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Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
« on: 17 Sep 2010, 14:06 »
This is the total list of AGS games I know of that has been released.
Total count: 1495 games.

Included: demo's, compo games [MAGS & OROW] AND regular games.
Excluded: hourgames.

Still have to check all the RON games though...

Hugh thanx to Leon for his info.
Thanx for other members for helping out finding games that are not in the gamedatabase [thanx GG]

This list contains 307 AGS games that are not in the gamedatabase. 14 of them are demo's.

At the end the idea is that all these games will permanently be hosted on Peders agsarchives.com for download.

If anyone know of a game or demo that's not in this list: please let me know!!

The big screenshot image can still be found here.

I've posted the list in txt table format now in post nr. 9, 10 & 11 because it doesn't fit in one post:
Total list of AGS games ever released [1495] - PART 1
Total list of AGS games ever released [1495] - PART 2
Total list of AGS games ever released [1495] - PART 3
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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Nearly 27,000 pixels tall. Impressive. OOH! I see my game!

* TerranRich continues working on it
Status: Trying to come up with some ideas...

Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Can't you just have the list as a link to a text file somewhere? That image is insane.
Stuart "Sslaxx" Moore.


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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Now finally I am part of the BIG PICTURE!  :=

Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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That is one impressive list!  8)


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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Wow! I'm gonna play all of these!
I'll see you in about 50 years...


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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Can we get the authors with most releases? I pressume FSi and SSH are high, and m0ds too.
No more military army stuff. I'm alive and back.


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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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@Dualnames: working on the authors field.


