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Pissheads adventures
« on: 09 Nov 2004, 12:11 »
The name says it all :)
it's a new game i am going to start producing soon im new to adventure game studios so it will be my first attempt at giving lucasarts a run for there money hehe

the game basically is a short adventure
of a man called Bob Bottle

After a night out on the lash he ends up losing he;s wallet the concept of the game is to travel through a city and solve the mystery of the wallet thief
you can expect lots of drunken fun

think of the original leisure suit larry hehe the adult humour will be 10 times worse :)

Prince Charles

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Re: Pissheads adventures
« Reply #1 on: 09 Nov 2004, 14:54 »
Hello there, and welcome to the AGS boards!

It might be a jolly good idea to read the rules about posting new game projects, because, apparently, to post a new project, your game needs to actually be in production. Oh, and then there's this bit about having two screenshots and a proper plot outline, too.

Well, see you around, old chap!

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Re: Pissheads adventures
« Reply #2 on: 09 Nov 2004, 15:21 »
Yes ... reading the FORUM RULES is important.

When you have actually started the game and have read the rules we can unlock this thread.

Until then ...