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I hope I am not posting something that is already been posted.

Here is a very simple way to make most if not all old games that use DirectDraw renderer to work on newer operating systems, just extract this archive in the directory of game with the game executable and voila, problems like screen not updating, slow downs or game simply refusing to start will go away. These files are actually ddraw implementation of Wine, that is used to run windows software on linux. Hope this helps.

Nice!  It took me a while to figure out how to extract the archive, but this definitely works.  I've been 4 months on a new Win7 system that would not run anything pre-AGS v3.0 (i.e. anything without the Direct3D option in winsetup).  Now I'm back in the saddle, baby!  Thanks!

I've just requested this to be moved to the Beginners' Tech. Forum, since this may fix a problem many players could run into.

Initially I was curious about this, but as I couldn't test whether it was authentic (AGS games work under DirectX on this office Win7 system I'm using) I was waiting until someone had tried it and gave some positive feedback.

I am trying to unzip the file in the directory of a game (where the .exe file is), but i just keep getting error messages. What do I do wrong? Cheers in advance


Ahem, sorry.
Do you get an error when you try to unpack the archive or run the game?
If it's the former: get the latest version of 7zip or try a zip archive: ddraw(wine).zip


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