before that I want to get your opinions on this, how easy would it be to make a new iconset the default in AGS and still have the really old and outdated sierra icons just one click away for fangames in sierra style? (this is mostly directed directly @ CrimsonWizard I guess)
Are the users of AGS all for that? Or rather have the ugly sierra icons the AGS default and let the user choose the newer style with just one click? I prefer the new icon set as default for more beautiful noob games so they don't even have to search for the option to change the defaults.

We could have a contest-styled activity with some kind of deadline for the icon-sets, we vote on the new default and all runner ups still get added to AGS with an easy dropdown menu to chose from (and in AGS 5.0 with a preview).

Would this be a good addition?
Would this be technically possible?
Are some artist interested and would join in on the pixeling?
Should we rather have one combined community effort for only one new set and no contest styled icon pixeling activity?
Should we also skin the rather blank default sierra textboxes and menus with that?

List added:
the Default Game Template has:

*gStatusline (no bg by now)

*gInventory (5 sprites + bg)
*gPanel (settings: sliders, Textbuttons (replace with icons?), bg)
*gRestartYN (Textbuttons + bg)
*gSaveGame (Textbuttons + bg)
*gRestoreGame (Textbuttons + bg)

Inventory Items

*View1 (4 walkcycles of recolored AGS blue Roger)

* cEgo (roger from View1)

Mouse Cursors
*Walk To
*Look at
*Talk To
*use Inv
*Pick up
*Usermode 1 (Walk to Sprite)
*Usermode 2 (Walk to Sprite)

* 3 SCI fonts, they are terrible and do not support any foreign characters. They need to go.

* no sounds or music, should we add a short, maybe 10sec track?

* room 1... the only room of the template


*already listed above, inventory items x1,5 + bluecup, gIconbar buttons, mousecursors + 2 arrows for scrolling

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________
The state of the template on github:


damned, would get more responses in gen disc, mod please move :P


The Black Morph is a formchanger.

Help him on his quest
through the mystic forest
to the enlightenment within the cave.

You must use your powers to progress.


you will like the game, so why not
vote for us in the january mags thread.

made for mags in january 2017
theme: transformation
resolution: 240px x 135px
colors: 16

selmiak - Graphics and game design
Creamy - Code and game design
Emont - Music and SFX

I figured I'll just share this as I'm always angry finding out there was a gamejam with an interesting theme and I didn't know about it...
Though I fear 2 days are not quite enought to write a cool horror story and creepy characters, that's mainly what makes a horror adventure game work...

Asylum Jam is back for 2016, and we're celebrating four straight years!

This year, we'll be giving out an optional theme at the beginning of the jam period, for those of you that want an extra challenge! Stay tuned.

Asylum Jam is a 48 hour long game jam where game developers are challenged to make a horror game and explore the genre without negative mental health or medical stereotypes. This year, Asylum Jam will be taking place from November 11th to 13th for whatever 48 hour period that is most convenient for you in your timezone. The ticker here is set to 12AM GMT+13, and the jam timer has been set to cover four days (so it will encompass a two day period anywhere in the world - though please only spend 48 hours on your entry! This is a trust system.)

The challenge, as always, is to create a horror game following this one rule:

"1.) You should not use asylums, psychiatric institutes, medical professionals or violent/antipathic/’insane’ patients as settings or triggers."

We've had hundreds of participants and games over the past three years - amazing procedurally generated dungeons, gorgeous visual novels and some really interesting forays into horror gaming.

If you're flying solo or want to participate in a team, the Looking for Group/Looking for More document will be up soon! Keep an eye here, or on @AsylumJam.


Adventure Related Talk & Chat / There is no game
« on: 04 Oct 2016, 14:32 »
I found this nice game through some clicking around and hard investigative work and the like... anyways, it is really fun!


and someone please tell me how to continue playing when there is no ball ;)

General Discussion / hypnotic nudes
« on: 16 May 2016, 08:08 »
Now that's what I call artistic nudes:

especially some of the bottoms are hypnotizing when moving towards the cam.
I just thought I'd share it here, so you all know what dirtysexy stuff I like when not making or playing game  ;) 8-) :-D

So since AGS can do 1920x1080 too now (and basically every other resolution) I'm throwing thoughts around for a project in HD and glorious 1920x1080.
Are there oldschool people around the AGS community that have graphics cards that won't even display this? Does Ponch have cowvision? Is 960x540 the better way to go and lose some details but make sure more people can play the finished game and the HD folks can just upscale to 2x resolution and have the HD?
Or rather 1440x810 (3/4 HD)? But this can't easily be upscaled to normal HD with a standard upscaling filter...

It is easy to use the automatic outline function in AGS but then the outline is always black.
I use a bitmap font, looks good with the auto-outline, can I somehow use the auto-outline to generate the already outlined font as a new font so I can then somehow set the color of the outline font?
Or if I manually paint the outline with e.g. radiants editor and import the result as a new font to AGS, set the new outlinefont as the outline of the normal font, can I set the color of this outline font somwhere? When using a textlabel I only found settings for one font and only colorsettings for one font and that is for the normal font and not the outline of course.

Yes, my thought process for the theme went exactly how you'd imagine it:
Well, it's christmas, everything is about christmas, why not have a competition about the opposite of Christmas?
But what is the opposite if Christmas?
Well, let's have the creative writers of the AGS Forums find out.

And that's why there are no pictures in this post.

Your theme for this contest is : Write a (more or less) short story about the opposite of Christmas.
No more and no less!

You have time to write your story until the 4th of January 2016.
Should be enough to sober up from eating too much and excessive new year celebrations.

Voting will happen in the following categories:
Best Protagonist: Was the porotagonist likeable? Or so unlikeable that the protagonist stands out even more?
Best Plot: What's it all about?
Best Atmosphere: Did it capture the spirit of not Christmas?
Best Writing Style: words good?
Best Worldbuilding: Is it just a glimpse into some place somewhere or did you feel like it hints at a bigger world?

< previous competition - Concrete Poetry <

yamipanda and me are still working on a bigger version of Hybrid. But as of late I can't compile the project files yami sends me.
We both use:

AGS Editor .NET (Build
v3.3.4, July 2015

I can't even open the compiled files under win7. It just shows the round loading icon and nothing else. But in the taskmanagers processes tab it shows three 112K Hybrid.exe processes for me that I can't shut down. the files for testing: *where is it gone?  :-D*. Please feel free to test if you can run this. please report back if you can run this, then it is my PC, or report if the same happens again. also... help please :P

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