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Happy Birthday Thread!

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I started this thread because I thought that there are many people here who want to congrat other AGS'ers on their birthdays but doesn't want to start a new thread for it every day. So please feel free to post your birthday speeches and congratulations here.

But please do not fill this thread with posts like: "happee birthday @ all those who hav birthday today!". Also there is no sense in congratulating people who you don't know at all.

Okay, that's all about it. Let the parties begin!

Paper Carnival:
Wooooo happy birthday maself! From this day forth, a new cellphone will fill my pocket.. Also, a new guitar amplifier now dwells in this very room. With this newly acquired power, I shall rock the roof down! :=

Oh yeah, and I can now legally go to horror movies without having to sneak in 8)

Happy birthday Peepwood. :)

Hey this is a pretty good idea, instead of a million "Happy barfday to meee!" threads :)

Oh, and when May 18th comes around, people had BETTER wish me a happy one ;)

Who are you, again?

I have noticed that there have been a lot of people celebrating the same day of birth together recently. And with so many members, we still have days without someone on particular days, such as Dec 25. So, I encourage you all to break away from the crowd and take days no one else has yet claimed.

You hear that,  Erwin and fovmester! Get a new day!


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