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    • arj0n worked on one or more games that won an AGS Award!
    • arj0n worked on one or more games that was nominated for an AGS Award!
Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Regular[RotN] Gatitos: The Paws of Fate
MAGS 2004-071 Day a mosquito
Regular1213 Episode 1
Regular1213 Episode 2
Regular1213 Episode 3
Regular1st Drop
Regular24 Hour Game, The
OROW 3-200624 Hours
Regular4 of Clubs
Regular5 Days a Stranger
Regular5- O'clock Lock
Regular6 Day Assassin
Regular6 Days a Sacrifice
Regular7 Days a Skeptic
MAGS 2005-037th Sense, The
Regular9 minutes! Your late!
Regular8 bit
RegularAAaaah!! La porte noire
RegularAaron's Epic Journey
RegularAazor: The Life of a Demon - Part I: The Beginning
MAGS 2004-10Abducted: 10 Minutes!!!
RegularAccess - Demo 2
RegularAccess (Demo)
RegularAce Duswell: Where's the Ace?
RegularAce Quest
RegularAce Quest 2
RegularAciDDD Updated
RegularAdventure Game Demo
Regular'Adventure Game' demo
MAGS 2001-07Adventure Noir (starring Humphrey Bogart as The Guy At The Bar)
RegularAdventure Quest
RegularAdventure Quest 2 - Winterlong
RegularAdventure: The Inside Job
RegularAdventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment
RegularAdventures of Fatman, The
RegularAdventures of Josh and Dyan, The
RegularAdventures of PQT
RegularAdventures of Princess Marian II: Mother's Day, The
RegularAdventures of Princess Marian, The
RegularAdventures Of Turquoise Mcdonald, The
MAGS 2009-11Aeronuts
RegularAfro Jones- In Color
RegularAfter a Shadow
RegularAgency: Part one The Conspiracy, The
RegularAgent Bee
RegularAgitprop: The Game
RegularAGS 180 Darts
RegularAGS Awards Cermony 2008
RegularAGS Background Editor v1.4
RegularAGS Black Jack
RegularAGS Chess!
MAGS 2010-04AGS Footballer Tech Demo 3
RegularAGS JukeBox
RegularAGS Mittens Shooter
RegularAGS Tech Support
RegularAGS Yahtzee
RegularAhmet's AGS Fight Game 2009 - Source Code
RegularAhmet's AGS Fight Game Remix
MAGS 2010-05Aidas Strange Christmas
MAGS 2004-04Airbreak
RegularAl Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine [Commercial Demo]
RegularAl Gurbish in... Nick it & Run!!! (English & Spanish available)
RegularAl Lowe Game
RegularAl Lowe's Secret Island
MAGS 2007-12Alan Saves Christmas
RegularAlba the Explorer: Princess Marian part V
RegularAlien : Puzzle Invasion
RegularAlien and the Hick, The
MAGS 2007-04Alien Attack
MAGS 2007-07Alien Carniage
RegularAlien Rape Escape
RegularAlien Threat
RegularAlien Time Zone
RegularAliens Inc. (demo)
MAGS 2005-08Aliens Work is Never Done, An
RegularAll Hallows' Eve
RegularAll the magical things
RegularAlles Euro / Everything Euro
OROW 2-2005Alone in the Night
RegularAlpha - X TECH DEMO
MAGS 2009-11Alpha Dog
RegularAlpha X - Project: SMASH
MAGS 2010-04ALPHABETA v0.1.4
RegularAL-QUEST 1
RegularAmazing Adventures of Lucy Lavender
RegularAmazing Doctor Maze, The
RegularAmoto's Puf
RegularAMTAG: another medieval themed adventure game
OROW 2-2005Anna
RegularAnnie Android: Automated Affection
OROW 2-2005Another
RegularAnother Way Out
RegularAnthony's Essay
RegularAnticipating Murder
MAGS 2007-11Anti-heroes
RegularAnton Ulvfot's Superdisk
MAGS 2003-10Apocolypse : VEL
RegularAppointment with Death
RegularApprentice 1 Deluxe
RegularApprentice II: The Knight's Move
MAGS 2009-09Ardent Fever
RegularAre we there yet?
RegularAre We There Yet? 2
MAGS 2004-02Armageddon Margaret
RegularArt of Theft, The
RegularArtifact - Demo, The
RegularAS Racing Manager
RegularAsap Adventure [stripped]
OROW 4-2006ASL
MAGS 2004-09Asporia: Hidden Threat
RegularAsterix and the Roman Underground
RegularAstonishing Captain Skull, The
MAGS 2003-10Astranded (Astro-Stranded)
RegularAswin's Dream
RegularAsylum: Darkness is Forever [Non-playable Demo]
OROW 1-2005Automation
RegularAwakening - Part 1: Escape
RegularAwakening of the Sphinx  DEMO
MAGS 2008-09Awesmoe Quest
RegularAwesome Quest 1
RegularBack Door Man
RegularBackground Blitz Collection Screensaver
MAGS 2005-06Bad Bunker
OROW 3-2006Bad Luck
OROW 2-2005Baghdad
OROW 2-2005Balloonface
OROW 5-2008Baltazar the Familiar
RegularBanana Man - the Video Game [Commercial Demo]
RegularBang Bang You're Dead
OROW 1-2005Bar, The
RegularBarn Dilemma
RegularBarn Runner 1: The Armageddon Eclair
RegularBarn Runner 3: Don't Jerk The Trigger of Love
RegularBarn Runner 4: The Prick Who Came In From the Cold
RegularBarn Runner 5: The Forever Friday 1
RegularBarn Runner 5: The Forever Friday 2
RegularBarn Runner Xmas 2: Wreck The Halls
MAGS 2003-06Barry Snotter and the Meaning of Life
RegularBart's Quest For TV
RegularBasement, the
RegularBattle Warriors : Rovendale Tactics (ALFA VERSION)
RegularBattle Warriors DEMO 3.0
RegularBear Story v1.3
OROW 5-2008Beauties And Beasts
RegularBeer Quest
MAGS 2008-01Below Zero
RegularBelusebius Arrival
RegularBen Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 1 Deluxe
RegularBen Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 2 Deluxe
RegularBen Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 1 - In Search of the Skunk-Ape
RegularBen Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 2 - The Lost Galleon of the Salton Sea
RegularBen Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 3 - The Sorceress of Smailholm
RegularBen Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 4 - Horror at Number 50
RegularBen Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 5 - Land of the Rising Dead
RegularBen Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 6 - Scourge of the Sea People
RegularBen Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 7 - The Cardinal Sins
RegularBen Jordan: Paranormal Warrior Within Case 1 - Wrath of the Skunk Ape
RegularBen There, Dan That!
RegularBernard's Room
MAGS 2002-06Bert - The Newsreader
RegularBESIEGED: Or How to Get Out of A Castle.... Without Being Catapulted
RegularBestowers of Eternity - part one
MAGS 2003-03Better Mouse Trap, A
RegularBeyond Reality
RegularBeyond Terror
RegularBeyond the door
RegularBeyond the horizon ALPHA
MAGS 2008-12Bic's Christmas Tale
RegularBig Bad Wolf and The Three Little Pigs, The
RegularBiggles On Mars
RegularBilly and Desmond's Fantastic Amazing Rainbow Tube
MAGS 2006-05Billy B. Star and the Lapaset Travel Quest
RegularBilly Bob's Wild Night
MAGS 2009-07Billy Boy's Important Wine Lottery
MAGS 2004-04Biwa of Blood
RegularBlack Cauldron Remake
RegularBlack Lump Of Coal
RegularBlack Sky, The
OROW 3-2006Blackmail in Brooklyn
RegularBlackwell Legacy, The [Commercial Demo]
RegularBlackwell Unbound [Demo]
RegularBlades of Passion: An Oceanspirit Dennis Adventure
RegularBlock PAD
RegularBlockz [Demo] - A Slider Puzzle Game
RegularBlue Moon Demo 1.1
RegularBluecup on the Run
RegularBlueGui v2.5  (updated 10-27-02)
RegularBoard Quest
RegularBob escapes
RegularBob Goes Home
RegularBob Goes Home Deluxe
MAGS 2005-04Bob Smith and the Unsolved Case of Mystery
RegularBob's Quest
RegularBob's Quest II
RegularBog's Adventure in Easy3D
MAGS 2006-02Bog's Adventures in the Underworld
OROW 6-2010Boiler Room Blues
RegularBook of Destiny (DEMO)
RegularBook of Spells 2, the
RegularBook of Spells 3, the
RegularBook of Spells 4, the
RegularBook of Spells, The
MAGS 2008-03Book Unfinished, The
RegularBovine By-product
RegularBowser Quirk Quest
RegularBoxfight for AGS
RegularBoyd's Music Mixer
RegularBrad Bradson I: Key Quest
MAGS 2009-04Breakdown
RegularBroken Brain, The
RegularBubsy The Bobcat In "Rip Van Bubsy" Starring Bubsy
MAGS 2003-08Buccaneer
RegularBullet Train
MAGS 2005-08Buna Wants Beer
MAGS 2005-06Bunker, The
RegularBunny Quest
RegularButcher Stanys
RegularButcher Stanys II: Stanys meets Marylin Manson
RegularButtercup's Gone Missing
OROW 6-2010By the Numbers
RegularBy the Sword: Conspiracy - PLAYABLE DEMO
RegularByzantine [Demo]
RegularC.U.T.E. The Marvellous Adventures of Princess Marian part VII
MAGS 2007-04Cabbage of the Closest Kind aka Cabbage Quest - Quest for Knowledge
RegularCacho Quest
