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The NEW Adventures of Rick Scraggley and Space Napoleon

PREMISE: In the fairly distant, but not particularly far, future... Hundreds of years of the greatest advancements in technology, beginning in the late 21st Century, led to the total abandonment of the Planet Earth.

That was 76 years ago. In spite of incredible advancements in space travel and living technologies, the state of human society is far from utopian. There are certainly concerns of very limited living space, grisly recycling problems, and particularly of lawlessness in the rising "cities" that float desperately in the depths of space.

However, every society and class finds its way, somehow managing to carry on almost exactly as it had. Case in Point: The Homeless.

Our hero (The Player) is Rick Scraggley. He was born and raised in the depths of space, entirely outside what little government had formed and managed not to crumble under the massive (metaphorical) pressure of the endless vacuum of space. For years he has existed without purpose beyond odd jobs to keep himself alive... But now, an unfortunate electrical failure on board his marvelously hi-tech starcraft has led to a stop-over at a sleazy galactic rest-stop.

Now, soon, or eventually, the collective fates of him, humanity, and the Planet Earth lie firmly in his hands.

Oh, and Space Napoleon's there too.

- A (hopefully) humorous sci-fi adventure with a detailed and thoughtful cartoon style.
- A (possibly) involving story in multiple chapters (likely to be released episodically. That is, if the first one doesn't suck).
- A handful of vaguely interesting, fleshed-out characters- and a whole mess o' greasy extras!
- Obnoxiously High Resolution!

Yes, coming out of creepy Ad-Agency mode now...

I'm new to these forums and have never announced a game before. I've made several "games" before, but they were obviously never of high enough quality or near enough completion to release. However, I'm fairly confident and proud of this one so far, so I'd like to share a bit of it with everyone to see if anybody's interested but me. (Heh heh heh... I'm only joking, really...)


Graphics: 5%
Story: 75%
Scripting: 10%
Sound/Music: 0% (Under consideration)

Yes, I know I've gotten nowhere- And I've been working for a pretty long time already. Ah, well. It'll take a while. Also, sorry if any of this was particularly unorthodox or against the rules. (Although, I don't think it was.)


EDIT: DISCLAIMER: This game in no way is going to mock the homeless. Rick is an OK, normal guy, so there probably won't be any flaming-garbage-can and cardboard box jokes. (Well, not too many.)
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Re: The NEW Adventures of Rick Scraggley and Space Napoleon
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Wow, that looks really good, just remember to get rid of the default GUI and cursors. ;)

Good luck with the game! It all sounds very interesting and funny. :P

Re: The NEW Adventures of Rick Scraggley and Space Napoleon
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Sounds amusing, I like the style of the graphics. :)
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Re: The NEW Adventures of Rick Scraggley and Space Napoleon
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Thanks a lot for the comments, folks- still chugging along with the speed and grace of a banana slug.

And, yeah... I wanted to get out some basic graphics and a few rooms before doing anything with the GUI.