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Here's a thread where you can publish material you wish to share with the community.

Have you drawn a background, animated a character, designed a GUI or constructed a puzzle?
Do you want other people to be able to take part of your creations?
Reply here.

Just write a short description of what you are donating. Include a link, and a line that says who shall be credited and when it was created.

Futuristic Background, 640x400, hi colour
Made by Petter Ljungqvist 2004

Images shall be linked, not displayed.

Copyright disclaimer:
People donating material here may not add further restrictions, such as "oh, you can't use my background because I want it to only be featured in good games." or "You may only use my character if you have already released at least three games I can look at".
If you wish to remove your link, just say so. As long as it's here, anybody is free to use it.

Practically, you don't have traditional copyright, since you can't demand people that have used your character in a game to take it down.

Still, people are urged to include the originator in the credits. Failure to do this may result in  their name ending up on a black list.
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Do you want to add fonts here, and plug ins? I know we dont have a very reliable site for downloads of everything, (no offense to anyone).

If so heres Synthetiques Fonts: http://www.agsforums.com/yabb/index.php?topic=6202.0

And you may add the ones that are linked to in my signature.
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This would probly go under the "Concept Pictures" section.  Basically, I'm in walk-cycle mode at the moment.
For the moment they can be found in this thread:

When I move on to html mode, I'll knock up a page for them.
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Here is an old character that used to be around the forums as a resource it was edited by me about 3 years ago for Rock Bishop: Vampire Slayer, I revamped it a bit just recentley. I believe I have backups of all the old Resources I used to host on Demorgon.com I'll look and see what else I got. I have a midi pack also that MODS made for me way back I'll add it if he ok's it.

Rbishop 2.0 Rock revamp - ( contains .cha files ;) ) 40.8kb


Mods Midi Pack - 8.28kb - Realy Cool!

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wow this is a good idea
i would like to share 6 things to the others around in here


here is a good background, it is a path with grass around with a fance going through, 320x200 256 col

Here is an Island, i was going to make it like mi1, i also did a character(see below), anyway its 320x200 256 col

Characters, finished with animations

here is the character, it was suposed to be the starting caracter (the one you get by using default game(has a .cha))

Characters, single sprites or concept pictures

here is a closet closed, very good quality, 31x66 256 col
and the same exept open, 63x77 256 col

It's an ark(chest) very "antique" like in archaeology, its 146x53(when cropped) 256 col


i created these Gui:s for my game, it is like FOA, this is a template (15 kb) 16 bit col

EDIT fixed the error
EDIT2 added many things
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Jonatan Nilsson
860 Iceland

Please go to www.simnet.is/elinnils52 and download my non ags/adventure game :)


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Added new character files above check em out  :=

Updated Demorgon.8k.com New resources there and many more to come soon.

Best viewed w/ Mozilla FireFox @ 1024 x 768 res.

Demorgon™ Games & Resources

Another Free Too Use Character Made By Me: freebeecha.zip

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here is a burgler sprite a sleeping dragon and a boot which were going to be in a game but i never got round to it.
i would like it if you included me in your credits as mousemat under character art.
enjoy these sprites and feel free to edit them as much as you like.
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Hi guys, Noob here.  This is an eight loop robot.  He is very realistic, and still in the form of 8 image sequences.  I made him from scratch using Blender.  I figure he is most useful in his raw form.  Do enjoy.
--<<edit>>--here's a straight render of him.
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While at CGTalk, I noticed a picture ( plugged on the front page so you know it's good ) entitled 'arabian market' that had background written all over it, so I contacted the artist, and asked if he would be so generous as to allow his work to be utilized by AGSers,....He said no problem, and even sent me this link to some other works of his, that he thought might be of use.  >> http://www.3dlinks.com/GalleryDisplay.cfm?artistid=3255
There is one in particular that he thought would be useful, called 'nobody there' or something like that.  I checked it out.  It is uber coolio.
He did request that if his backgrounds made it into an AGS game, that he would like a copy.  He seemed like a nice guy, and very generous.  I wrote him a note thanking him.

