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Welcome to the Completed Game Announcements board!

This board is for the posting of COMPLETED games made with AGS. If you just have screenshots, or a work-in-progress demo to show off, this is NOT the place to post them. The correct place for announcing games currently in production is, surprisingly enough, the Games in Production board.

In order to post a new thread here:

1. Your game must be finished, and available to download. For a list of suggested file-hosting services, see the File-Hosting Suggestions thread at the top of this board.

2. The thread title must contain the name of your game. Starting a thread just titled "My new game" is not acceptable.

3. Include a brief description, or synopsis, of what the game is about. If it's not an adventure game, make this fact clear. Try to include at least ONE screenshot.

4. If your game is in a language other than English, please note this in the thread title (ie. Game Title - Spanish Language).

5. If your game contains adult content (nudity, explicit sexual situations, etc), please include a warning in the title of your thread. If you wish to post images that contain nudity or sexual situations, please use the Spoiler tag (eg. [*hide]YOUR IMAGE URL[/hide] without the "*"). Images that are posted incorrectly will be removed.

6. DO NOT ask for hints for a game. There is a dedicated board for that purpose. Completed Game Announcement threads are for comments and criticism ONLY.

After posting your game, why not take the time to also add it to the AGS game database? The database allows users to rate and comment on your game, and also allows you to keep track how many times it was downloaded.

These rules may be updated at a future date.


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