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Latest version: 2.2.0


Hello all,

Version 2.2.0 now also exports the data to CSV

About Speech Center
The Speech Center plugin enables management of the game text and speech within the AGS Editor. It provides a view of your game text and play the speech files, fully integrated within the editor.

It has the ability to scan the scripts (dialogs, global scripts and room scripts), and display all the speech line it finds in those scripts (such as the text used in the character Say function). You can sort, filter and search through the lines using the interface, edit the text and also jump to the script itself to make more complex changes.

Additionally you can export the text as voice acting scripts. The result HTML files, one for each character, can be sent to your voice actors to record their lines.

When a line is selected you can immediately view it in the script itself. Inline editing is available allowing you to review and change text in multiple scripts from a single screen. double-clicking on a line will open the AGS script editor and focus on that line, this is convenient if you would like to view and edit the script using the standard AGS script editor.

Another nice feature is the ability to view and edit game translation. When you choose a translation you get the same view and set of features. This means not just find, filter and sort, but also export a VA script in your translated language. You can also easily view the original text in the script since it is shown when you select a text line in the grid.

If the lines are numbered then it offers additional functionality:
The Speech directory is scanned for each line and provides info on the file status. You can playback the speech from the editor itself. You can also mark whether those lines are correct (there are 2 checkboxes for each line, one for the voice file and the other text).

To make sure the plugin is as non-intrusive as possible, it only loads the data if you click on the refresh button, thus it should not affect something you do, unless you are actually doing something at the plugin screen. Special attention was given to performance and the plugin should have the capacity to handle thousands of lines. This should cover even the extremely text-intensive games.

Here are a couple of screenshots to show you how the plugin looks like in action:

Sample output for VA scripts:

You can email me regarding any bugs or problems you find, I'll try to be as responsive as possible.

I hope this will assist you to continuing create awesome games!

I'm at work, but what does this plugin do? I'm guessing it has something to do with managing speech files from within the editor? If so, that's great.

I've actually been putting some thought into it though, and the entire speech system within AGS could really do with a major overhaul. I'm thinking that speech files could be imported as AudioClips that could then be linked to characters directly...then with some indexing and a simple "find ID" function...the speech system could be made much more generic, which would be very nice for any games using extender methods (or even just the player keyword in a multi-player game).

Anyway, that's a completely separate discussion. Thanks for the plugin...I'll have to check it out later.


--- Quote from: monkey_05_06 on 22 Mar 2012, 15:23 ---I'm at work, but what does this plugin do?

--- End quote ---

I'm watching a presentation, but  :P

Hey all,

Have you had the chance to try this? Please let me know if this was helpful. I'm very curious to know how game developers here see this plugin.


Alan v.Drake:
I would try it, but the download link doesn't seem to like me, any chance you could put it on mediafire ?

- Alan


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