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Big G'day from AU
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I just wanted to say g'day to everyone here. I'm pushing 40 and I've been a PC geek since I was 13. I have composed music since that time both using the PC and real instruments. I have also helped in the production for a few games in the past, but I have since lost track of where they have gone. (Stupid me for not keeping a proper portfolio.  :-\ ) At the moment, I have been (re)composing music for 2 games. One is a Pipe Mania style game and the other is a retro remake of Moon Patrol. Both can be found at http://www.shinobis-place.de//Page_neu/Templates/index.html
This is me BTW... sorry if I'm breaking any rules.
Anyway... I've had AGS since around 2.0 and have been updating regularly. I'm not a whiz at scripting, but I know a few things. I've not yet completed a game, although I've started and erased over a dozen projects due to either work commitments or lack of interest. The main reason is because I keep finding other game engines and try to make a game with each one, but I keep coming back to AGS because it's simple, the functions are well organised and the games always worked on every platform I've tried them on. (Also, the engine never crashes like some so-called big commercial engines, which I won't name here.) One of these days I might actually finish one game. I do have one idea for a remake, although a far superior one has been done. I refer to Tex Murphy: Overseer, which waqs a remake of an old point-and-click adventure called Mean Streets. I have the latter PC version which works poorly on Windows XP, but runs okay without sound. It is a fairly crappy game for most people, but I enjoyed it. I wish to ATTEMPT to remake this game using AGS. The scripting was fairly simple and the graphics stunk, so I'm sure I can make it better.
I'm also happy to have joined this forum and I just wanted to give everybody a head's up and share the fact that I am quite a talker and typist. I just hope I don't bother or bore people with that. Now to the main point of the post... g'day.  :)  I don't have mIRC, Yahoo, MSN or ICQ... only Skype, because I use it for conference calls with clients. I run my own Interactive Multimedia business. Anyway... that's way more than I wanted to share in one post, because I would run out of things to say later. Nah... that can never happen...
Here are my PC specs:
AMD Athlon 1.91GHz
1024 DDR RAM 400MHz
128MB ATI Sapphire Radeon Atlantis
5.1 Sound Blaster Live!
512 DSL
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Re: Big G'day from AU
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Wow, this is the best introduction I've ever seen!  Welcome aboard!   :)
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Indeed a great first post. Hope to see your typings more (and btw, your music a little maybe ;))

You didn't break any forums rules, and you look lovely :D

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Shaque, welcome to the forums. I hope you stick around. There are alot of people who post in this thread who only get a few posts and then disappear. Hope you'll stay.


Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Thanks for the warm welcome, thanks Nikolas for that complement and thanks to Colossus for moving this to the correct area. I'm glad to see that forum moderators are on the ball here. I've been a member of too many forums that don't know how to run them. I would like to show off some of my music, but I can't even seem to get my avatar woking. Perhaps in time I will.
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Hello everyone.  ;D

I've known of AGS for ages yet haven't had the time to look at it properly. I stumbled into it first while browsing the ScummVm forums during a mad revival for my love of games that actually have a story. Now i want to delve into making games of my own.

I am a media student with a huge passion for cinematography. My major ambition is to write and direct my own films (surprise, surprise), yet I wouldn't mind being poor and generally unheard of all my life, as long as i have a camera and something to film.

I've recently taken up 3D animation and modelling in an open-source program called Blender. That's my major creative output at the moment. Even if i don't get too far with AGS, I'd happily lend my 3D modelling services once I develop a bit more direction with my skills.

I've been writing electronic music for around 7 years now on various programs. Recently i decided to quit that aspect and focus on the instrumental side. I bought quite a nice electric-upright bass, which i adore, and i'll be able to afford a violin by next week.  :D  Other instruments i'd love to learn are; baritone sax, flute, harp and cello. I don't think any of those i'll have the money for for a long time though.

If you believe in astrology, i'm a typical Gemini. If you believe in the Myers Briggs test, i'm a typical INTP.

I'm a hardline-fundamentalist agnostic yet i don't believe that "smuggle", "spoon", "moose", "gouge" or "flimsy" are real words.

Re: Big G'day from AU
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Now now, there's no need to tell us your measurements too! ;)

(Too obscure joke?? Meh.)

And welcome!

And welcome to the other people! I think I never post on this thread ever. Woo first time.


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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hi all just signed up and thought id say hi

ok here goes..... im 23 love adventure games grew up with monkey island,kings quest,sam n max etc

iv no clue how to use ags but love to play the games etc

i write music mainly so if anyone needs a hand with some music give me a shout

heres a small clip of music iv done its not finished yet but you get the general idea


cheers 8)

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Well, bonjour tout le monde!

K, enough with the french now!

Hi everyone, nice to meet all of ya, my name is Rachel, and I live in Montreal, Quebec.
I actually stumbled onto AGS a couple of years ago while hunting on the internet for some point-and-click adventures. I believe the 1st AGS game I played was 5 days a stranger by Yahtzee (still my fave to this day) and that definately made me feel like discovering more games made with AGS. I have played quite a few since then (just finished playing Emily Enough a few minutes ago, as a matter of fact, good game!)

I hesitated for a long time before posting, because after reading rules for posting, I figured that me writing in the forums might be considered as a waste a bandwidth. Yep, I'm a "sucker with low self-esteem", what can I tell you...! I stayed under that impression until I started to read some real immature threads in the forums, and realize that just like any online community, AGS also has its share of flamers, name-callers, immature brats and the like.