RegularCake & Smurphy Puzzle Battle!
RegularCaleb's Drunken Adventure
RegularCalsoon 2
RegularCaptain Disaster
RegularCaptain Muchly Drinks Bleach
RegularCarver Island 2: Mrs. Rodriguez's Revenge
MAGS 2003-06Casablanca,The Day After
RegularCase (Demo), The [With Speech Add-On]
RegularCastle of Fire
OROW 1-2005Caverns
RegularCayanne Pepper
MAGS 2005-12Cedric and the Revolution
RegularCell, the
MAGS 2009-08Celtic Chaos - episode one : cold mead
RegularCeltic Chaos - episode two : fishermen's fiends
RegularCHA Brett
RegularCHA Cassandra
MAGS 2005-09Chalk's Quest
RegularCharlie Foxtrot & The Galaxy of Tomorrow
RegularChasing Robot
OROW 5-2008Chatroom
OROW 5-2008Cheerful Science
RegularChez Apa
RegularChick Chaser
RegularChicken Fraction
RegularChicken VS. Road
RegularChinese Checkers
MAGS 2006-12Christmas 42
RegularChristmas Blunder, A
RegularChristmas Quest
RegularChristmas Quest 2: the Yuletide Flows in
RegularChristmas Quest 3: Santa's Little Help Desk
MAGS 2001-12Christmas Tale, A DEMO
MAGS 2008-12Christmas Wish, A
RegularChronicles of Captain Cringe
MAGS 2004-06Chronicles of Max and Maggie, The
RegularChronicles of the Shoe: Part 1 DEMO (V1.3), The
MAGS 2009-10Chronomancers, The
RegularChucksy in the Great (Demo)
RegularCirque De Zale
MAGS 2003-02Claire
RegularClass Notes
RegularClip goes to town
MAGS 2006-08Clown At The Circus
RegularCoell Decka Flight Demo
RegularCoin Rush 2
RegularCold Meat
RegularColin Simpson Leaves Employment
MAGS 2009-08Colorless Sylph, The
RegularComrade Citizen Part 1
MAGS 2004-07Confessions Of A Cat Burglar
RegularConspiracy of Songo
MAGS 2004-09Constance the Barbarian
RegularCOP the Game
RegularCosmoKid (DEMO)
RegularCosmoKid 0.9
RegularCosmos Quest I: To Find a Sun
RegularCosmos Quest II: To Find a Sun
RegularCosmos Quest III: The Mines of Isagor
RegularCosmos Quest III: The Mines of Isagor (DEMO)
MAGS 2004-07Cougar's Quest for Freedom
RegularCount Spatula, Volume 1 :: The Seafood Years
MAGS 2004-05Coup de Cup
RegularCoyote Episode I: The Mexican
RegularCrackwell Legacy, The
RegularCraft Of Evil
RegularCrap Quest
MAGS 2008-07Crash! Evade! Destroy!
MAGS 2005-09Crave
RegularCrazy Mansion / Maniac Mansion 3
RegularCrime Time
OROW 1-2005Criminalist
RegularCrown Of Gold, The
MAGS 2004-03Crypt
MAGS 2005-03Crystal Quest
RegularCSI Hunt 1
RegularCup of Coffee is Worth a Thousand Bathroom Breaks, a
RegularCure for the Common Cold, A
RegularCurse of Life, The
MAGS 2008-03Curse of the Vampire
RegularD.Jones: Deceased
RegularDa New Guys
RegularDa New Guys: Day of the Jackass
RegularDada Christmas Special: Stagnation in Red & White
RegularDada: Stagnation In Blue
RegularDaemons in the Attic [Demo]
RegularDale's Film Quest
RegularDan Finds His Beard
RegularDance 'Til You Drop! (Enhanced version)
OROW 2-2005Dance 'Til You Drop! (Original version)
RegularDangerous Lands
RegularDanny Dread is On Call
RegularDante's Day
RegularDante's Divine Comedy (a.k.a. Dante's Inferno) [Commercial Demo]
RegularDark Cave: Adventure of Princess Marian IV, The
RegularDark of Night
RegularDark Room
RegularDark Sects
RegularDark Trial, The
RegularDave Generic
RegularDavid Letterman - the Video Game
RegularDay In The Future, A
RegularDay John Saved Christmas, the
RegularDay of Darkness
RegularDay of School
MAGS 2007-04Day Of The Fish
RegularDay Of The Testicle
RegularDay with Michael, A
MAGS 2010-04Dead Hand V1.0 & v1.1
MAGS 2009-04Dead In Space
MAGS 2008-02Dead of Winter
MAGS 2010-04Dead Pixels
RegularDead Room
RegularDead Silence
MAGS 2004-03Dead Star (Vol. 0.9)
RegularDeat(h)'s Quest
RegularDeath - Episode One
RegularDeath and Transfiguration
MAGS 2006-03Death of an Angel
RegularDeath of Luke Simpson, The
RegularDeath Wore Endless Feathers (0 Day Disk 1)
RegularDeath's Door
RegularDecember MAGS - Planet Xmas
MAGS 2009-09Deed, The
RegularDeepbright Demo
RegularDeflus Technical Demo
OROW 6-2010Delerium
RegularDemon Day
MAGS 2002-06Demonslayer 1 - Bert The Super Demon Slayer Guy
MAGS 2002-08Demonslayer 2 - Demon Slayer vs The Vegetable Vampires
MAGS 2002-09Demonslayer 3 - Hotel and Alley
MAGS 2004-02Demonslayer 5
RegularDemonslayer Four
RegularDer verschwundene Husky
RegularDesktop Adventures: The 11 Minute Game
RegularDevil's Shroud Part 2
RegularDevil's Shroud Part 3
RegularDevil's Shroud Part 4
RegularDevil's Shroud part I, The
RegularDevil's Shroud, The
RegularDG: the search of the batteries
RegularDiamonds in the Rough [Commercial Demo]
RegularDick LaRenzo: Secret Agent!
MAGS 2002-09Digital Spell, The
OROW 6-2010Disquiet
RegularDnepre the Suicide Commando
RegularDnepre the Suicide Commando 2
RegularDoc.Death in Rock Burgers & Tree Houses
MAGS 2005-08Dog Escape
MAGS 2001-07Dog Kennel, The (starring Monty Python as themselves)
RegularDomain, the
RegularDomestic Conspiracy Demo
MAGS 2006-09Don Spillacy's Conspiracy Quest
RegularDon the Dweeb in the Dance Dilemma
MAGS 2003-06Donnie Darko: The adventure game
OROW 6-2010Don't Worry Baby
RegularDooM - a Very Graphic Adventure
RegularDoVaDuLa'S BuRn
RegularDownfall [Commercial Demo]
RegularDr. Lutz and the Time Travel Machine
RegularDr. Moby: Meal Adventure
MAGS 2008-06Dr. Zoo
RegularDraft Drifter Who Dashed Doctor Dunno, The
RegularDragon Slayers
MAGS 2004-09Dragon Tales
MAGS 2003-09Dragonscale
RegularDread Mac Farlane
RegularDread Mac Farlane 2
RegularDream within A Dream, the
RegularDreams of Armageddon
RegularDrunk Fred in the Cell
OROW 1-2005Duke Stanley: National Hero IN The 30 Minute War
RegularDumbass Drivers! DEMO
RegularDusk Hunters
RegularDust to Water (DEMO)
RegularDuty and Beyond
RegularDuzz Quest: An Egotistic Adventure
RegularDwarven Dagger Of Blitz, The
RegularEarl Bobby is looking for his Balls
RegularEarl Bobby is looking for his Shoes
RegularEarl Mansin: The Breakout
RegularEarwig is ANGRY!
RegularEaster Bunny's Splendiferous Adventure, The
RegularEBI - Elimination by Improvisation (fixed version)
RegularEl Ammo & the Flying Dutchman's Mine
RegularEl Burro
OROW 6-2010Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee
RegularElegant Murder Mystery, the
OROW 1-2005Elevator, The
MAGS 2005-12Elf Motors Inc.
RegularElfer 1.0
MAGS 2005-12ELFO:Rescue Craby
MAGS 2006-07Emerald Eyes
RegularEmily Enough: Imprisoned
RegularEmma Roide
RegularEmpty Mind - Blank Fate
MAGS 2007-03Encounters of the Closest Kind
MAGS 2009-10Energizer, The
RegularEnter The Story {Demo]
RegularEnviro kids 2
RegularEpic adventures of Barry
RegularEpisode 1:The hunt for Shaun Binda
RegularEpisode 2: Redpants meets Robinson Clauseau
RegularEquilibrium - Out of Time
RegularEric the Anteater
MAGS 2008-10Erk: Aventures in Stone Age Real Estate
MAGS 2002-06Ernie's Big Adventure
MAGS 2002-07Ernie's Big Adventure II
RegularEscape From a Small Room 1: The walls are closing in
RegularEscape From Evergreen Forest
MAGS 2003-10Escape From Lurrilous
RegularEscape From The Chaotic City
RegularEscape from the garage
RegularEscape from the Salem Moons
MAGS 2004-02Escape From The Zombie City
RegularEscape the ship
RegularEscape to Civilization
RegularESPER: The Town on the Edge of Darkness
MAGS 2010-04Eternally Us
RegularEver-beginning tale, the
RegularEverlight Forest Demo v1.1
RegularEverlot [Demo]
MAGS 2008-06Evil
RegularEvil Bert
MAGS 2004-03Evil Enterprises
MAGS 2009-10Ex Machina v1.2
MAGS 2002-08Exile
RegularExile source
Regularexperiment - Part 1: The laboratory, The
RegularEyes of the Jade Sphinx - A Maxwell Griff Mystery
MAGS 2001-07Fad of Devil's Hash (starring David Hasselhof as The Devil)
RegularFading Shades
MAGS 2003-06Faketrix, The
MAGS 2006-03Fallen Angel
MAGS 2006-01Family Treasure, The
Regularfarm episode one, The
RegularFasmo 2
RegularFBI Quest
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  • art consists in drawing a line somewhere
    • arj0n worked on one or more games that won an AGS Award!
    • arj0n worked on one or more games that was nominated for an AGS Award!
Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
« Reply #9 on: 18 Sep 2010, 12:14 »

