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Kingdom Legend 2
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                  Kingdom Legend 2
               Developer: MAZAA (Matti Kaukiainen)

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PLOT: Merchant Grion has heard that there is some disease spreading in the eastern provinces of kingdom called Fellonia. He has bought several medicine drinks
and he is planning to sell them at good price when he gets to Kiennar(one of those provinces what I mentioned before).
Of course things doesn't go like they should and Grion has to figure out a new way to get some profit.

The game is not direct continuum for Kingdom Legend, but it is based on that game. Therefore there is this story on background

Backstory(shortly): there were two powerful magic staffs made a very long ago, but at some point people lost them and now staffs have been found.
      And now there is war, because of those staffs.

This game is kind of rpg game, character development is included and and only in the beginning the player needs to follow the story
When I was planning this game I played quite much Elder Scrolls Morrowind game and that might have influenced
the game so that the story is a little bit put aside and main attention is in the game world and doing what you want.

In the first picture there is Grion and some worker  doing some mining. Also fishing, picking up flowers and berries is included in game.
the fighting is not turn based, like it was in KL1. Also It is not like the most of the modern rpg games fighting, where you usually just rush in the middle of enemies and start to cast spells and swing your sword and slaughter everything.(Of course you can try that in this game but then it is you who probably gets slaughtered)
In game there is several creatures and weapons.

   <---Here is trailer for this game.

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