So why would you want to post here, you may ask?
Because AGS also seems to count within its ranks a large number af extremely creative people who are very passionate about what they do. And I like and admire that a lot. Hence my butting in.

I'll be honest guys, it's unlikely that I'll ever make a game, because:
-I'm dumb
-Patience? What's that?
-I don't have the slightest clue of even the definitions of scripting, programming and these other foreign words.
-I'm too old to learn. (Do not bother asking for my age though. I'll lie to you. It's confidential. The voices said to keep it secret otherwise i'll end up squashed by a grand piano coming from outta space). 

So what use can little me be to this community, you ask?

Well, I'm mature (on the internet anyway, not always so much in real life after a few beers), I'm funny, I'm supportive of other people's efforts and creativity, and I see a lot of that over here. I can give honest and detailed feedback other than "This game sucks".
On the practical side, I'm fluent in both french and english, I have good writing (as in grammar, ortograph) skills in both languages. I'm a theatre graduate and I have worked in radio a fair bit, so I can do voice acting, although I do have an accent.

That's pretty much it, so I hope I can be of some use to this community.

And regardless of whether or not I am, I really want to tip my hat to you guys, many of the games I played here show me with great clarity than amateur and mediocre do NOT go hand in hand. Far from that, so big big congrats from the land of eternal winter and keep up the good work!!! :)

Peace (I'm a hippie, I always say that!) ;D

Ciao for now,


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Sup, I'm new again  8)
Pretzels :B

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Hi Im Rubcant

Im makeing a FAN game Called Maniacs Mansion Terror of the Tablet

My Computer

With Water cooling

With Water cooling

Movie Water cooling and new Mother Board

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Some say i need panels! and Some say i dont Need them.   WHERES THE DRUGS I'm going CRAZY. Plus I must have been on Drugs and a Maniac if i was going to name the game Maniacs Mansion.

What was i thinking!!!!!

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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please don't tell me your radiator is IN your case. because if it is i want to slap you :P
why are your slots open? in-case airflow is much better when they're closed.
and why did you put like 1" tubes onto your cpu but your graphics card still has its tiny fan? pff :)
... it's quite easy being the best.

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Do you know any thing about computers

why are your slots open? in-case airflow is much better when they're closed.  Do you know any thing about air flow

If they where CLOSED the air wold get trapped under the Video card any way each of my fan blow 60 CFM but the back one blows 80 CFM

7 blow out  and yes 2 of them are for the rads

3 blow in

Im going to add a new cooling loop soon  for the North brige and graphics card 3/8 tubing

CPU is useing    The Danger Den - RBX Copper with 1/2 tubeing


Danger Den DD12V-D5 Pump   


Plus 2 Rads and a Res

CPU 3.4 Ghz P4  800Mhz Fsb  Temp 30F

what do you have

Some say i need panels! and Some say i dont Need them.   WHERES THE DRUGS I'm going CRAZY. Plus I must have been on Drugs and a Maniac if i was going to name the game Maniacs Mansion.

What was i thinking!!!!!


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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This isn't going to degrade into a 'mine's bigger than yours' argument is it? Don't try. Because everyone knows helm has the biggest penis on this forum.
I am Jean-Pierre.

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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"Temp 30F" - so you're cooling with peltiers and oil instead of water? water freezes at 32F.
my pc is passive cooled, currently 43°C - anyway STICK TO THE TOPIC :)
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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9 inches.

Wait. layabout did that joke already. I don't care.
Bye bye thankyou I love you.

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Three and three sixteenths.

..But some folk don't like it that wide.
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Hi my name is Jim and since I have 2 surnames i decided to take Dualnames as a nickname. Although it's not a word anyway.
I am very new to AGS but i begin to love it.
I started to use the program since  from a wide variety of programs I decided to keep only that. So from a magazine article about the Exhange student I decied to create a game. In the beginning I had many ideas. But from a great passion/ madness/ love that grows in within me for the Monkey Island series I decided to make a game about what happened to guybrush between 2 and 3.
At this time the game is 50% complete.And I am quite happy about it. But since the forum rules did not permit me to be helped by others since i was not complying with'em. My game won't have any chance of being ready before the new year.  So (not that i wanted to) it won't be in the coming awards. Not that I was making a game for that reason. Just for fun.

By the way If you think you are good at anything(art basically ) PM me or email me.
Thank You.
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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How I got here...

First, I found this article about "The Shivah"
I was struck by the quote "it is far more gripping than any of this year's so-called summer blockbusters"

A little google-action uncovered the source, David Gilbert.

The Shivah screen shots resonated with the old-school VGA days of Monkey Island II and King's Quest V adventures. Awesome. It didn't take me long to track down AGS, and the community here.

Bottom line: the adventure games, as a genre, worked, and I'm thrilled to find ongoing work. I have not had the time to actually download and play any of the games yet -- (crazy Holiday schedule) -- but I will soon.

My participation here will mostly be as an observer (as making console games fills my schedule) -- but I've had a great time reading through the forums.

I host my own website, and a streaming radio station (both in my sig). Visit if you have time.


EDIT: I forgot... I'm also REALLY into photography. Pictures are here:
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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The oficial welomce to Jim:

Already everybody knows who you are, what you do, how your wife Sarah looks like (is that her name?), that you have a sister who is really cute and also cooks and has her own TV show! ;D ;D

Your radio station last night was playing some cool stuff... ;)