RegularFeuersturm - Chapter 2: The Scary Train
RegularFeuersturm - Chapter 3: Where Forest Begins...
RegularFIFA International Football 2004
Regularfinal fantasy.xiii demo
OROW 2-2005Find, The
RegularFirewall Demo
RegularFlame Barrel
Regularflower girl
RegularFloyd SB the Company Man
RegularFlux World
RegularForce majeure II: The Zone
ReguarForgetten Death [Demo] (Turkish Version)
RegularFortress of Wonders
RegularFractal Creator
RegularFrank Stallone - The Driver and Mob Enforcer
RegularFrank the Farmhand Part 1
RegularFrank the Farmhand Part 2
RegularFrantic Franko (DEMO)
RegularFriend Indeed : The Adventures of JP & Cosmo, A
RegularFrog Island
MAGS 2007-07Fsi's Ache Quest
MAGS 2007-02Fsi's CoMATtCEHoSVD
RegularFSi's Million Dollars Quest!
RegularFSi's PowerCow From Uranus!
RegularFSi's SymDefecation
RegularFSi's Vacuum Cleaner Gone Mad!
RegularFulkramick's Dreamting Interactive
RegularFun With Numbers
RegularFynewrylst Memories: The Secret of the Golden River
MAGS 2007-08G. P.'s Lost Adventure
OROW 1-2005Gaby King
RegularGaea Fallen
RegularGalaxy Quest: The Arkainian Artifact
Regulargame that will be deleted
RegularGames Galore! DEMO
RegularGarfield: Attack of the mutant lasagna
RegularGasse Suit Tollis - 3 - Looking For Love
RegularGay Greg Is Grounded
MAGS 2003-09Genbu's Favour
MAGS 2007-03Geometric Shapes 1 - Circleboy
RegularGerald Ratcliff I
RegularGesundheit! Demo Version
RegularGet away from PLUTO
MAGS 2007-10Get Me Go Away!
RegularG-G-Ghost!, A
RegularGhost Voyage
RegularGil: The Trillion Dollar Journey DEMO
OROW 2-2005Gladiator Quest
RegularGlitch Quest
RegularGlorious Realm of Thendor, The
RegularGood Morning, Mister Gingerbread
MAGS 2002-12Good Santa, Bad Santa
MAGS 2005-08Goontang Chackalaka
RegularGoose Quest 1 DEMO
RegularGorthor of the Cave People
RegularGrandfather's Treasure
RegularGranny Zombiekiller Demo
MAGS 2002-07Granny Zombiekiller in Mittens Murder Mystery
RegularGranville Cronicles, The
RegularGreat Casserole Caper, The
RegularGreat Stroke Off!, The
RegularGrr! Bearly Sane
OROW 4-2006Gunshot in Room 37, A
RegularGunther Abstrauer
RegularGuy Slug: Private Eye
RegularGuyver Quest I: Sho Adventures
RegularGuyver Quest II: Cronos
RegularHalloween 2.0
MAGS 2006-10Halloween Horror
OROW 4-2006Hallway of Adventures
RegularHamlet, The
RegularHampster Game
RegularHansen Halloween
RegularHappy Birthday, Zemp
MAGS 2007-06Happy Duckie Adventure
MAGS 2010-04Hard Space: Conquest of the Gayliks!
RegularHarry's 21st Birthday
RegularHarrys Strange Day
RegularHaunted House, The
MAGS 2010-05Head Over Heels
OROW 3-2006Heart of Abraxas
OROW 4-2006Heartland
RegularHeartland Deluxe
OROW 4-2006Heist, The
MAGS 2005-03Hello Taxi
RegularHell's Satans
MAGS 2007-08HELP! the game
RegularHenk Stroem in Lost In Cellar
RegularHenkka Mini Quest
RegularHero 6 - Greenleef Pool Demo v1.2
RegularHero 6 - Waterfall Demo v2.0
RegularHero of Infamous Kingdoms
RegularHe's Gone Historical (Calacver)
RegularHidden Treasure: Ryan's Fortune
MAGS 2001-06Highly Hip Hendrix
RegularHistorical League of Bouncy Boxing, The
RegularHit the Freak
RegularHitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Remake
OROW 2-2005Hiyah
RegularHolocaust Museum, The
RegularHonk's Adventure
RegularHop Garden, the
RegularHorror Hospital Incomplete Demo
RegularHorse Park
RegularHotel Hansen 2.0
RegularHotel Hell
MAGS 2005-02Hotel Hijinks
RegularHouse of Horror *demo*
RegularHouse Quest
MAGS 2009-03House Quest II
MAGS 2006-10House That Ate My Soul, The
OROW 5-2008How Many...
RegularHow They Found Silence
RegularHugo's House of Horrors Remake
RegularHungry Worm
MAGS 2009-11hunt for Goldbeard, The
RegularHunt For Shaun Binda Deluxe Edition, The
RegularHuong Jiao Ping
RegularHuxz Adventure Demo Demo
MAGS 2008-03Hypnotoad
RegularI Need A Wee!
OROW 2-2005I Think
OROW 2-2005I Think We Are Lost
MAGS 2001-07I Want Candy (starring John Tesh as The Giant Pinata)
RegularIG: Space Adventurer
RegularIII Spy
OROW 3-2006Illusions 1
MAGS 2008-05I'm not crazy, right? - The Cell
MAGS 2008-06I'm not crazy, right? - The Well
OROW 2-2005In Limbo
RegularIndiana Jones - Coming of Age
RegularIndiana Jones & The Fountain Of Youth ROLLING demo
RegularIndiana Jones and the Crown of Solomon demo 2.1
RegularIndiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth DEMO
MAGS 2001-07Indiana Jones and The Lost Chamber (starring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones)
RegularIndiana Jones and the Secret Chamber of Schloss Brunwald
RegularIndiana Jones and the Temple of Spheres
RegularIndy and the Crystal Cursors DEMO v1.2
RegularIndy y la Abadia de Effel
MAGS 2006-01Infantry Division 1338
RegularInfection - Episode 1 - The Ship
RegularInfection - Episode 2 - The Demo
RegularInferno: The Demo Of A Rotten Bastard
MAGS 2006-06Infinite Monkeys
RegularInfinity String
RegularInsane Bert
RegularInside Monkey island
RegularInside Monkey Island: 2nd chapter
RegularInside Monkey Island: 3rd chapter
RegularInspector Gismoe
RegularInsta Game: The Strange Planet v1.0
RegularInstagame: Grok
RegularInstagame: Luke's Existential Nightmare, An
RegularInteger Battleship
RegularIntergalactic Space Pancake!
RegularInto The Light
RegularInvasion of the Floating Death Orbs [Demo]
RegularInvincible Island Remake
RegularIsland Quest
RegularIsland, The
RegularIsle Quest
RegularISN: Kill!
RegularIso Project, the
RegularIt ain't easy
RegularIt might eat you!
RegularJ.J.Gun and Sepheret island
RegularJack Trasheater Chapter I - pain house
RegularJackyard, The
MAGS 2007-10Jacob
RegularJacob: VA's Cut
MAGS 2004-08Jail House Breakdown
RegularJames bond
MAGS 2004-11James Bond - Who wants to live again?
MAGS 2001-10James Bondage
RegularJames in Neverland
RegularJames Peris 2 Demo
RegularJames Peris es el agente 00,5
RegularJava Jo's Koffee Stand! v1.05
RegularJavelin Catch
RegularJessica Plunkenstein and the Dnsseldorf Conspiracy
RegularJimm's Quest III, Lesko's Revenge
RegularJimmy The Troublemaker
RegularJimmy's Day
RegularJimson and the Jazz Crabs
MAGS 2001-12Jingle Bells - An X-Mags Game
RegularJohn Lost his key episode 1 and 2
RegularJohn Sinclair- Voodoo in London
RegularJohn Sinclair- Voodoo in London(new Demo)
RegularJohnny Rockett Adventure
RegularJon Stickman demo
RegularJonny and the sweet fragrance of feces
RegularJourney Down: Over the Edge, The
RegularJourney Home: Part 1, The
RegularJulius Dangerous
RegularJust Another Point n Click Adventure
RegularJWB Games Demo Game
MAGS 2008-09KATA
RegularKeptosh I: The Search for junc
OROW 4-2006Keyboard Madness
RegularKill Davy Jones (demo)
RegularKill Joseda (2D shoot'em up)
RegularKill Rem vol. 1(fixed bugs)
RegularKiller Floating Eye
RegularKing Of Rock
RegularKingdom Legends
RegularKing's Quest I VGA
RegularKing's Quest II+ VGA
RegularKing's Quest III
RegularKing's Quest IX: The Silver Lining VGA (Demo I)
RegularKinky Island DEMO
RegularKiselyova Unleashed!
MAGS 2010-06Kitten Adventures
RegularKlaus Kerner and the Fate of Atlantis
RegularKnight Quest for the Golden Ring
RegularKnight's Quest III - Tides of Merania
RegularKnight's Quest IV - Here Today, Gone to Yesterday
RegularKoffee Krisis
RegularKoffeeKrisis - Episode I - Demo
RegularKong Over Baghdad
MAGS 2004-08Korins Mines
RegularKoschei The Immortal: The Beginning
MAGS 2006-12KristmasKrisis
RegularKuma Story DEMO
RegularLa Cicuta
RegularLa Croix Pan
RegularLa Gran Castanya
RegularLa Llave y Fabian Shones
RegularLa Odisea del Fracaso II
RegularLamb to the slaughter
RegularLarry Vales : Traffic Division
RegularLarry Vales II: Dead Girls are Easy
RegularLarry Vales III: Time Heals All 'Burns DEMO
RegularLarrywilco: Paradise Lost
RegularLassi & Roger: Meet the God
RegularLassi & Roger: Venture a Bit
RegularLassi Quest 1 Original
