Author Topic: Error: Unable to load 'roomN.crm' [SOLVED]  (Read 977 times)

Error: Unable to load 'roomN.crm' [SOLVED]
« on: 14 Sep 2010, 13:29 »
Quote from: Adventure Game Studio
An error has occurred. Please contact the game author for support, as this is likely to be a scripting error and not a bug in AGS.
(ACI version 3.12.1074)

Error: Unable to load 'room2.crm'. This room file is assigned to a different game.

I didn't do anything, I swear, it was like that when I found it.
Anything above room1 will produce this error. I re-installed AGS and deleted all the testing game files I made, still nothing.
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Re: Error: Unable to load 'roomN.crm'.
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I've had this error a little while back and it was driving me crazy. It turned out that you get this error when you have not imported a background image in a room. Well, try importing one if you haven't done so. Otherwise, see if the room files are used by a different process (try moving them).
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Re: Error: Unable to load 'roomN.crm'.
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My god, you are a genius. Have my babies.


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Re: Error: Unable to load 'roomN.crm'.
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Alternately, import a black background with colour depth and size matching your game's settings into a room. Save it and rename it to _blank.crm . When you make a new room for your game this file would be used as a template.