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For yet another humble bundle. And the best thing... you can watch it all LIVE


As you probably know, playing a game (or even making one yourself) has more thrills than watching someone making a game in real time ;)

Advanced Technical Forum / OGG Video not playing natively
« on: 09 Jan 2012, 21:14 »
I rendered a .mov video file with Aftereffects and want to use this in AGS.

After some initial failures with converting the video with Super the resulting file from this now shows in AGS but has a pink part that shouldn't be there on the bottom 5% of the video. I can't see if this is from AGS or the conversion with SUPER as the file won't play with VLC. Only the slider moves along but no picture is shown.

So i used VLC (ogg container - theora codec) and handbreak (mkv container with theora codec) and both can be played with VLC but this time not with AGS. But I get a funny error in the gamefont, not a windows popup, but it still seems like halfways systemwise because it is partially in german
after installing CCCP codec pack and rebooting it works under win7. I thought about not posting this whole thread because I just wanted to paste a screenshot here to show this and now it works :P So people of the future just use VLC to convert any video to ogg :)

So to actually ask a question now I rather ask if I should somewhere mention that installing the CCCP might be useful for the game? And what about out of the box ogg support in AGS? I thought I red it in the helpfiles or Forum somewhere. Without additional codecs and so. Or could this be a thing of the editor?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Random and datatypes
« on: 19 Dec 2011, 23:04 »
I'm declaring an
int code = 0;
at the start of a room and later fill it with
code = 1000 + Random(998999);
but the highest random values I get from this is around the 32k for a short in AGS.

Can I trust AGS to only create random numbers below 32.767 ? Then I could just multiply the hell out of it (with random(30)). But if there ARE random values above 32.767 possible this could lead to unexpected and unpredictable results.
Out of 20 tries none were over 32.767(+1000). Are 20 tries enough or should I wake up Gauss and ask him?

and another problem... I want to send an int to a function and want to use it as a part of a variable name. The variables may be bools or even object names. Here is the code, explanation below:
Code: [Select]
function buttoninteract(int buttonpressed) {
  if (button[buttonpressed]==false) { oButton[buttonpressed].Transparency=0;button[buttonpressed]=true;PlaySound(10); }
   else { oButton[buttonpressed].Transparency=100;button[buttonpressed]=false; PlaySound(11);}

I have a lot of buttons and they all look the same, are numbered and can either be on or off. Of course I want to store the state somewhere. Each button object has 2 images too.
so for example I press button 9 and call on
Code: [Select]
function oButton9_Interact()

then I want the game to understand within the function the following
Code: [Select]
function buttoninteract(int buttonpressed) { // here the 9 comes in
  if (button9==false) { oButton9.Transparency=0;button9=true;PlaySound(10); }
   else { oButton9.Transparency=100;button9=false; PlaySound(11);}

the thing is, button# are global variables (bool). When compiling my code AGS tells me 'button' is no array or sometimes 'undefined symbol 'button''. Well, can I somehow write button(buttonpressed) or button{buttonpressed} or something inside the function like in php? And what about the object. I hope this is somehow possible, or otherwise I have a lot of lines for a lot of buttons and a lot of changes for one change within all the functions. That's what functions are for, right?
Should I send a string for that? Is this possible and how?

I have


lots of walking and talking and animation
2 rather fast while loops
some wait() commands


and it takes ages to skip this. like 9-10s nothing happens. The screen stays frozen and accepts no input and so on.
commenting out the while loops didn't change anything. What causes a skippable cutscene take so long?

I just made a new background for the list box from the default saveGUI and resized it. Now I tried it, saved a lot of files, and no scroll arrows appear. Do I have to add them manually?

The pngs with alpha transparency I imported and use as background images for the buttons all look like gifs with sharp, pixely edges. But I like my Buttonbackgrounds smooth 8)

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / TRAUMA
« on: 09 Aug 2011, 21:12 »
So, now it's out.

It's like a mix between an adventure and Okami and click and walk. Or something. With a dark but intruiging story and interesting atmosphere. Doesn't work in Firefox for me though.
I though I just share it.

General Discussion / Graphic tablet pen broken?
« on: 28 Jun 2011, 22:37 »
the stylus of my wacom fun is not working anymore. I downloaded the newest drivers for the tablet and restarted and nothing changed. When I use my fingers on the tablet the mousepointer moves on the screen like it should. But when I use the pen on the tablet the mousepointer creeps about 5mm for every time I cross the whole tablet. The light on the tablet turns on (orange) though when the pen comes near. Can the pen be broken?

I want the exact room coordinates where a mouseclick happens and mouse.x for example only gives me the screen coordinates and not the room coordinates. What do I use? GetAtRoomXY doesn't help as it just tell what is there but doesn't give the coordinates.

Coloring Ball: P_aint A_nother C_ool MAN

the S_hape:

the T_heme
At first I wanted this to be: Food that isn't pizza.
But as this is too narrow you may draw anything related to a hospital inside the shape.
May it be sexy nurses, wrinkled doctors, deadly injections, crippled patients,
mental asylums are hospitals too, whatever is on your mind and has a hospital theme.

the R_ules
Don't resize or change the shape. You may rotate it though.
No color restrictions besides: Use at least one red cross in the image.
wakka wakka wakka

the T_rophys


Second place is shared by

I was just searching and only found a bug tracker report for the Mouse moves over an Object function. Is this somehow possible easily?
I by now disable clickable on the object and draw a hotspot over the area the Object fills. But this is annoying. Any other suggestions?

is this even possible? I get an 'unknown token $functionname' error when trying to. Do I need to make the function I want to call from within the function global? If yes, how do I do this?

I have two objects that I want to animate when an action is started.
It is no problem playing them one after the other, but it seems impossible to play them both at the same time.
I tried adding eNoBlock to the first animation and started the second animation right after the first one but somehow the first one doesn't show at all with the eNoBlock attribute.

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