Author Topic: new german language game - release tonite: "DIE FLUCHT VON CHEU-VA ISLAND"  (Read 2718 times)


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Read the forum rules, please. You've missed the .jpg extensions off all your images, you've given far too little info about the game and you should NOT post until the game is actually released!

Despite that, the screenshots look pretty good. I would give it a try if it were in English.
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I like screenies, they are pretty good.. And also, though my only experience of german is from cartoons(means i suck at it), i am going to try it..

...Where is the game?
PS!sorry for my english.

Yeah, wo ist das Spiel?

This looks like spam, as the website has nothing to do with games and the download "section" only contains two videos unrelated to gaming (from their descriptions, at least).


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Aye, the moderators are being pretty slack about this one...

There is no game, and it's days after this was posted.