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List of MY completed games...


This is a list of completed games (I wont put em' in my "Complesion" order!)

5 Days A Stranger By Yahtzee (Medium Lenght)
7 Days A Skeptic By Yahtzee (Medium Lenght)
FLASHBAX By Foz (Medium Lenght)
Exile By jrp (Medium Lenght)
6 Day Assassin By Mr Colossal (Short Lenght)
A Day In Future By Dorcan (Short Lenght ALSO its my VERY FIRST AGS game I PLAYED!!!)
A Friend Indeed : The Adventures of JP & Cosmo By Darth Mandarb (Short Lenght)
Bart's Quest for TV By Takara (Short Lenght)
Beasts By LesHauSsebons (Short Lenght)
EBI - Elimination by Improvisation (fixed version) By HoboWare (Short Lenght)
Little Jonny Evil By Das KANDYMAN (Short Lenght)
Satan Quest By Trapezoid (Short Lenght)

PLUS! More games shall come!!!

Albert Cuandero:
Did you work on all those? :o

Your my hero!  ::) 8)

Ummm... I think you've gravely misunderstood the Compled Game Announcements forum.

See, the Forum Rules clearly state that the forum is for posting announcements for games that you have made, finished, and are ready for download.

1) this is the wrong forum.
2) most people have played many more games than that.
3) noone cares anyway.


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