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Frantic Franko Demo walkthrough
« on: 28 Jun 2009, 16:19 »
I'm posting a complete walkthrough for the game. You can also ask me for hints. I would certainly like players to figure the game on their own, or as much as possible, so don't give up easily.

Getting Started

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- try a random action with the verbcoin on a random hotspot except on Franko and his axe
- click on Franko
- click on Franko again, you'll get the tying & untying skill
- in the inventory open the bag with  the tying & untying skill
- smell the Smell-Me-First Manual for instructions how to use the bag's items
- use the flag on the flying man to get a conversation started

The Puddle Quest && The Cactus

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- choose moustache as the method of talking to the old man
- talk with him about everything until he flies away
- (bonus)combine flag and polish and use this in the fire to create a torch
- go right to a new location
- inspect the puddle, try using items on it, for example the torch if you have it
- start a conversation with the old man using one of the items from the bag
- the wind has blown something into Franko's nose - you'll have to get it out, or he'll be complaining
- click on Franko, he'll produce a bone
- click on the bone to take it
- (bonus) use the stamp on the bone to create a new way to talk with characters - The Bone Death Paean
- carve the bone with the axe
- choose the nose icon over the sharpened bone, you'll get a seed covered in snot
- go back to the location with the fire
- put the seed in the mutilated ground
- go up and high up you'll find a hotspot for the foliage
- throw axe at the foliage
- a peyote cactus will grow from the seed, cut it with the axe
- go to the puddle location
- try to bite the cactus
- in the new location smell the only hotspot available
- talk to the moon-thing by.... choosing the mouth icon over it
- to get back to the real world, tell the moon something about his face

Getting the Baloons Method 1

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- use the jar on the old man
- talk until he puts up a darth shooting contest
- you can take a break from the contest any time by again using the jar on the man
- try throwing a darth at the head
- try talking to the head using the bag of junk items
- put a darth in the mouth
- spit a darth at the head
- use stamp on the head
- spit a darth at the head
- try using the axe on the line
- use the pig on the man (or choose it during conversation)
- spit the last darth at the head - you won't win, but you'll get the baloons anyway

Getting the Baloons Method 2

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- in the campsite location click on Franko until he starts jumping
- if the darth contest is on, use the jar on  the man and tell him you need a break
- when the baloon man is close to the fire, throw some polish in the fire
- quickly click on Franko to jump and retrieve the baloons

Flying up to the Moon

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- go to the puddle location and use baloons on Franko
- use the flying skill on the moon - but Franko is afraid to without some kind of safety device
- click on baloons and go to the other location
- stoke the rubber chicken with the sharpened bone
- put the chicken in the fire, you'll get some goo in effect
- the goo needs molding and there are two methods to do that
- (method1) use the jar on the goo
- (method 2) cut the sharpened bone with the axe and then use the goo on it
- go to the puddle location
- use the gooey cord on the tree, then on Franko, then attach the baloons to Franko again
- fly up to the moon
- too bad that Franko can't reach the moon, or can he?
- take a bite of the peyote cactus
- enjoy the end cutscene and a teaser of things to come
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Re: Frantic Franko Demo walkthrough
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Could you please move that old man? It was next to impossible to reach the cactus hotspot

Igor Hardy

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Re: Frantic Franko Demo walkthrough
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If you start moving Franko on the old man - sort of pushing on him - Franko will tell him to get out of the way. But you're right he sometimes gets in the way anyway.


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Most of the time the man does follow you. If you start the darths contest and then tell the man you need a break, he'll be following you for sure and you can easily get him out of the way to the hotspot
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