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We are making a 2.5d side scroller for our final project. The project is going pretty well, except that we have no one in our team who can do music.
We really would like help with that. I'm not sure if it is frowned upon that this is a game not made with AGS, or is even an adventure game. If so, please
let me know, and we will figure something out ourself.

Dreams of Courage - 2d sidescroller platform game.

The game is about Marvyn. He's a student who has to change schools because he moves to another town with his parents. At his new school he gets bullied. In his dreams he tries to cope with the things that happened to him during the day. The levels all play in his dreams. All levels have a different theme, portraying an emotion.

Positions Available:
We need help with music as no in our team has the skills for it. We will need 4 different tunes. One for the menu, three for our levels.
The theme the levels have are:

- Happiness
- Fear
- Love

Here are some screenshots of our game:


Our deadline is in a couple weeks. The latest would probably 1st of May.

I realize this is a lot to ask for and a short deadline. I also haven't been active on this forum much the last couple of years.
So in return I can contribute with 3d work if anyone needs it for their projects.


Thanks in advance!


  • Music!
    • I can help with making music

I PMed you with some samples. Please check your inbox!