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Lush Beneath A Shadowed Sun - A cyberpunk/post apocalyptic thriller - Chapter One


A young man known only as silhouette, is driving along a burnt forest road. He sees a blond girl in a white night gown walk across the road. He swerves, crashes, then blackout. He wakes up starring into a white light, and then reptilian doctors are starring into his face.

The doctors try to draw a black line on his forehead, but his eyes snap open. Beyond the white void, the blond girl is holding her bloody hands in her face, and she's crying. He tries to get close, but she disappears. He climbs walks for a mile out of the crator, and then clings to the edge. He sees a burnt forest, and a storm erupts. The rain burns through his shirt. He must find a cave as soon as possible.

Positions Available:

Dialogue - I need a dialogue assistant, as I need to know realistic speech patterns, and what people like that relate to.
Sprites - I need some help, unless shading isn't needed.
Scripting Assistant - (The programming aspect, the actual story is complete.) I need help putting key aspects, like rain that burns your skin, heat as high as 150 by day, and cold as cold as -50 by night.
Translator - (I'll need a translator into German, at least until I learn German myself.)
Plugin Assistant - I need help setting plugins.
Deadline assistant

This is a multi issue project, so I might have to set 12 separate deadlines. The first game I want done by late fall. (Assuming that the world electric grid doesn't go down before then.)

The story itself is actually more detailed, but if I put it here it woudl stretch from here to the end of the earth. For comment, pm me.^^

Screenshots: (Out Of Date, But Only Graphically)

When Silhouette wakes up from his car crash.

Another screenshot.

Concept Art:

An Old Book Cover

One of the parasitic humanoids

Parasitic Humanoid as a sprite.

Uh, I hope this fullfills the requirements.O_o
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Re: Lush Beneath A Shadowed Sun - Recruitment Thread
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Interesting idea and I am a big post apocalyptic fan but its using rpgmaker, not ags engine right?


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Re: Lush Beneath A Shadowed Sun - Recruitment Thread
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For a while it was, but I've really became disenchanted with the engine, and will most likely move over to Adventure Game Studio. Just certain things. Adventure Game Studio has been pretty consistent over the years.

Edit: Alright background job removed, since I assume its taken.^_-
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