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The "rules" are simple. Post a video from a site like or that you think other people should see! (Probably try to avoid things that are well-known or from those "Most Watched Clip" lists).

I'm always finding great stuff in these places but I wanna see what the rest of you have to offer ^_^

This is my contribution. I think I've posted it on these forums before but if it passed you over, you should check this out:

The song is "Bohbo No. 5" by a long time, popular Japanese band called Southern All-Stars. I adore this song, and the filmclip rocks.

It's not like I'm the boss of the internet, but lets make this thread about links to places like the previously mentioned sites with instantly playing clips, not things you have to download or things that require bizarre plugins ^_^

Mr Jake:

The beginning is slow, but bear with it.


hehe check out the mtv 2003 matrix spoof! LOL

Well thats quite an interesting song guess that was an instant hit ;)

Here are my two videos on google:

Mozarts "40th Symphony" followed by Rimsky-Korsakovs "Flight of the Bumblebee":

Click the image to watch the video...

Liquid Tension Experiments "Biaxident" followed by a little shred-session:

Click the image to watch the video...

Make sure to read the additional notes I wrote on the page.
The sound is better on the first.


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