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(PAID) Plugin Request: Dynamic Audio
« on: 22 Jun 2019, 16:28 »
For my current AGS project, I've been trying to figure out the best way to pull off a certain feature: audio with reverb effects/flangers/etc. Specifically, I want to be able to set a parameter that causes all Speech audio and specified audio channels to have a certain percentage of reverb applied in real-time. I've realized that this is a very difficult task to be able to pull off using the AGS engine, and it's worth noting that my knowledge of programming plugins is very limited.

I am willing to pay for this plugin to be released for everyone to use. Reply to this post or PM me to talk about if you're interested in trying this and what price you think would be acceptable.

As a non-programmer, I have a couple of ideas of my own of a plugin could work if it's not possible to generate real-time reverb, one of which being: A program that mass-applies reverb effects to audio files and puts them in separate folders, all of which are for separate reverb effects. These would be compiled into separate VOX files, and the program would call a different VOX depending on what type of room you're in.

Would this be possible to code as a plugin, and who's got the chops to try it? Also, what do you all think is a reasonable price to offer for this task?
Thanks in advance.


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Re: (PAID) Plugin Request: Dynamic Audio
« Reply #1 on: 26 Jun 2019, 15:14 »
A busy man said:

 This is quite complicated and I've not got enough free time to implement what I would suggest.
- Engine doesn't do any sort of realtime effects
- You can't really edit audio sources in the editor because the files in use here are cached copies that may potentially be overwritten if the actual source file re-appered with a newer time stamp
- I would suggest processing the files offline to add the effects - you can just do this with ffmpeg in a loop in a batch file, you don't need any special plugins or software (other than ffmpeg and some impulse to samples to generate the reverb from)