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I might be wrong, but it seems to me that the new Star Wars movies are not of the same quality as the originals. Both in SFX and storylines. The value of the visuals is close to nil as the costumes and carachters are decidedly poor and rendered in CGI
they may be the best available visual effects available, but it's still obvious, to prove my point, consider this, in the Return of the Jedi the scene where the emperor lands on the death star II is filled with costumed extras in Imperial uniforms, and although it is true that they are plastic and decidedly basic, they are ten times more realistic and cooler than the scene in Ep II where all the CGI clones (no pun intended) march.
I believe that physical sets and mass produced costumes are more pleasing to the eye that CGI will ever be.
And the lack of consistency sickens me, I mean, wouldn't c-3po actually recognise Darth Vader as his master?, Why is Anakin so young when ep 1 is set fifty years before ep 4 and ep 3 is set 18 years before ep 4?
And a long time before ep 1 happened, there was a mandalorian war, which turned most jedi to the dark side. A jedi civil-war followed where most jedi were wiped out. even the jedi council on Coruscant was wiped out long before the films. so how exactly does Lucas expect to explain all this???
I think we'd be better off without prequels and maybe it would be better if Lucas didn't direct the new ones, I mean the Empire Strikes back was the best star wars film ever made, and Irvin Kerschner directed it.

In short, the new Star Wars saga (which funnily enough is an old one) is a complete mess.

Exactly, and i noticed that Qui-Gon is never mentioned in ep's 4-6, even when Ben is talking about when he trained anakin of his own free will, which he didnt. Qui-gon bet him with a jack danials bottle until he accepted! but realistically, theres such a lack of consistency that it makes me sick too  :'(

I think we all know it was a half-drunken can of Dutch Gold, but seriously.

I'm not sure where the Mandalorian war happens, but it probably isn't canon. Even if it was written by Timothy Zahn, his canonness can be trumped by George Lucas.

That said, I agree that a lot of plot things are tacked on. And while the films do have their decidedly cool scenes (e.g. Boba Fett vs Obi-Wan), they lack the atmosphere of the originals. It's just too over the top (film I: huge leviathan monster eaten by an even bigger one; jar jar really must die; tying anakin with C3PO is forced; using midoclhirans or whatever to explain mysticism bugs me; maul is nowhere near as cool as vader, and having a painted skin don't help; having anakin take down a star destroyer age 10 is deus ex machina) (film 2: the entire romance scene is ridicululously overdone; the Anakin/Obiwan conflict feels forced; Boba Fett's baby clone doesn't make much sense character-wise, they could easily have made him a non-human that lives longer; the factory scene was overdone as well; and Joda should have been able to beat that evil guy, simply by force-moving his friends rather than the heavy pillar).

Still, the plot for III looks promising. And hey, how many hollywood films actually end in disaster?

I beg to differ about Maul, it's not that he ain't cool, he just didn't have any signifigance to the plot, why kill him off in the first film, I mean, Deus ex machina or what (even more obvious than your Anakin example) It was also agreed when Lucas lisenced out the rights for authors to write books he accepted all answers to tie in to the Star Wars universe, and as such he agreed on all decisions made by the authors. In other words, the books are as relevant as the first three films (the old/new ones)
The same thing was done with the matrix and it's sadly shite game, where you have to play the game to understand where the third film starts.


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