RegularLassi Quest 2 Teaser Demo
MAGS 2004-02Last Clown Standing
MAGS 2006-04Last Harvest, The
RegularLast Order
RegularLaundry Day
RegularLaura Bow in: The Road to Murder
RegularLava Blava
RegularLazarus Wants Pants
RegularLazyTown: The New Kid ~Demo~
RegularLegacy of Taft Demo, The
RegularLegend of Rovendale 2 Mystic Island
RegularLegend of Rovendale part1
RegularLegend of Seth the Bard, The
RegularLegends Of Mardaram
RegularLeisure Suit Larry 2 Point and Click (Final version)
RegularLes Miserables aka Enter The Story 4.1 [Full version]
RegularLGM Game
MAGS 2008-06Lichdom - "Where did I put that..."
RegularLif and the Treasure of the Tanones
RegularLife of D. Duck
RegularLife of D. Duck II
RegularLife of Marty Shore, The
RegularLifeboat: Story of Cedrick
RegularLifeboat: Story of Cedrick: The Directors Ultimate Super Cut Edition
MAGS 2008-08Limey Lizard: Waste Wizard!
RegularLine Game
OROW 1-2005Lions Den, the
RegularLittle Dreamer
RegularLittle Girl in Underland
RegularLittle Jonny Evil
MAGS 2010-08Little Simulated People
RegularLittle Willie's Shotgun Fun Zone!
RegularLittle Willy's darts game
RegularLiving Nightmare
RegularLiving Nightmare Deluxe
MAGS 2010-05Living Nightmare: Endless Dreams
OROW 4-2006Loathesome Man, the
OROW 3-2006Locked In
RegularLocked Out
RegularLocke's Escape
RegularLoftus and the Sky Cap
RegularLone Case 2: Scars
RegularLone Case 3: Showdown
RegularLone Case 4 - Epitaph
RegularLone Loser, The
RegularLoneCase: Locomotive Breath
MAGS 2006-01Lonely Night
RegularLong expected Friday
RegularLong Trip, The
RegularLoom II
Regularlord of the bytes, The
RegularLorry Len
RegularLorry Loader
RegularLos Jovenes De La Guerra
RegularLost In Paradise DEMO
RegularLost In The Nightmare - Demo
RegularLost In The Nightmare 2:Unforgettable Memories Demo 1
RegularLost In The Nightmare v1.1
RegularLost in the Nightmare: 'Save Our Souls'
RegularLost In The Woods
RegularLost Tape, the
RegularLowe Quest
RegularLupo Inutile
RegularMaaikes Elektrokit
MAGS 2006-08Mad Homicidal Clown From Hell Rampage
RegularMafalda - The Strange and Unusual life of Mafalda West Part 1
RegularMagic Ball of Fortune
MAGS 2004-09magic stone, A
MAGS 2008-10Magical Whatever Girl Rocks Out In The Stone Age
RegularMagnum, P.M
MAGS 2002-08MAGS: Greg's Mountainous Adventure aka Greg's Monumental Adventure
MAGS 2005-08Magsic
RegularMagsic II
RegularMajestic Conspiracy demo, The
OROW 5-2008Man Boy vs Doctor Sock
MAGS 2008-11Man vs. Fish
RegularManiac Apartment
RegularManiac Mansion Deluxe
RegularManiac Mansion Mania - Episode 1: Sibling love
RegularManiac Mansion Mania - Episode 15: Place Machine
RegularManiac Mansion Mania - Episode 16: Return of the Meteor
RegularManiac Mansion Mania - Episode 2 - Commotion
RegularManiac Mansion Mania - Episode 4: Mimikry der Emotionen
RegularManiac Mansion Mania - Episode 53 - The Klaus strikes back
RegularManiac Mansion Mania - Episode 8 - 'The Rebuff'
RegularManiac Mansion Mania - Episode 9 - radioactive
MAGS 2004-01Mard's Personal Little Revenge
RegularMarionette, The
RegularMarty aus dem All
MAGS 2004-04Masters of Sound
RegularMatt and James Amazing Game For Everyone
RegularMatt to the Future (demo)
RegularMax: The Dark Hero
MAGS 2003-05Maxs Parade
RegularMax's Parade
RegularMAYAK: lost way game
RegularMcCarthy Chronicles: Episode 1, The
MAGS 2003-09McReed Case, The
RegularMcReed Case: Interrogation BETADEMO, The
RegularMe Go 2008!
MAGS 2007-11Me Go Cannibal Jungle
RegularMe Go Store II - Me Go Away!
MAGS 2007-04Me Go Store!
RegularMeaning Quest DEMO
RegularMedical Theories of Dr. Kur, The
RegularMedieval Prisoner
RegularMelrin: The disciple ordeal. Updated version!
RegularMelrin: The Dragon Menace
RegularMelrin: The Pendant Quest
RegularMen In Brown
RegularMen In Hats:  Attack of the Evangelists
RegularMerry Christmas, Alfred Robbins
RegularMI: Bad Day to be Dead Demo
RegularMI5 Bob: The Uplift Mofo Party plan
MAGS 2006-02Mickey Mauser: the Wrath of the Rat
RegularMidnight Spirit Board
RegularMid-Town Shoot-Out
RegularMike Lechey (short demo)
RegularMikes Room
RegularMimis the rat
RegularMind's Eye
MAGS 2009-09Minor Minion
RegularMissing In Action
MAGS 2005-02Missing since Midnight
RegularMittens Mystery Extravaganza
RegularModule Tester
RegularMom's Quest
MAGS 2006-07Mon Cul!
RegularMonkey Island 2: Illusion
RegularMonkey Island 5 : The Return of LeChuck Demo
RegularMonkey Island: Carnival of the Damned
MAGS 2001-08Monkey Plank
MAGS 2001-08Monkeyville (or How The Dread Pirate Jakob Acquired An Unhealthy Animosity Toward Primates)
RegularMonkeyWrench Issue Zero
RegularMonster from the hounted hill
RegularMoose Rage -- part 1
RegularMoose Rage -- part 2
RegularMoose Wars: Desire For More Cows 1.5
RegularMordy 2: The Mirror of Truth
RegularMordy: On Holiday
RegularMore Monkeys
MAGS 2002-11Mourir en Mer
MAGS 2007-12Mr Frisby Saves Xhristmas
MAGS 2009-04Mr. Danger's Contest
RegularMr. Grey's Greyt Adventure
RegularMurder in a Wheel
RegularMurder in the Mansion
RegularMurphy's Salvage
RegularMurran Chronicles Episode 1 - Jersey Devil *Updated v1.10*
RegularMurran Chronicles Episode 2: Talons of Terror
MAGS 2004-01Mushroom Man, The
RegularMusic Tools
MAGS 2002-12MuuYeeb the Ghost
RegularMy 40 bullets (v1.1)
RegularMy First Quest
RegularMysteries of Stiego Moors, The
MAGS 2002-09Mystery of Hackenslash Island, The
RegularMystery of Haunted Hollow, The
RegularMystery of the Art School, The
RegularMystic Seer
RegularNecroQuest 1. The Inheritance
RegularNecroQuest 1. The Inheritance [Deluxe]
RegularNedy's Adventure: The curse of Vera Deluxe
Regularneku's new trip (chap1)
Regularneku's new trip[complete book]
RegularNelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!
RegularNES Quest
MAGS 2006-06Netherworld, The
RegularNew Adventures Of Billy The Kid, The
RegularNew Adventures of Zak McKracken, The
RegularNext Curse, The
RegularNicholas Wolfe Part I: Framed - Demo
RegularNight of the Hermit
MAGS 2001-10Night Of The Plumber
RegularNight of the Raving Feminist (DEMO)
MAGS 2004-02Night of the Zombie Fish!
RegularNight To Remember, A
RegularNightmare Demo
MAGS 2008-11Nightwatch
RegularNo King Quest!
RegularNo Traveller Returns (DEMO)
RegularNo, I Am Spartacus!
RegularNo-Action Jackson
RegularNoisy Mountain
RegularNomedon Inc.
RegularNorbi Winter Special
RegularNorbi's quest
RegularNorbi's quest 1,5
RegularNorbi's quest 2
RegularNorman Cooks in 'Search for the Don'
RegularNorse Rune Reader
MAGS 2009-09North Crown, The
RegularNosferatu: The Game
RegularNot Another Space Quest
RegularNovo Mestro
MAGS 2007-04Odot Tamat On
MAGS 2007-06Of birds and bees
RegularOh no not again!
RegularOld Park Quest
RegularOldman's Quest
RegularOmnipotent Tarot
RegularOnce Upon A Crime
RegularOnce Upon A Time
MAGS 2004-04Once upon a time in the 70s
MAGS 2009-10One of A Kind (MAGS Edition)
OROW 6-2010One Room
OROW 5-2008One Week, One room
RegularOperation Novi
MAGS 2004-08Operation Red Dice
MAGS 2006-04Operation Save Blue Cup
RegularOracle (Demo), The
RegularOracle, The
RegularOrange Man, The
RegularOriginal Leitor's Edge, The
RegularOsher Bli Gvulot - Boundless Osher
RegularOtaku Rivals
RegularOther Worlds
RegularOtis Builds a Fire
MAGS 2008-06Our Finest Hour
RegularOutbreak (My first game , DONT DOWNLOAD)
MAGS 2007-04Owl's Quest: Every Owl has it's Day
MAGS 2006-10P.I. Al Luminum - Haunted House
RegularPalette Quest
RegularPalette Quest 2.0
RegularPanda In Space
RegularPaparazzi Prince, The
MAGS 2005-11Paramecium Complex, The
MAGS 2004-10Paranoid
RegularPark, The
MAGS 2010-05Parrot Snatchers, The
RegularPath of Crystal [Demo]
RegularPaul Moose In Space World
RegularPaul Quest Gold Edition
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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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RegularPaula in Wonderland
