Author Topic: Spirou.Z: Possible game publishing opportunity on tablets?  (Read 697 times)


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I came across something that might interest some of you. I think I mentioned at one point that Spirou & Fantasio is one of my favorite comics. Well, the magazine where it's published is launching a tablet version/spin-off later this year: Spirou.Z. It will have digital comics, games and other interactive features, and will be available in French and English. (There's a demo issue on the iTunes app store if you have an iPad; otherwise you can check out some samples in French on the web site.)

And interestingly, they're looking for contributors. (They already signed up one web comic guy.)

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We're always talking about how tablets are a natural home for adventure games. This could be an opportunity to get them out there. (They'd probably have to be pretty casual and simplistic, and I would imagine you can't use AGS, but there might be some interesting comic/adventure game hybrid you could do, maybe.) I don't know anything about the deals they're offering or if they'd even be interested in AGS-type games, but if you think your games might fit in with a monthly digital comic magazine, it might be worth a shot!

(And if you're interested in Spirou news, may I recommend Spirou Reporter)