Here are some Isometric Kitchen Objects I created while the forums were down. If someone wants to use them, be my guest.

Here's what can be created with them:
Example BG


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Here are some isometric objects I´ve done... I think Iso is a great oportunity because of the high possibilities of "standarize" it all... It could work as Instagame ("AGS ISOgames Objects database?)

If you want to help me with the database, input more objects (Sorry Damien, didn´t notice your paintings in first term, our paintings are not standarized).

The basic rules I´ve followed are: Guybrush Threepwood´s sprite in MI 1 as the human reference for the size of the objects. Lines in the outer angle brighter than the shape of the object, inner angles darker. Light comes from upper left...

And sorry if moderators think that this ISO objects database should go in other thread, webspace, whatever... I´m in his hands to link this project whatever they want.

EDIT: The first AID tent is from Eboy.com!
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Are you guys ready? Let' s roll!


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I have these backgrounds I made for an unrealized Insta-Game 2

you can have them though they are only 2


Iceplanet Images
made by Eric Feurstein
"This must be a good time to live in, since Eric bothers to stay here at all"-CJ also: ACHTUNG FRANZ!

Rui 'Trovatore' Pires

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Ah well, I guess I might as well post a link to my website. I guess just about everyone knows about it by now, but it makes it sort of "official" in this thread, I suppose.


A repository of plugins, templates, fonts and other interesting stuff. Note that NO files are hosted in freewebs itself, they're hosted externally, so don't worry. ;)
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This is a neat little hobo character. He's a bit weird, but I'm a novice.

Now let's find out if gasoline is flammable!


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all of my music is free to use


Before it fades into oblivion, here's Eric's (MrColossal's) character template: http://kafkaskoffee.com/tutorials/walkcycletut.shtml
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As everyone seems to ignore the...
Images shall be linked, not displayed.
...rule, I think I'll do so as well, but don't worry, I'll keep them small.

Here are two characters of mine, that I have posted before, in threads long fallen off the board before this thread was introduced. So I'll just post them again.

The first one is the character formerly known as Luke Landrunner, which I originally made for benbigbrain for a game called "The Adventures of Luke Landrunner", which unfortunately never came to be, so I asked him if it was O.K. with him if I posted the graphics I'd done so far somewhere for everyone to use, so here he is (again). You can find him at http://www.geocities.com/anymunym/char/char.html

The other one is an even older, nameless, female character for my first, possibly viking-themed game, which also never came to be, due to lack of a plot. She's available at http://www.geocities.com/anymunym/char/char_2.html

I doubt I'll make use of them or work on them anytime soon (if ever), so feel free to use or adapt them to your needs. Enjoy!

Also, shouldn't the first post be edited to reflect the stuff that has been contributed?

All moderators are welcome to include the donations to this initial post and erase the replies.

To help with that, here's my categorization:


Characters, finished with animations
Landrunner, 29x89, 24 colors, walking, talking, tapping his foot and drawing and shooting a gun in four directions.
http://www.geocities.com/anymunym/char/char.html - 8 PCXs in a ZIP
Made by Anym 2002-2003
Someguysdottir, 19x47, 30 colors, walking and talking in four directions.
http://www.geocities.com/anymunym/char/char_2.html - 1 PCX in a ZIP
Made by Anym 2001
I look just like Bobbin Threadbare.


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This is a Ron Template that I took and got the  agsCreditz v1.1 plug-in working from the  Black Cauldron remake 1.11 .
You can go in to the 2 room and edit the credits in the room script ,and add your own rooms etc .
But do give credit to  AJA (Aki Ahonen) and to Ron for the gui if you use that gui .
And  yes   Rui "Puss in Boots" Pires you can put this on  your site :)
The  agsCreditz v1.1 plug-in is in the folder if you don't have it .
I made a new one that does no use the beta AGS so anyone can use this template .
Just change the credits to your liking :)
Download here
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