RegularPennis: The Ultimate in Pong!
RegularPepe's Little Adventure
RegularPerfect Murder - demo, The
RegularPerils Of Poom
RegularPermanent Daylight
RegularPerpetrator v1.1
RegularPester Quest
RegularPetals around the Rose
RegularPetrakov: Inexperienced Assassin
RegularPharmacist Jones
MAGS 2001-06Philip Ilinilings and the Murder at The Fish Hotel
MAGS 2008-07Philosophers Like Hot Cocoa
RegularPickel Sprite
RegularPigeon, the
RegularPilot Light: Episode 1
RegularPimpin on Parakuss
RegularPinky the Silly Alien
RegularPirate Fry 2: The Hand of Anturus
RegularPirate Fry 3: The Isle of the Dead
RegularPirate Fry and Volcano Island
RegularPirate's tale!, A
MAGS 2007-09Pixel Hunt
MAGS 2005-02Pixel Hunt
RegularPixelhunter: The Epic
MAGS 2001-07Pixely Pete and the Schpeitzfeld Mansion (starring Mr. T as The Portrait)
MAGS 2005-07PiXiA: Rainbow of Havoc
RegularPizza Quest
MAGS 2009-04place without frontier, A
MAGS 2007-09Plan 10 from MY PANTS!
MAGS 2003-12Planet Xmas
RegularPlatform Horde Arcade Game
RegularPlatformerius: The Ninja Incident
RegularPleurghburg: Dark Ages
RegularPMX: The Magic Hat
RegularPorn Quest
RegularPower Unlimited boardgame
RegularPractice Script : The 1 Room Puzzler
RegularPrincess and all the Kingdom, The
RegularPrincess Marian and the Fountain of Unicorns
RegularPrincess Marian IX: The Phantom of the Ballet
RegularPrincess Marian VIII: Snowfight
RegularPrincess Marian XI: Light re-leaf
RegularPrinciples of Evil I
RegularPrinciples of Evil II
RegularProfound Journey, A
RegularProject Evilspy - FenderQ meets Jeeforce for lunch! v2.01
RegularProject Evilspy II
RegularProject Xenophobe
MAGS 2003-02Proof of Fiction
MAGS 2009-06Proposal
RegularProxecto Percebe (DEMO)
RegularPsychic Sam And the Postal Service of Doom
RegularPsycho Flashback
RegularPub master quest:Demo
RegularPub mster quest.2:shogin crystal part1
Regularpubmembers: pmq a 2d filp beta aka pmq4 Beta [Commercial Demo]
Regularpubmembers:final fantasy.X
Regularpubmembers:Oceanspirit Dennis: Scourge of the Underworld
MAGS 2003-09Puddy Penguin
MAGS 2003-07Pussie Hunt
RegularQQQ-Carrot Bob in ZX spectrum world
RegularQuantumnauts [Demo]
RegularQuest Fighter
RegularQuest Fighter II
RegularQuest for Cinema V 2.50
RegularQuest for Colours
RegularQuest for Glory 4 1/2
RegularQuest for Glory II VGA: Trial By Fire
RegularQuest for heroes, The
RegularQuest for my Raincoat (aka DickBoy), The
RegularQuest for the Black Diamond
RegularQuest for the Blue Cup
MAGS 2010-02Quest For The Holy Salsa, The
RegularQuest for Yeti
RegularQuest For Yrolg
RegularQuest To Zooloo - Full Talkie, The
RegularQuiero Morir (I want to die)
RegularQuikstrike89's Stupid Test Game
RegularQuimby Quest
RegularRaindog Story, A
MAGS 2004-05Ralph the Raven
RegularRamses Porter and the Relay for Love
RegularRapstar 1.5
RegularRaven Chapter 1
MAGS 2004-08Ray and the Guitar
RegularRay Bexter
RegularRaymond's Keys: A Tragedy
MAGS 2007-03Rays Rods
RegularRazors In The Night
RegularReactor 09
RegularRe-Agent Orange
RegularReality-on-the-Norm: Au Naturel
RegularReality-on-the-Norm: The Murder of Adrian Elkwood
RegularRecess 2
MAGS 2003-07Recess talkie
MAGS 2007-09Recollection Demo
RegularRecord Quest
MAGS 2008-01Red Beard Saves RON (beta)
RegularRed Dwarf Demo
RegularRed Flagg
MAGS 2009-03Red Flagg - Don't Call me Blue REDUX
RegularRed Flagg and the philosophers stone
RegularRedpants: The Princess and the Beanstalk
RegularRetards Game, the
MAGS 2008-07Retroron Demo
RegularReturn to Civilization
MAGS 2007-09Revelation
RegularRevenants [Demo v2]
RegularRevenge in Parelly Point
RegularRevenge of a guy derogatorily referred to as the n-word!
RegularRevenge of the Nagging Sister, the
RegularRich Phycho
RegularRich Phycho 2: Cruisin
RegularRichard Longhurst and the Box that Ate Time.
RegularRicky Quest
RegularRighteous City - Part I
RegularRighteous City - Part II
RegularRingo's Big Adventure
RegularRoad Racer
MAGS 2007-05Roast Mother Goose
RegularRob Blanc I - Better Days of a Defender of the Universe
RegularRob Blanc II - Planet of the Pasteurised Pestilence
RegularRob Blanc III - The Temporal Terrorists
RegularRob: Chainsaw Massacre
MAGS 2009-11Robbing The Princess
RegularRobert Redford Saves The Day 1: Getting there
RegularRobert Redford Saves The Day 2: The pit and the pendulum
RegularRobert Redford Saves The Day 3: Who framed Roger Redford?
RegularRobert Redford Saves The Day Deluxe [Robert Redford 1, 2 & 3 Bundle]
MAGS 2010-07Robolution
RegularRobotragedy 2: Countdown To Doomsday
RegularRoccio's Quest
MAGS 2008-10Rock, Rock, Rock
MAGS 2009-05Rockabilly Kid
RegularRocky roams
RegularRode Kill: A Day in the Life
RegularRode Quest
RegularRode Quest 2: The Sweet Smell of Stenchie
RegularRoger's Lame Adventure
RegularRON - Time Out [Teaser Trailer]
MAGS 2006-09RON Sixteen
RegularRON: Before the Legacy
RegularRON: Reality-on-the-Norm [the series]
RegularRON: The Phantom Inheritance
RegularRoN-The Outbreak
MAGS 2007-09Root of all Evil
OROW 4-2006Rosella Wilson Meets Helm
Regularrough diamond demo (working link)
RegularRowen Goes To Work
RegularRude Awakening!
RegularRyan's Day Out
MAGS 2003-02Saddson Issein
RegularSalazar's Evil Plan
MAGS 2001-08Sam the Pirate Monkey
RegularSam&Moos and the treasure of grandpa
MAGS 2009-10Samarkand
OROW 2-2005Sammy Sperm
RegularSammy's Quest
RegularSanta Claus Down
RegularSantas Sidekick
MAGS 2008-12Santas Stolen Sleigh
RegularSatan Quest
RegularSatch's Quest
OROW 1-2005Saturday School
RegularSAW - 1st part
RegularSAW 2
RegularSAW Deluxe (Remake)
RegularScared Stiff
OROW 3-2006Science
RegularScythe Island
RegularSearch - As finished as it will ever be -edition, The
RegularSearch for Sanity (Demo)
RegularSearch for the christmas present REMAKE
RegularSeason Greetings 2002 - ITA
RegularSeason Greetings 2002 ENG
RegularSecond Face - The Eye of Geltz is watching Us, A
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 1: Night, The
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 10: Walder hier und dort
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 11: Jahrtausend wende
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 2
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 3
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 4: Abendmond
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 5: Next evolution
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 6: Mysterious Timetravel
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 7: Ocean Life
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 8: Ungewisse herkunft
RegularSecond Moon Adventure 9: Zwei welten in einer
RegularSecond Moon Adventure Vol. I [contains Second Moon Adventure 1-7]
RegularSecret of Carver Island, The
MAGS 2010-02Secret of Chunky Salsa, The
RegularSecret of Hamster Island 1, The
RegularSecret of Hamster Island 2, The
RegularSecret of Hutton Church of England Grammar School, The
RegularSecret of Hutton: Special Edition
Regularsecret of Mount Monkey, The
MAGS 2009-08Secret Plan 1- Running to stand still, The
RegularSecret Quest Remake
RegularSecrets of Sultan Kanuni
RegularSecrets of Sultan Kanuni 2
OROW 5-2008Seed
MAGS 2007-09Serum
RegularSeven Doors, The
MAGS 2010-01Shades of Greye
RegularShai-la du Sith : Investigation
RegularShai-la of the Sith
MAGS 2008-07Shawshank Redemption, The
OROW 2-2005Sheet: The art of art
RegularShemwood Plains
RegularShifter's Box - Outside In
MAGS 2006-06Shiva, The [Commercial Demo]
RegularShoot, I Got Abducted!
RegularShooting Gallery
RegularSierra Quest 1: Roberta In Love
RegularSilent Knight - Chapter 1 : The Mediocre Escape
RegularSilent Knight - Chapter 2 - The Conscience of the King
RegularSimon the Sorcerer 3
