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Here's a thread where you can publish material you wish to share with the community.

Have you drawn a background, animated a character, designed a GUI or constructed a puzzle?
Do you want other people to be able to take part of your creations?
Reply here.

Just write a short description of what you are donating. Include a link, and a line that says who shall be credited and when it was created.

Futuristic Background, 640x400, hi colour
Made by Petter Ljungqvist 2004

Images shall be linked, not displayed.

Copyright disclaimer:
People donating material here may not add further restrictions, such as "oh, you can't use my background because I want it to only be featured in good games." or "You may only use my character if you have already released at least three games I can look at".
If you wish to remove your link, just say so. As long as it's here, anybody is free to use it.

Practically, you don't have traditional copyright, since you can't demand people that have used your character in a game to take it down.

Still, people are urged to include the originator in the credits. Failure to do this may result in  their name ending up on a black list.

Do you want to add fonts here, and plug ins? I know we dont have a very reliable site for downloads of everything, (no offense to anyone).

If so heres Synthetiques Fonts:

And you may add the ones that are linked to in my signature.

Renal Shutdown:
This would probly go under the "Concept Pictures" section.  Basically, I'm in walk-cycle mode at the moment.
For the moment they can be found in this thread:

When I move on to html mode, I'll knock up a page for them.

Here is an old character that used to be around the forums as a resource it was edited by me about 3 years ago for Rock Bishop: Vampire Slayer, I revamped it a bit just recentley. I believe I have backups of all the old Resources I used to host on I'll look and see what else I got. I have a midi pack also that MODS made for me way back I'll add it if he ok's it.

Rbishop 2.0 Rock revamp - ( contains .cha files ;) ) 40.8kb


Mods Midi Pack - 8.28kb - Realy Cool!

wow this is a good idea
i would like to share 6 things to the others around in here


here is a good background, it is a path with grass around with a fance going through, 320x200 256 col

Here is an Island, i was going to make it like mi1, i also did a character(see below), anyway its 320x200 256 col

Characters, finished with animations

here is the character, it was suposed to be the starting caracter (the one you get by using default game(has a .cha))

Characters, single sprites or concept pictures

here is a closet closed, very good quality, 31x66 256 col
and the same exept open, 63x77 256 col

It's an ark(chest) very "antique" like in archaeology, its 146x53(when cropped) 256 col


i created these Gui:s for my game, it is like FOA, this is a template (15 kb) 16 bit col

EDIT fixed the error
EDIT2 added many things


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