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The Can
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The Can

The AGS database page of the game is

The size of the archive is 23.5 Mb.
The size of the game folder is 69 Mb, without any saved games.
During play, with saved games, the size may rise to ~100 Mb.

An interactive story told in Adventure Game style.
It may not develop in the way you expect an Adventure Game to develop.
If this takes it out of the AG category or not I couldn't say.


The game tells the story of a robot that is abandoned by his
human owner and is taken in custody by the workers at an
abandoned-machines-processing-facility - the Bot Pound.

This is not SF. It is a work of Realism in which some elements
of fantasy - like the robot character - are used as metaphors
for human experiences.

The central idea of the game is the psychological evolution of
the main character. Thus, rather than making him participate to a
series of comical or tense happenings designed to keep you, the
player, entertained, the game is designed to allow you to
participate to the main character's transformation.

However, this is not pretentious stuff. I tried to keep the story simple,
approachable. Also, about half of the game or more involves usual
Adventure-Games-action. The focus during that part is on doing and
the talking and thinking are accordingly reduced.


The use of grey and the generally dark scenes are according to the story.

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Hi, I'm glad that you got the game released. I'll check it out as soon as I can.