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The answer is yes. You can make an RPG with AGS.

Why not? What's stopping you? First of all, you can keep track of stats with global variables. Look them up in the manual. Look for "globalint".

Turn-based combat? Of course it's possible with AGS! With enough scripting knowledge, you can program turn-based fighting in your RPG game.

Any other RPG-related questions, please feel free to ask here. Anybody who has any other tips and pointers for making an RPG in AGS, post here as well.

(Any other "Can I make an RPG" threads will be locked.) :)

For sprites you just simply draw the overhead view of the character.

Items, Powers, Weapons etc....
For displaying items, healing powers, weapons, etc you can use an inventory or if you want seperate inventorys for each see this thread.
The same theory as above could be used if you want a pokemon style game where you collect monsters, just have a new inventory with the monsters in.

Keyboard Movement
And of course if you want classic gameboy RPG feel you want the character to be controlled by the keyboard,  here is a usefull thread.

I find this pretty straight forward, but one aspect of RPG, which is money, trading, shops, etc, can be handled by making each shop a character with an inventory, and using quite simple inventory adding/losing scripting, with a variable for the amount of money.

I was also thinking of making something that uses this, because it could be very interesting in an AG to have to think carefully what to buy. :) Personally, I'm less interested in the otehr aspects of RPG.

Great thread btw terran ;).

You could also use the point system built in to ags as money

Yes. Either the score system or an inventory item could act as money. You could actually use inventory items for every attribute. For the custom inventory GUI (search for this info somewhere else), you could list each "item" as an icon representative of the attribute. For example, health could be a heart, then clicking on it would display the health in a label somewhere else on the inventory GUI. This GUI could also be constantly on, replacing the Sierra-style action icons. Or something. It's an idea! :P


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