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'Billy Bob's Wild Night' released

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You are BILLY BOB, a fat hillbilly trying to get the grip of reality after a REALLY wild night. You start in the worst neighbourhood you can imagine, and after that it all gets worse!
Find all that you have lost so you can ride home in your rusty pickup. A good spanking ahead!

The game is avaiable directly from my homepage:
EDIT: NOTE: Link is known to be broken

Have fun :-)

It's a good short game, but I found a few bugs.... :P
It was fun anyho' :)

Dude, are you sure you are using the latest edition? You said it's a very old style... hmm

Hey, be gentle with me, heh! Can you please inform me of the bugs you discovered...I hope I can clear them up a bit. And again, thankyou for trying it out :-.

Öj.. du är ju svensk! Ännu en då :) På mina, Chrilles, Vargtass, Andails, rorschachs och de jag nu lyckats glömma hälsar jag dig välkommen till forumet!

About the game then. We'll, I mostly amazed by the fact that you kept the palette supplied with AGS instead of making your own or switch to highcolor. The bugs, which I presume is the one's jannar mentioned, is when you talk to the lady in the xxx club. The characters turns into the blue cup now and then, which is probably that you assigned an idle view with an empty slot or simlar.

Otherwise it's mainly the gameplay. It took me a fair deal of tries before I realised you had to walk up to the door. Also, using the same replies for every cursor mode and such is kinda annoying, you don't know if it's a mistrake or not. Finally there's the excessive use of walk-to points, which makes the character walk to spots when looking at stuff, but then nothing else. I highly recommend you to avoid that :)

Otherwise then. We'll it was a nice tryout to learn AGS. It's wise to learn to handle the basic functions without making an epic storyline or similar, yet it's not something that'll gain much fame within the community. If you polish it, maybe switch to highcolor and then re-import the gfx, it'll be a fairly good first game and you'll get much more nicer feedback.

It may look like I'm slaughtered your work, but you could have done much better with small efforts. Graphics is low-priority, but the gameplay is not very good, due to the facts mentioned above. Increase that and you're set! :)


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