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Please excuse me for starting this thread in Technical Forum, but I was unable to start it in Modules, Plugins and Technical FAQ.

This small AGS module provides functions and GUIs to show any AGS sprite to be shown on the screen with a  displayed message below it.

Let's assume that your game takes place in a gallery. With this module, whenever you examine a painting  (or do anything else that you wish), whole painting can be directly shown on the screen with a displayed  comment (called by DisplayAtY function) below the displayed image.

All this is done by a function whose prototype is
     ImageCommentShow(int image,  String comment, int displayY = -1)

Also, a transparent background GUI is included in the module, used for covering the actual game visuals  when your image and comment are shown to player.

 *AGS 3.2.1 (Though, as this is not such a complicated module, it might work with older versions of AGS, too)
 *gImageComment and gTransparentBG GUIs need to be imported. They are provided within the .rar package of this module.

How to use?
   -Firstly, gImageComment and gTransparentBG GUIs should have been imported to your game.
   -Change the width and height of gImageComment and gTransparentBG GUIs to your game's   (in default, they are 640*400).
   -To display a commented image, use ImageCommentShow(int image,  String comment) function. For example, if you want to show the sprite whose ID is 35 with a "That's a nice painting." and a following "Yes, I liked it!" comments, your code is
            ImageCommentShow(35, "That's a nice painting.");
            ImageCommentShow(35, "Yes, I liked it!");
   -And a following ImageCommentEnd(); code is necessary to hide the GUI's shown for your image
   -If you wish your text to be displayed at a Y position you desire (for example, 200), the code is
       ImageCommentShow(35, "That's a nice painting.", 200);

 You can use this module for your commercial or non-commercial games.
 You don't need to credit me or get permission from me.


EDIT: Replaced the download link with a working one
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Nice, good work. I am going to add this to my Dan Daring UFO game.
I especially like the  instructions included in the first post. Very thoughtfull...
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The download link don't work. :embarrassed:


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