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Revenge (Fixed Link)
« on: 15 Jul 2005, 08:46 »
You play an angry, vengeful man who is set out to find where his girlfriend's killer is. Armed only with a gun, and your enemy's name and face, you must search about town and find any clues to his whereabouts to settle the score.

Q key - Walk
W key - Look
E key - Interact
A key - Aim
S key - Reload
D key - Duck
Z,X,C,V keys - Switch weapons
F9 - Restart
Ctrl-Q - Quit
Tab - Inventory


Fixed Download:

download here
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Re: Revenge
« Reply #1 on: 15 Jul 2005, 08:49 »
Looks good. Maybe i should make the game i am making a birdseye view...
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Re: Revenge
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Link doesn't work for me, I keep getting a "file may have been removed or had it's name changed" message. Which is a shame, as I'd quite like to try it.

EDIT: Ah. And I ususlly check for stuff like that, before posting. Cheers, khrismuc.
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Re: Revenge
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Fixed the link:

it contained [/url] at the end...
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Re: Revenge
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Short, but VERY, VERY FUN - in good old-fashioned kill'em up style. I replayed it twice and still want more.  Hope we'll see full version soon... There's going to be one, right???
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Re: Revenge
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Just a question and a suggestion:

How do you intend to make that realistic, vanishing pointed bird's eye work. It will just look uncool when you move and everything around you doesn't move realistically with you.

Therefore, make the game simpler-looking, meaning the player never sees walls and everything is linear in the words real sense.

IMMEDIATE EDIT: Of course, if the screen doesn't move with the player, it won't pose a problem. Sorry.  ;D ;D

Re: Revenge
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Not meaning to be picky, but that's nowhere near a "realistic, vanishing pointed bird's eye" BG - every bit of furniture, door and wall has it's own VP. I think it works, though, and would probably be more forgiving of a scrolling room than a more perpective-ly accurate top-down view would be (see the scrolling rooms in Shemwood Plains, for example).

Still, this ain't the CL, so I'll shut up about that, except to say I enjoyed it, and it as a shame it was so short. One thing that bugged me a little was having to change modes to - for example - open the door, then quickly change back to shoot, so as not to get shot at. Maybe changing to a mode in an area where it's available (i.e. pressing 'E' for use, next to the door) could trigger the interaction, without changing mode? Should be too hard to code, it's pretty similar to what you did in Shemwood Plains.

Will the full game have a story, or will it just be 'Shoot-the-baddies-and-try-not-to-die-too-much-yourself'?
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Re: Revenge
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That's not a bad idea about the modes. Or maybe I could at least put the mode changes back on right click.

And yes it's a story. You're hunting the man that has killed your woman. Pretty basic, I'm still working on some possible plot development throughout the game. You go to different areas in the town and try to find the man, running into his protectors along the way. I just wanted to see if I could really get the shooting down, because it's a good part of it. But it will also have puzzles like any adventure game.

Re: Revenge (Update)
« Reply #8 on: 05 Aug 2005, 08:13 »
Okay, here's an updated version of the game.

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Re: Revenge (Update)
« Reply #9 on: 25 Aug 2005, 04:05 »
Sorry, I guess the site I uploaded my game to doesn't work for right now, so the links are fixed to somewhere else.


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Re: Revenge (Update)
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Not quite sure how this one snuck past me ...

The FORUM RULES require two (minimum) "in game" screenshots and this has none.  Please review the rules.

The initial post says nothing about the game either.

Review this Example Thread for ideas on how to format your post.

As soon as you have the screenshots and a proper post available, send me a PM which includes the links to the pictures and I'll update the post and unlock this thread.

idiotbox wins the award for "quickest response" - Thanks for the update!  Thread re-opened!!
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Re: Revenge (Update)
« Reply #11 on: 29 Aug 2005, 18:56 »
Okay, so my links never work. Maybe this one will.