RegularSimpsons Adventure Game
RegularSimpsons Adventure Game
RegularSir Reginald: The Tear of the God
MAGS 2007-01Skippy (Saves The Day)
MAGS 2006-03Sky Adventure
RegularSkyTower Rescue Demo
RegularSL vs AUS O7
RegularSlacker Quest
RegularSleepy Island, The
RegularSleight of Hand - Demo
RegularSlime Quest 2 Demo
RegularSlime Quest for Pizza
RegularSlug Princess
RegularSmile or Die Nonplayable Demo
RegularSmiley's Quest
MAGS 2004-01Smiley's Quest 2
RegularSmokin' Weed
RegularSnail Quest 1
RegularSnail Quest 2
RegularSnail Quest 3
MAGS 2006-04Snake
MAGS 2010-04Snakes of Avalon
RegularSnakes on a Plane
MAGS 2009-12Snow Queen - After The Apocalypse
RegularSnow v0.5
RegularSoldier of Misforune
RegularSoldier: Demonstartion
OROW 4-2006Soren Quest
MAGS 2009-06Souls Quest
RegularSoviet Unterzoegersdorf
RegularSoviet Unterzoegersdorf Sector II
RegularSpace Adventure
Regular-Space Hunter-
RegularSpace Lynxes
RegularSpace Madness
RegularSpace Mail
RegularSpace Pirates
MAGS 2010-04Space Pool Alpha
RegularSpace Quest 2 Teaser Demo
RegularSpace Quest 3 VGA Non-Playable Demo
RegularSpace Quest 5.5: Save captain Roger [DEMO 1.1]
RegularSpace Quest IV.5 - Roger Wilco And The Voyage Home V3.00
RegularSpace Quest XII (demo.rus)
OROW 1-2005Space Quest: Planet Of The Incredible Menace
OROW 3-2006Spacemaze
RegularSpacewar episode 1 - The Crystal
RegularSpacewar episode 2 - Curien strikes back
MAGS 2003-11Spellbound: A Clive Mandrake Adventure
MAGS 2005-07Spooks
RegularSpoons, The
RegularSpot the Difference
RegularSSH's Walkcycle Generator
RegularStan Ames, Private Eye - Episode 1 - Murder Incorporated
RegularStan's Revenge
RegularStar Trek Explorer - Strange New World
RegularStar Trek Newton: Part One - Anomaly
RegularStar Trek The Next Generation
RegularStar Wars Shadows of the Empire: Graphic Adventure - TECH DEMO
RegularStargate Adventure
MAGS 2005-05Starship Caramba
RegularStarship Poseidon(Part 1)
MAGS 2009-10Steam Trek - Clueless around Risa
MAGS 2009-10Steamsquares
RegularStediddy in IP1; Employment
RegularStick Man Quest
RegularStickman RPG
RegularStickmen in the land of the terrorists
RegularSticky the Stickfigure Part 1: The Crimson House
OROW 1-2005Story Of The Alien That Crashed, The
RegularStrange Day, The
RegularStranger By Night
Regularstreet racing
MAGS 2008-02Studio Mediocre
RegularSundown Mystery, The
RegularSuper Jazz Man [Commercial Demo]
MAGS 2008-07Super Pitstop Racing
RegularSupergirl in We Don't Need Another Hero
RegularSupernatural: The Terror Trio Demo
RegularSurreality: a Reality-on-the-Norm game
RegularSven Gordan Paranormal Parody Case 1 (fangame)
RegularSven Gordan: In Search Of Big Apes
RegularSword: The first remake
RegularSydney Finds Employment
RegularSydney Treads the Catwalk
RegularT=mate un descanso
MAGS 2010-06Tale
MAGS 2005-01Tale In The Zoo, A
MAGS 2004-09Tale Of Betrayal, A
RegularTale of Roland
RegularTale of Two Kingdoms, A
RegularTales of Chickerny
RegularTales of Chickerny Chapter I
RegularTeamwork Tutorial
MAGS 2009-10Ted McBinky and his Steam Engine
RegularTeh EvuL CliCk GaMe
RegularTempus Fugit
RegularTenhum's Tomb Part 1: Getting To The Tomb
MAGS 2003-09Terence Independent Terminator
MAGS 2007-04Test Rat Escape
MAGS 2007-03Text Parser Game
OROW 5-2008Think Outside The Boxland
RegularThis Game
MAGS 2010-02This odd feeling
RegularThorak & Steve 1: The hunt begins
RegularTime Gentlemen, Please! [Commercial Demo]
RegularTime Quest
RegularTime Quest 2
MAGS 2003-02Timeline: The Iraqi Paradox
RegularTIME-PARADOX (YURKOV Interactive)
RegularTime-Space Escape
RegularTimothy Lande
MAGS 2001-06Tiny Green Piece of Crap
RegularTo the end of the way
MAGS 2003-06Tom Hanks Away: Wilson's Revenge
RegularTom Mato's Grand Wing-Ding Demo
RegularTomb of the Moon
RegularToo Many Kittens
RegularTowel Day - H2G2 Based Game
RegularTower, The
MAGS 2007-09Trance-Pacific
RegularTrap - A Darcy Muldoon Adventure, The
RegularTrapped In A Building
RegularTrapped With Hell
RegularTrash Quest
MAGS 2001-08Treasure of Monkey Peninsula, The
RegularTreasured Medallion, The
RegularTrevor Daison in outer space - Chapter one
RegularT-REX and MUSCLE SAM big trouble in S.P.F.
MAGS 2009-10Trial of the Schnellersparrow v3.0
RegularTrials of Odysseus Kent, The
RegularTrilby's Notes
RegularTroopers Tech Beta
RegularTropic of Capricorn
RegularTulles World 2 [has never been re-released]
RegularTulles World 3
RegularTulle's World I, Roving in Candale
RegularTurtles Ninja in Time
MAGS 2002-06TV Quest
RegularTwenties Flappers vs The Mummy
RegularTwo of a Kind
RegularUgly Files, The
RegularUlitsa Dimitrova - IGF 2010 Student Finalist
RegularUn Profe
RegularUncertainty Machine, The
RegularUnderwater Adventures
MAGS 2007-04Unexpected Quest
MAGS 2005-07Unfinished
OROW 5-2008Unfinished Business
RegularUnfinished Tales
MAGS 2008-03Unintelligent Design
RegularUnlabeled Video, the
RegularUpdate Quest
RegularUpdate Quest Demo
RegularVacation Quest... Thing
RegularVacuum, The
RegularValis - !!! Updated Demo !!! V1.10
MAGS 2008-07Vector Vendetta
MAGS 2010-05Vector Vendetta [Final version]
RegularVegetable Patch Extreem Turbo
RegularVegetable Patch Extreem Turbo 2
RegularVeggie Tales 3D
MAGS 2004-07very special dog, A
RegularVestibule (demo), The
MAGS 2006-01Veteran shootout
RegularVic Wreckle's Halloween Costume
RegularVirtual Piano 1.0
MAGS 2006-10Voodoo Dave & the Tablecloth Mystery
RegularWacky World of Wally Weasel, The
RegularWaitKey(); v1.0
Regularwalk in da tomb, A
Regularwalk in da tomb: Final, A
MAGS 2008-04Walk in The Park, A
MAGS 2010-05Wall-E (Fan Game)
RegularWalters Astroid
MAGS 2005-05War Stars
RegularWarning: Fragile! - Chapter I: Operation Blindhawk
RegularWarp, The
MAGS 2006-11Warthogs
MAGS 2007-08Washed Ashore
RegularWashed Ashore Deluxe
RegularWaterQuest v1.0
RegularWD Intern, The
RegularWe Are Vectors
RegularWelcome to Dark Lake - DEMO
OROW 6-2010Well, well, well, what have we here?
MAGS 2007-04West Of The Root
MAGS 2001-06Wet
Regularwhat is that
RegularWhat Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed
MAGS 2009-07Wheel of Torture
RegularWhere did Sam go?
MAGS 2005-04Where's M' Hat Ma ?
RegularWhich Witch
MAGS 2004-03Who Killed Bambi
MAGS 2001-09Who killed Kenny Rogers?
RegularWho Killed Who?
RegularWho Sent Me To Oblivion
RegularWho wants to live forever?
RegularWife who wasn't there, The
RegularWilliam Asted And The Rise Of The Sciuridae
RegularWilliam in the USA
MAGS 2003-11Williams Nightmare
MAGS 2009-01Winners Don't Do Drugs
RegularWinter Rose, The
OROW 5-2008Wisp
RegularWitch Night
MAGS 2006-04Witch, the Wizard and the Blue Cup, The
RegularWizard Hangover ExtreamZz!!
MAGS 2003-11Wizardhood
RegularWolf Country (DEMO)
OROW 6-2010Woman For All Seasons, A
RegularWOO - World of our own
OROW 4-2006Wooly Rockbottom and the Quest for the Golden Beard of Thor!
RegularWorld of Warcraft - The IMBA Quest
RegularWorm, The
RegularWould You Be My Lover ? Demo
RegularWrath of the Solonoids
MAGS 2009-02Writers Blocks - Tech Demo
RegularWrong Game, the
MAGS 2002-12Xmas Eve Tale, A
MAGS 2007-07You Must Be This Tall
RegularYoung Gabriel King Chronicles, The
RegularZank, Robot Boy Wonder
RegularZed's Quest
MAGS 2006-09Zeke And The Island Of Barentsev Demo
RegularZelda Dance Remix
RegularZelda Dance Remix II
MAGS 2007-07Zipper Meteor, The
RegularZombie Nation
MAGS 2005-01Zooreal
MAGS 2005-10Zugzwang
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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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I don't see any hour games in there! :'(
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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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I don't see any hour games in there! :'(

