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Can you make stuff? Can you DO stuff? Are you a super-hero?

Do you have a service that could benefit those making AGS games? This is the thread to explain your skills and services. If you visit your profile account you can also set the following services up with a small description, and they will be displayed under your avatar when you post on the forums. To the left beneath my avatar you will see I've set the "music" service, hover over it for a description.

If you are happy to help other people with learning AGS, scripting or even perhaps just game design related issues.

If you are happy to help beta-test or do any other form of testing for someone's project.

Voice Acting
If you are willing to create speech files or do voice acting for a talkie game.

If you are happy to make music for other peoples projects.

Background Art
If you are a background artist who is willing to help with or create backgrounds for projects.

Character Art
If you are happy to make character art, (not including animation).

Animation / Character Animation
If you are happy to make character animation or general animations.

Proof Reading
If you are happy to proof read someone's script, dialogues etc.

Coding / Scripting
If you are happy to help with scripting/coding.

Story Design
If you are happy to help with story, puzzle building, character development and/or general design of the game.

If you are happy to help translate a game from one language to another.

Web Design
If you are happy to help design or create web-sites.

Remember to include contact details! To keep it clutter free please do not ask for people to reply within this thread to your offers, instead please include an appropriate contact method - and don't forget members can send you a private message on this forum!

Good luck!


PS. To keep this thread current and relevant, it is sometimes split to allow older posts to retire into the abyss. You are welcome to copy, paste and update your previous offers if they are applicable for the most recent thread (this one). Former recruitment threads can be read here:


I am happy to write MIDI music for a range of projects, including those undertaken by first timers. I can also convert them to OGG. My style takes inspiration from LucasArts and movie composers. I can write quirky themes and dynamic (changing) pieces. I have written music for lots of AGS games. A full catalogue of my music can be found at and OGG versions/previews on

You're welcome to PM or email me via my profile, no project is too big or too small, and I mostly work for free!

Hey, my name is Martin Arvidsson and have worked with computer art since 1997.

Since 2012 i have work with some projekt here att AGS, and for different employer here in sweden, mostly as a freelancer.
Now i study at Art Academy and want to do some more grafik beside my education.

I want do to:
- Background Art, mostly pixel but also vector.
- Character Art
- Gui Art
- Redesigning old grafik or game.

Here is my latest project.
The Mystery Of Rakkathua

Send a pm if you are interested, or email:


- Martin

Markus Creation:
Hello, my name is Markus Creation.

I am specializing in Concept Art for small games. I can do even more like Illustrations, Spritesheets, Fanart or if you need something else just ask me.
My Concept Art can include characters, armors, buildings, backgrounds, environments and more.

If you want to check out some of my work, here is the website:

Hello! My name is Eduardo López, Composer/Arranger/Orchestrator for Film and Video game

I would love to work on any kind of project that you might need music

You can listen to some of my projects here:

I hope we can collaborate to make something great!

You can contact me here:

Cheers!! :)

Music - Oscar Garvin - Orchestral Cinematic/Funky Nintendo

Hello everyone! I am a London based professional composer who wants to do more games, because I love games and I think I've come to terms with the fact that video game music is my calling. I'm learning Wwise at the moment so I can actually implement sound effects for you as well, depending on what engine your game is running. I love Fantasy, and anything cute, 2D stuff too. I can also do dark epic stuff, but what I find most fun is the cute funky nintendo stuff or the big orchestral romantic cinematic stuff. I'm quite inspired by Japanese game music, like the Final Fantasy music (Nobuo Uematsu) or the Studio Ghibli music (Joe Hisaishi). My background as a musician is Jazz, but now I focus more on orchestral music and work as a composer and orchestrator full time in London. Currently working on a medieval fantasy album actually, have a listen!:
Merlin and Arthur by Oscar Garvin - SoundCloud
If you want something more Nintendo-like you can check out this track I wrote for the game Catmouth Island:
Catmouth Island Boogie by Oscar Garvin - SoundCloud
Or this for another game called Fight Friends:
Smack Down Battle Time!! by Oscar Garvin - SoundCloud
And if you're looking for something more dark check this out:
Dystopian Mech Arena by Oscar Garvin - SoundCloud
Anyway, here's a little showreel of a bunch of tracks I've done if you want to get a more general picture:
Game Showreel 2015 by Oscar Garvin - SoundCloud

Feel free to contact me by email (where I'm most available):

Hope to hear from you soon, excited to work on some games!!


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