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Views on the game by paying individual

Unlike so many games that have been created using AGS, The Hauntings Of Mystery Manor is one which I will find memorable.

The use of eerie music combined with the use of some excellent backdrops creates a spooky game which was fun and challenging to play.  I found that even the GUI with the bone white hand added to this atmosphere and at the same time meant that the first person view used throughout the game could have been male/female,white/black, asian/European, etc. (I guess I am trying to say that the white hand provides a marker that can be easily seen without discriminating against sex or race.)

The puzzles in the game vary from being very easy to tough to ambiguous, I found that all of which came with the satisfying feeling once you had solved them.

I do not want to rate this game because it is very difficult knowing what to compare it to, if compared to other AGS games the investments in professional graphics and music put it in a different callibre, and the the fact that there is only one other AGS game on the market to my knowledge that is for sale means that there is not yet enough to do a significant comparison.
There are a few disappointing apsects to the game (for example with one of the puzzles items with the same icon and description having to be used in particular locations) but it could be argued that these aspects are puzzles in themselves and add to the atmosphere and playability of the game. 
The disappointments are outweighed by the high standard of graphics and music supported by puzzles which identifys with the characters and storyline.

It is certainly a game which I will recommend to others and through getting so much enjoyment from the game I do not begrudge paying the £15.00 price tag and believe that and effects of doing so are two-fold:
Through supporting Ghostlady she may go on to be the next Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight Series) or Roberta Williams (Kings Quest Series).
Supporting Ghostlady will show Companies such as Lucasarts and Sierra that the adventure genre isn't dead and there is still a market for adventure games.

I look forward to seeing more games from Ghostlady and other individuals who make the bold step of going commerial with their games.