Included: demo's, compo games [MAGS & OROW] AND regular games.
Excluded: hourgames.
But, I think I will add the hour games later, when I've finished the RON'S and the MMM'S search ;)
Are there many hour games?
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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Nice table! With these things I always check for two of my games "Day of Testicle" and "Christmas Tale" to see if their existence is still ever warranted ;) Seems they are! The listed A Christmas Tale demo, if it's my one, was not a MAGS entry though. Other than that, very comprehensive stuff!

Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Well done Arjon, this is very useful stuff. An author column would prove handy too, but might take a lot of work :(


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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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also, I'd love to see that as Google Doc (given that it supports uploading in Excel and OpenOffice.org formats since, like, forever)


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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Great list, Arj0n! It's fun to look through all these games :)

Two things:
You have spelled Matt the the Future (demo) when it is supposed to be to the ;)

Also, I couldn't find The Original Leitor's Edge listed anywhere...

Oh, and you can add The Life of Marty Shore (beta demo) to the list.
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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Oh, and you can add The Life of Marty Shore (beta demo) to the list.

Not that the game can be found .... but still  ;)
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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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Excluded: hourgames.
Oops. There doesn't appear to be a blushing smiley.

Are there many hour games?
Good question. I'd guess about 50 have been made so far this year. I wouldn't like to hazard a guess how many total, but I will anyway... 150? More?
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Re: Total list of AGS games ever released [1495]
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The listed A Christmas Tale demo, if it's my one, was not a MAGS entry though.
But, but why are you listed here?