Author Topic: Got my bike license back!  (Read 2533 times)


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Got my bike license back!
« on: 11 Jun 2010, 12:33 »
I've passed my test for the motorcycle so, as soon as I've got that paperwork in, and I've had a new license made (and I've got a new battery in my bike - and I've had it's frame checked for straightness, and maybe fixed), I can go riding again.

Oh, and I never told you about my dad's stroke, did I? A few months back, he had it, and was in a pretty bad state for a while, but he's pretty much back to his old self again (warts and all - I wouldn't have minded if those - figurative - warts would have stayed away, in fact I'd've preffered it) so now - since the change in his health-state -he's had to take a test to show he's able to drive a car again (otherwise he'd be uninsured).
The weird thing about yesterday (when I had the test) was, that my dad has had the same test except for his car-license. He had a test by the same examiner, one hour before I had mine, so we ran into him when he was just leaving, and I arrived for my test. I was glad to hear that he'd passed, since if he'd have ######ed up, the examiner might be in a bad mood and since we obviously have the same familyname, that would make my test start of under a bad moon. And I definitely made some mistakes even right at the start - not grave ones, but still stupid ones that could've cost me but luckily I'd shown enough good to compensate. The test lasted half an hour which included waiting for a funeral procession - it would be in bad taste to call that lucky, wouldn't it?

So, now all I've got to do in the meantim si get a new battery for this bike and have it's frame check for structural soundness, and with any luck I might ride my bike to Italy this year (I'm looking forward to that), not only mitten up with the crew again - if only for a few days. And basically, I feel a little more whole again, more like the full self I used to be, now there's one more restriction lifted.

I'm happy! ;D

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Re: Got my bike license back!
« Reply #1 on: 13 Jun 2010, 17:08 »
I believe this should have been posted under "General Discussion."